Sad day in Mannywood

Yesterday, May 6, 2009, I went to bed elated by the news that the Dodgers made history. Just 10 hours later, I woke up disheartened by the news that Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games due to testing positive for an MLB banned substance. I then proceeded to comfort eat. I ate two muffins with a side of frosted flakes. I now feel puffy.

ESPN is reporting that they have received information from two sources that the banned substance Manny tested positive for is human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a fertility drug typically used by steroid users coming off the juice that aids in replenishing testosterone levels in the testicles. As we’ve all learned by now, testosterone is depleted by steroid use, and low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction. (Insert inappropriate Mannywood joke here). But it should be noted that HCG can also be used in lieu of steroids because of its testosterone boosting effect which can boost performance. Still bad.

In his statement, Ramirez said:
“I want to apologize to Mr. McCourt, Mrs. McCourt, Mr. Torre, my teammates, the Dodger organization, and to the Dodger fans. LA is a special place to me, and I know everybody is disappointed. So am I. I’m sorry about this whole situation.”

And if it isn’t bad enough for baseball, Tom Verducci from closed his article with this staggering fact:
“Ramirez ranks 17th on the all-time home-run list with 533. Eight of those top 17 home run hitters played in what is commonly referred to as the Steroid Era. And six of those eight modern-day sluggers have been associated with performance-enhancing drugs: Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Rodriguez and Ramirez. The only modern sluggers to have escaped such a connection are Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas and Jim Thome.”

Am I enraged? No. Cheating in baseball has been around for as long as the sport has been around. This latest form of cheating is a direct result of where we are socially. I’ve said it many times before but it is worth repeating here and now. We’re all looking for a quick fix to be stronger, to look younger, to perform better and to cure what ails us. Performance enhancing drugs are, unfortunately, the evolution of cheating that mirrors the evolution of the pharmaceutical society that we’ve become.

So, no, I am not enraged. I’m just sad and disappointed.

Below is an excerpt from my book Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. This excerpt appears in the chapter entitled, “Cheating Through The Ages,” and I thought it was appropriate to post today. Please leave your comments. I always enjoy reading them.

“Okay, I’m just gonna lay this out here:  Cheating in baseball has been around for a long time.  Pretty much since the game began there have been stolen signs, spitballs, corked bats, greenies, and any number of other methods to get ahead.  It was only after all that when the current era of swollen necks and bulging home run totals was ushered in. So much for baseball’s innocence.

The difference between the past and the present is that today’s cheating is happening off the field. It’s happening in locker rooms and bathroom stalls instead of on the basepaths and the pitcher’s mound. Personally, I can’t figure out how anyone can say that one form of cheating is “better” than another. Can’t we just say that they’re all bad rather than trying to find ways to show that the past was full of decency and the present is full of deception?

I’m a big believer in individual responsibility. Baseball cheaters should be punished. Punished, yes, but not destroyed. It was true when Shoeless Joe Jackson and the rest of the Black Sox disappointed a nation, and it’s true now, for the guys looking for an edge by using the needle. The real problem with steroids is that the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, and the Major League Baseball Players Association didn’t nip it in the bud (no pun intended) early on. For years both sides opposed testing with little sense of the toll that this position would take on the game. Their negligence turned a problem into an epidemic, leaving an entire era of stats in question. Home runs, hits, and attendance were up, and that meant more money for teams and the league, which meant more money for players, which meant more money for the union. Take all those financial incentives together, and suddenly no one is in a hurry to regulate anything.

Yet even though there are a lot of people responsible for the steroid era there are very few who’ve actually stepped up and admitted their part in it.  And that’s what I have a problem with.  Barry Bonds is undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever. You know what? I didn’t have as much of a problem with the idea of him cheating as I did with the possibility that he lied about it.

In contrast, there are guys like Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte, who simply came clean (inasmuch as Giambi could without violating the terms of his contract). And I totally respect their honesty. Yes, Giambi may have made some bad choices throughout his career, but I must admit, as a purist fan of baseball, I had a newfound respect for the man after he told the truth. I have compassion for anyone trying to do the right thing, anyone who may have had a slip of judgment and then recognized his or her mistakes.

Maybe my biggest frustration with this issue is that Major League Baseball and the players union have yet to own up to their role in all this. A grand jury, a congressional committee, a tell-all book, and they have yet to apologize for their complacency. Before MLB can solve this issue it needs to recognize the problem and apologize for it. If any employee of any major entertainment corporation were to act inappropriately and offend or alienate his or her audience, the CEO would apologize on behalf of the company. Why is it so hard for Bud Selig to say, “I apologize for the steroid era. We made a mistake with our complacency, and we are taking the appropriate measures to make sure the future game of baseball is played with dignity and integrity.”

The fans, the players, the coaches — everyone needs to close the book on this latest chapter, in the game’s cheating history. As the latest in a long history of cheating episodes, it’s our obligation to give it the attention it deserves and then move on. We owe it to ourselves and… we owe it to the game.”


P.S. Here’s a link to an entry I wrote about steroids and botox.

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I can’t believe it. Steroids just ruin baseball for a lot of people it needs to stop. I’ll always love the game but this is just ridiculous. I wish the Dodgers nothing but success in the future. Why Manny?


You’re right on the money! Like i just said on your Twitter site, Bud and the owners only cared about the money, that’s the only reason they didn’t stop it sooner!
I just sincerely feel bad for you and all the other Dodgers fans out there who no doubt feel awful about the whole thing. I give Manny this much credit, at least he wasn’t a jerk about it like Barry Bonds was!
With hopes of better baseball times ahead,
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball(and Twitter =P) addict,

i still cant believe Ramirez was banned for 50 games! That’s wow a lot!
MLB needs to solve this issue asap!
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It’s very unfortunate to have this shocker come out when it did, especially after a great day we had in breaking the record.

Even though Manny did liven up the team, I’m not too worried about it. We have a great core of young players who have improved considerably. We we’ll be fine for the next 50 games to come.

Like Tommy Lasorda to his 1988 team after Jay Howell was suspended, “Are we going to let one man determine the fate of this ballclub? We have to win with or without him, but we can not allow one man to determine the fate of our ballclub.”

I agree. We have a lot of talent, and we will be fine.

This is a well written and thoughtful article. I lived in Illinois during the reign of Big Mac and the Cardinals and it was one of my happiest times with the sport of baseball. I was in the stadium when he hit the record shattering home runs. When I heard of his steroid use, it took away some of the magic. Like you said, not because he used, but because we take our modern day heroes and put them on an impossible pedestal and tell them to be perfect. To get there, they strive through any means possible in ways that are unnatural for the body and then they become desperate. It’s a hard road for them when they fall and I genuinely feel for him right now. Well done, A.


Hey Alyssa

I’m greatly disapointed this has happened but I’m not going to get out the “Hang em all” sign I’m will do my best to understand what brought baseball to this situation and let compassion guide me (Something you taught me)🙂 Baseball will survive this I know.


Bonsoir ma belle,

Where there is big money, there is power, and with power comes betrayal and in the end the real fan can just hope that it doesn?t happens 2 his favorite team or player! I still love the game and still have long sleepless nights (because 6 or 9 hours time different does not stop me), just 4 the exquisiteness of it. I was never I big fan of Manny?s, I?m just upset for the fans who believed in him! Doping will always be an ingredient in high level sports.

T?embrasse fort,


Alyssa, Quite an informative little article you present to us. It seems evident that Manny knew the tightrope he was walking, and was aware of the fall, if he didn’t stick to the guidelines.
My question now is, how many of the current players, throughout the entire major leagues, are trying to stay within the prescribed guidelines, but walking the tightrope anyway?
And you know, most especially, any of the teammates of Manny? That gloomy cloud of suspicion will be hovering again.
Am I wrong to think, when a home run happens, [Boy, he really got that one on the nuts]?

Just a sad, sad day; sports, like any entertainment, should be an escape from the ills of society for the paying customers. At least the troubles that actors still find for themselves are all off-screen; maybe that is the key difference.

Now, that said, I understand it; goodness gracious sakes alive (Coach John Wooden’s worst curse; far better than mine of similar ranking), he still has signed a $45M deal. Sure, he eats 7 or 8M, but 37 or 38M over 2 years still looks pretty fine from the cheap seats (which, in the inflation of the sport, is what I can afford). The bottom line is there is far too much money in sports; then again, I’m not sure that any actor is worth $20M for a movie, but that doesn’t bother me like the money in sports. Maybe the difference is because I have to opt in to support a movie; one almost HAS to opt out of sports entertainment with it being so pervasive.

There is a small silver lining; the chance of Manny opting out after Year 1 is now zero. I’ve long felt that he would retire as a DH someplace, but now, he’s probably at the end of his baseball travels. He’ll retire a Dodger; if that is after Year 2 of his deal or later on is up to him and the Dodgers.

“Say it ain’t so, Manny” doesn’t sound right; my attitude is more “Kiss my fanny, Manny”.

Sad, sad, sad.

It’s very sad!! i’m very dissapointed!! still can’t believe it.. all the happiness i got yesterday because of the game just dissapear so quickly!. But i do have to agree with you on everything. I did when i read the book and i still do now. it’s sad how much this “drug situation’ is taking over baseball. is getting ridiculous!! my mouth drop when i heard the news. manny was the last person in my mind that i thought would do something like that. is a shame!!! I’m very upset!! only thing i can think is..why, manny?? why???

your fan and baseball fan..


What do we make of Manny?s statement about having passed 15 previous tests in the past five years? What it because HCG was not banned until last year?
Never mind, I guess I am trying to justify disbelieve. I wish your Dodgers the best.

Manny (White Sox Fan)(Baseball lover first)

Jeez, and I thought the “roid era” had ended! These type of things display immaturity and irresponsibility amongst the entire baseball world. What will our young players think? That it’s ok to take steroids in order to get that competitive edge? From Clemens to Canseco to A-Rod to Manny….WTF? Is this ever going to stop? There has even been a few minor leaguers that tested positive and have been suspended as well. It’s great that the MLB has tightened up on the drug policy, but the moral damage has been done! Oh yeah, this will be the end for Manny…he will retire soon and finish with the Dodgers, that’s my prediction. It’s not like anyone wanted him even BEFORE this “roid scandal”. He wants too much money for too many years and no one wants to deal with him. It’s great that he found a new place that fans love him, and the clubhouse liked as well, but that all changes now…..

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The frustrating part is the rewards that baseball cheaters get. Take a look at the millions and millions of dollars and probably getting into the hall of fame. Big deal Manny is suspended for 50 games, he keeps his millions, he keeps his records and gets a little vacation.
Manny and everyone who used drugs to cheat should be BANNED from the hall of fame.

WHY is Pete Rose banned ? while he messed up betting as a manager that has nothing to do with the hard work and effort he put on the field as a player. He wasn’t a natural talent he had to work hard to be good ( Not cheat with drugs )
While Pete Rose may not be the nicest person bottom line is he should not be denied for what he did as a player. Ty Cobb was an awful man and did horrible things but he is in the hall of fame.

As long as we reward players with 20,30,50 million or more contracts and then put them into the hallof fame, the suspensions are a JOKE

A few random thoughts to your thoughtful post —

I’ll join you on being sad but not enraged, in fact I’m hardly surprised.

Manny’s statement is what Ben Bradlee would call a non-denial denial. I’ll join you in saying that MLB and MLBPA have yet to take this particular bull by the horns.

The uproar and schadenfreude is entertaining.

As for the next 50 games, I hope that the 24 other guys step up and show that while Manny’s a big asset, he’s not the whole team. I always hated that it was Barry Bonds and the rest of the Giants. I hope that the team shows that it’s not Manny and the rest of the Dodgers. Martin, Furcal, Ethier, Kemp, Loney et al are way too talented for that.

P.S. Your article was very well written! You write better than me, and I got tested out of English classes in college! LOL! I’m gonna buy your book! Now I can’t wait to read it.

If you want to get serious. Have term limits at Commissioner of Baseball, ud Selig should step down, we currently have a dictatorship.
Second every baseball contract from this point forward should be First time caught you forfeit all money under your contract for one year. Second offense you lose all you money for the entire contract from the team and cannot be paid higher then the min. pay for the league and must sit out a year.
When it reaches the pocket book people pay attention

I’m not saying I think it’s ok, if it’s to me you were referring. I’m just saying that I can see how it happens and why.

Thanks for the blog post. I really enjoyed the excerpt from your book. It’s curious that we live in a culture that medicates everything. We caffeinate in the morning so we can perform at work. We accept the drug culture in music and the arts and entertainment industry. We get pills for sexual performance and to avoid pregnancy. We drink to have “fun,” to chase a date, to steady our nerves, or to mellow out after a long day. Yet somehow, if an athlete medicates to perform better, we demonize, ridicule, castigate, and reprimand. Baseball transcends steroids, cocaine, gambling, commissioners, players, and even teams. Are there players who are harder to like? Of course, but baseball is more than any one player. Baseball is great with Manny. It will be great without him. Find joy in the game, not in the players or the stats or the wins and losses. Hopefully we’ll be playing baseball in heaven. Until then, enjoy this piece of heaven on earth, even if we have to endure a little hell.

You said it best…sad and disappointed! After I read your book I was really glad that you included the section on cheating. It’s a sad reality but it happens and it needs to be addressed. My husband and I were so excited after attending yesterdays game. Today we feel disappointed as well. I will always support the team and hope that they can move forward and continue to work hard like they have been. I am truly sad but I love baseball and I will be back at Chavez Ravine Saturday afternoon.

i understand ‘you’ feel that we have socially invited this type of behavior into baseball but then you say that it has been around for a long time… so hence.. MLB is just catching up with the Penalties. I will always and forever be a hardcore DODGER_FAN (hence my email) but today i am not sad nor dissapointed at MANNY. I’m Pissed at that guy for trying to pull “a fast one”. Strength or sexual booster… whatever it may be. The DODGER organization has BIGTIME MONEY and they gave that guy BIGTIME money to play ball… if you need a sexual booster because you live in LA and want to get some here and there…. then go to the dodger doctors. NOT MIAMI to some OFF THE SHELF pill that you knew is not approved since a non-DODGER doctor gave it to you. I know he has passed dozens other test before and he is a role model.. but you made a very DUmb move and decision and you need to pay for it. Like others will pay for it from now on. Manny is not the first and certainly won’t be the last. I BELIEVE Manny when he says it wasn’t for enhancing his strength.. cool. When the official report comes out and confirms that… then everyone will be cool with you again, for a little bit.

think about this… you said you found new found respect for GIAMBI for coming clean after lying and cheating and robbing folks of our time which includes alot of money. He still playing baseball today. After Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling finally admitted and were found guilty of lying and cheating…. did we all find a new respect for them and give them another chance? What do WOMEN say all the time… ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER.

I’m a big Manny fan even though he’s on the hated Dodgers. He just messed up my fantasy team too. =( One good thing is if the Dodgers keep the NL West lead or it’s close. Manny coming back will be just like getting a player at the trading deadline when he comes back. He will be able to play on July 3rd.

~ King of Cali

Hi Alyssa, your book have come to Brazil!!I want one🙂
I follow you on twitter @rafaismerim

I think one of the problems with not just baseball but all major league sports (me being a diehard football fan) is that they don’t think they have to apologize or own up for what their players, coaches or clubs do. The people up at the top know that no matter what happens in the MLB, NBA or NFL it will still be there and they can just dust their hands off and say “we have no control over player XYZ.”
So much for the love of the game.

I think that the records of the individuals who have used performance enhancing drugs should be asterisked to that effect.

Remember, Roger Maris?

They asterisked the fact that he hit his 61 homeruns and broke Babe Ruth’s record while playing in a longer season.

Hi Alyssa,

I agree with most of your comments. MLBPA and MLB are equally to blame for the entire performance enhancing drugs debacle that has engulfed baseball.

I feel bad for you with the Manny imbroglio because I know he is one of your favorite players. Dennis Eckersley tonight on the Red Sox broadcast mentioned that this is the type of thing that could keep Manny out of the HOF. Eck admitted he is no Manny fan especially after Manny quit on the Red Sox last year, but said it would be sad if this kept Manny out of the Hall.

Concerning Pettitte and Giambi – they only admitted guilt (in Giambi’s case an apology to fans for unspecified offenses) only after they were clearly caught. Perhaps we can give them credit for not being as obtuse and arrogant as some of their contemporaries who believed they were beyond reproach.

MLB and the MLBPA, as you adroitly point out, only care about the dollar- that’s why the problem was never addressed aggressively.

“Baseball must be a great game to survive the fools who run it.” – Bill Terry

All the best,


All Red Sox nation has been warning the dodgers about Manny, but I guess the Dodgers did not listen. All we have to say from Red Sox nation is “He is your problem”. I’ve been a Red Sox fan all of my life Manny has been the most lazy fielder and runner on the bases at Fenway. This will keep Manny out of the HOF like the Boston Announcers been saying. He can join the like of Clemens, and Bonds who will not be in the HOF. I pity for the poor Dodger fans who now have to put up with Manny being the Moron Manny. We don’t miss it here in Boston His replacement Jason Bay is doing much better than Manny.

Great post! Well thought out and impassioned! It’s time for the union to step up to the plate (pun intended) and agree to a REAL testing program.


Alyssa, just finished your book, it’s AWESOME – hard core baseball! Beautifully written! It’s time the blame for steriods stops landing completely on the players. How many heads looked the other way? First walk in their shoes, then judge. Don’t form your opinions from your couch. Time to move forward, it’s a beautiful game with hard working players.


GOOD blog! Very well said! Regardless, people like you and I stay true to our team (GO DODGERS GO) but most of all to the great game of baseball! It’s a shame about Manny. It’s very disappointing but we have a great batting line-up. I think on the money we’re saving with Manny’s suspension, we could bring in a pitcher. Don’t you think? Maybe Pedro Martinez? Anyway, our guys are solid young players. We all knew they had it in them but they weren’t showing it last season. Until, that is, Manny showed up. Manny did NOT take us the playoffs alone. No one person can do that. It takes a whole team and it was the team made it to the playoffs. Manny helped loosen up and build up their confidence. Once that was established, it was clear from the numbers those young guys were and still are producing.

Now with Manny gone until July 3rd,we can still do it and lead the NL WEST. We can and we will. Our guys now know what it takes to be a TEAM. God Bless the Los Angeles Dodgers. Love your blog. Love following you on Twitter.


Yes, it is indeed a sad day. It is always a sad day when someone cheats, and I agree it’s been happening from Day One, so to speak.

The problem with drugs is not only the cheating. It’s the hurtful lasting secondary effects it has on the players. Also, those players, like it or not, are role models for the kinds and young ones. So I think they should be greatly punished. The message should be that cheaters never prosper.

However, I don’t see the MLB fixing this all of a sudden, which is kinda sad. I wish the best luck to the Dodgers, and it would be great if we could suddenly have a cheat-free era, but since it’s not going to happen, the only thing we can do is punish the offenders. This time it was Manny Ramirez, but it could have been any other cheater.

PS: (and Off-topic) Think Ichiro will hit 200 this season?

This is very bad for the Dodgers, who will now be starting well-below-average-yet-inexplicably-loved-by-sportswriters Juan Pierre in CF. But I guess it’s a wash, since you won’t have Manny clogging up the bases anymore.

You might be surprised – maybe evidence will show otherwise. I’ve been doing lots of research on HCG. Plus – his statistics since 1998 have been pretty consistent. And…errr…he went from thin and wiry to big and jolly. He doesn’t exactly look like he’s undergone a drastic change like many others do after steroids.
OPTIMISM! Manny will tell us whaz’ ohhhp when he’s ready.

Hi Alyssa.I look foward to him coming back to help your Dodgers win.Thanks.


I like the Dodgers (and the Red Sox too) and I didn’t want Manny in Los Angeles the first place. What happened in Boston scared me off. And then this off-season drama. I kept saying “Let him go, go after a bat and some pitching”.

But I would never imagine this in the million years, just when I was finally digging Manny. Talk about taking your heart out, stepping on it until it splits in two.

It is sad day in Los Angeles indeed, Alyssa.

As a Red Sox fan I am glad we got rid of Manny when we did. The drama was getting to be too much. That said, with the flagrant use of steroids among those 8 of the top 17 home run hitters of all time there is one point that is missed. While yes steroids can make you bigger and stronger and able to drive the balll much further, there is one thing they can’t do. And that is to actually HIT the ball. Hitting a 95 mph fastball is one of the most difficult things to do in any sport, nevermind hitting it squarely enough with the meat of the bat to drive it out. Quarter inch to high on your swing, grounder. Quarter inch to low, pop up. To soon or to late, foul ball. While we should be dissappointed in these guys for cheating, don’t overlook their ability to actually hit. That can’t be taught or faked.

Right on. How hard would it be for Bud Selig to apologize and take some responsibility for the steroid era? After all, isn’t that wanted from Pete Rose 20 years ago?Russ

When I first heard about Manny one of my first thoughts was what will Alyssa think. I believe you hit the nail on the head. There has always been cheating in every sport & there always will be unfortunately. It is a shame that the people our young folks look up to must be such dishonest persons and then they think that by apologizing or admitting the “error” makes everything right. I don’t have a solution and I don’t believe the cheating will ever end. It’s sad indeed that this has become so commonplace.

I told you not to expect the world from the guy, sure…we loved his bat in Boston, but the circus that went with it…..

Another week in baseball……Wow, how out of the blue was that…like The Onion I always thought Manny was on drugs but I never figured the performance enhancing kind…I’m kind of thinking of taking a really pessimistic view of the whole drug issue even knowing it’s been around forever. Still I guess I’ll never get over the thrill of following my team thru good and bad and being able to forget the world, if even, for just a few hours…I think you guys should be fine till July and for the year end I’m really hoping for a Red Sox/Blue October….Mort

Cry me a river. You play with fire, you get burned. I’m glad MLB stood firm, though I question why the suspension came down within hours of the record. I actually applaud Manny for not fighting it, but his “excuse” is so lame. Don’t tell me that the doctors and players at this level are oblivious to which substances are and are not banned. Puhhhhlease.

Now with a shakeup here in Phoenix maybe we’ll see the Diamondbacks start to warm up the bats a little. After a few months of adjusting we should have an interesting race on our hands come July 3.

Hi Aleesa!,

Sorry I couldn’t resist! I know it’s hard but try not to let this bother you too much. It comes as no surprise to me that someone might try to do something to improve their performance. We are all under pressure to perform at our best, even more so athletes and celebrities like yourself. I think we have to live with the decisions we make and try to make the best of things. I know Jesus is always ready to forgive us even if others, or ourselves, aren’t. We all want to be the hero and have the adoration and praise of others but we can’t live for the approval of others, since it is so performance oriented. What we really need is unconditional love, and the only one capable of giving this unconditional love perfectly is God and his son Jesus. You are a unique person Alyssa, just like the rest of us. God loves you unconditionally; just the way you are!!!

Have an awesome time with your mom on mothers day!

peace, love, happiness, and oh yeah baseball!



I don’t normally comment in these blogs, and I don’t normally read the comments, however, I felt compelled to respond to this article because of the comments coming from on-air “anaylists”, and beat writers.

I am as truly dismayed at this situation as you and anyone else who Love’s the Dodgers, and Love’s baseball, but some points need to be made (if they haven’t already by someone!).

Manny’s ENTIRE career is being poo-poo’ed because of this situation. No one is saying it directly, but implicitly. Did he pop positive… Yes… Should he be punished… Yes.

What happened, at this moment, is a case of either ignorance, or arrogance, but it does not mean he “does steroids”.

He said, in his statement, that he has taken around 15 tests in the last five seasons, without an issue. Why is everyone (including you Alyssa) conveniently ignoring that statement.

Why isn’t there verification of THAT statement. Because, if it is true, it’s further proof he doesn’t “use steroids”. Also, these steroids aren’t like Popeye’s spinach. You don’t take it, and wake up the next day with your forearms 4 inches bigger.

I’m dissappointed and a little angry at Manny for this, but the implicit nature of almost EVERYONE, that this means he’s been doing steroids his entire career is angering me more than anything else.

I, for one, will welcome Manny back on July 3, with open arms… shortly after smacking him on the dome for doing something stupid.🙂 But I REFUSE to negate his career for this without full disclosure of previous test results showing anything out of the ordinary.

One final note… to you Boston fans “ha ha”-ing Dodgers fans… If what you believe is true, and many does do steroids, then that dimishes BOTH of your World Series titles. Keep that in mind when you do your Manny-bashing.

A fellow Dodger Fan,

I agree with you. I am both sad and disappointed. But I honestly can’t find the energy for angry. I am a Red Sox fan. And I have been a Dodger’s fan since Manny got traded there. I can’t hate Manny. I am disappointed in Manny and just don’t understand how he could be foolish enough in this day and age to got caught for Ped’s. But mostly this is just a sad day for baseball.

Yeah, I know about that comfort eating……….I indulged in a small bowl of watermelon.

Wow…..50 games! Own up to it, serve your time and go back to playing baseball. It upsets me when a player is caught and then wants to beat around the bush about it. I will always admire a player that comes forward and says…….I did it, I’m sorry and if he seems genuine to me about it…..I got nothing but respect for that.

And yep, cheatings been around a long time……’s part of the game. As long as it’s on the field…..but what’s happening today. The steroids……are dangerous. I keep looking for the powers to be to step up and nip this in the bud. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

I do love the game….but there are times I wonder about a home run that’s been hit……ummmmm. Does he or doesn’t he? ‘Cause the annoucers are always talking about the distance…..the distance. That brings to mind one time I heard Andruw Jones make a comment about home runs………he didn’t care how far it went just as long as it went over the wall……amen!(not an exact quote, but close enough)

So please, please……can we just go back to spitballs? Alright enough said…….except…….I think the Dodgers play the Braves in July? I’ll have to look again……I am so looking forward to it…..gotta check when they play the Marlins, too! Please forgive me for what I’m about to say………GO, BRAVES! AND MARLINS, TOO!

I could agree with you anymore..Cheating has been around since the second day of baseball, just so someone could get ahead of another player….Manny is one of my favs and I will still watch and support him…I believe he has hurt any chance of getting into the hall…the Dodgers will survive without him for 50 games…Kemp, Either, and Pierre will hold down the fort and the pitching will continue to shine..Dont sweat it

Hi Alyssa,

This is a real blow to the Dodgers after such a fantastic start. I’m a Mets fan, but have a soft spot for the Dodgers because lets face it. They are Brooklyn after all!!

I’ve followed Manny since his days in Cleveland. He’s a natural hitter who more than likely did not even need Steroids to be successful. Unfortunately, he felt he needed to keep up with the Jones’ in order to get his $$.

I see a lot of surprised people in the above posts. Not sure why. It was just this type of behavior that MLB “respected” back in the late 90’s when Sammy and Big Mac were crushin’ homers on a nightly basis. I was right there with them loving every minute of it. So, I guess my stance is that I’m not going to get upset or bash these guys now because all the sudden MLB wants to come clean and in the process hang the players out to dry. MLB made there money back then so you know what, let the players make there’s now.

Looking forward to Manny coming back. I still wish he was a Met!


Hey Alyssa,
I commented back on Feb 12 wondering if MANNY was on the LIST of 104. And now this…I ALWAYS HAD MY DOUBTS ABOUT HIM.HOW DO YOU GET CAUGHT NOW!!!Now I wish they would leak out the rest of the list…and I still have doubts about a player with the initials of A.P. But, i’m sure their are some CUBS on there too.
I doubt if they will ever have term limits on the COMMISSIONER. Isn’t he paid for by the OWNERS. And as long as the have a PUPPET-HEAD like BUD workinh for them…I believe the OWNERS are doing pretty good MONEYWISE…
I sent you some PICS on Twitter of some dogs. Heidi just loved to go walking,as she would just take out in front of you. And keep going….Ske loved to walk down harvested corn rows(easier on her paws than soybean stubble). I now know dogs have a good sense of smell, as she would just stop and dig. Digging and that NOSE just SNIFFING AWAY. What she was after was MICE. She would keep digging until she found one. Then would proceed to play with them by flipping them up in the air and jumping on them with her front paws. Eventually they would sneak away from her and then she would try to re-find them. Yoy know dogs seem to like fast moving things…
On her longer walks (2 miles, thats a guess) she would scare up the occasional deer and try to chase them. Not much luck there as she would realize she’s not gaining. You mentioned ducks today. Would also scare the ducks, the geese off the pond or creek too, but also no luck. She used to chase after BIRDS in the yards too. Sometimes she would have luck there, even with a squirrel…
Another thing I learned from walking behind her for 15 years was this: You KNOW(maybe not) that dogs like to MARK THEIR TERRITORY after other DOGS HAVE MARKED THEIRS (If YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). I used to lose track after about a dozen times…and I’m talking way out there and not other DOGS EITHER. When she would get HOT, it was down into the CREEK for her. And I didn’t follow her in either… to be cont…(MAYBE THIS WILL WORK)

I specifically visited Safe Searching today to see what you had to say about “Manny being Manny.” I appreciate the blog and agree with your social commentary and the historical commentary you have made on baseball. On to Manny: as a die-hard Red Sox fan I have to say I am not surprised by this. It was a sigh of relief when Epstein took the leap and got rid of Manny and this turn of events only makes me more thankful for Jason Bay.

While I appreciate what he added to the team, especially during that first World Series run…his actions last July made it obvious that he wasn’t the type of guy I wanted on my team. Between the faked injury, refusing to play in games and complete lack of hustle…it was clear the magic was fading. Quite frankly whether he used steroids before this is besides the point; I had already lost all respect for him after the stunts he pulled before being traded. There were a lot of times where I felt he loved money and attention, not the game and as a avid baseball fan, it didn’t feel right to have him wearing the jersey of my home team.

“Manny being Manny,” I feel, is just a lame line that has excused his horrible behavior and in this time of foreclosures and uncertainty America needs a role model and someone to cheer for, not Manny.

I specifically visited Safe Searching today to see what you had to say about “Manny being Manny.” I appreciate the blog and agree with your social commentary and the historical commentary you have made on baseball. On to Manny: as a die-hard Red Sox fan I have to say I am not surprised by this. It was a sigh of relief when Epstein took the leap and got rid of Manny and this turn of events only makes me more thankful for Jason Bay.

While I appreciate what he added to the team, especially during that first World Series run…his actions last July made it obvious that he wasn’t the type of guy I wanted on my team. Between the faked injury, refusing to play in games and complete lack of hustle…it was clear the magic was fading. Quite frankly whether he used steroids before this is besides the point; I had already lost all respect for him after the stunts he pulled before being traded. There were a lot of times where I felt he loved money and attention, not the game and as a avid baseball fan, it didn’t feel right to have him wearing the jersey of my home team.

“Manny being Manny,” I feel, is just a lame line that has excused his horrible behavior and in this time of foreclosures and uncertainty America needs a role model and someone to cheer for, not Manny.

Alyssa, me again…
It was this time of the year (GETTING HOTTER) that I would give her a yearly haircut. With a brush and scissors, cut it all down to about half inch. She was relieved after it was done, otherwise she would PANT ALOT. Took for ever to do, because she wouldn’t sit still for long. And would go hide under some bushes, because she knew I wouldn’t go in after her. Learned she had like an extra fur layer up against her skin from the winter. I said before dogs ADAPT well to the winter, as I know she wasn’t COLD. Hey, she rarely wanted in the GARAGE(never wanted to stay in, kept heading for the door). She would either stay in her DOG HOUSE or lay out in the SNOW. She was SMART, if it was SUNNY..she would lay up against the house(she had certains spots) and LAY IN THE SUN. You would be surprised at how WARM she was laying there with that BLACK HAIR. She would just be sleeping away…
Alyssa, if you’re reading this, you must be BORED by now. I twitted you that I was PO’ed because my first draft got wiped away. Well, I sucked it up and here I am going at it AGAIN. (sorry about the E’s, but I’m in a HURRY). Alyssa, you really should no by now…But do TAKE CARE and I know you know THE REST… Later,
PS. Alyssa, I’ve ALWAYS said that you were NICE and if this is possible. You seem even NICER since you went on TWITTER and I know you’re the same person that you are before I realized that too. THAT’s a BIG COMPLIMENT, if any of that made sense.
I named dropped on TWITTER to you. My claim to fame…Yes, I actually played basketball with the astronaut SCOTT ALTMAM back here in Illinois. He’s the shuttle commander taking off monday. Be like his 4th time…
You mentioned Charlie Steiner…I may have commented this before (I too comment alot), he too went to BRADLEY UNIVERSITY in Peoria and worked in radio here, Before going on to BIGGER and BETTER….
Alyssa, I lied about doing this next week, like I said I sucked it up and re-did this. That should be worth at least an AUTOGRAPH. Still working on that…but like I always say : NOT TO HARD AT IT, but I still want at least ONE. I think my so called RAINCHECKS are about to expire, BUT…
ALYSSA, you are the GREATEST and if nobody else says this enough, THANKS………………..and you’re still the NICEST…

SOMEBODY always CUTS IN FRONT on MY COMMENTS, later ALYSSA. I am OUT of HERE. 5-0 DODGERS in the 7th, Must be ENJOYING IT….GO BLUE…………………………………………

I believe that it was Buster Olney who, on his most recent article on, implored baseball to begin handing out lifetime bans for positive steroid tests. I agree wholeheartedly. Players should receive three penalties for a positive steroid test: a lifetime ban, expungement of all records and statistics, and an obligation to repay all or a large percentage of salaries received in his career. This third punishment would be the key, because I doubt players are concerned with cheating when it furnishes them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Consider another case: Pete Rose, longtime enemy number one of baseball, received a lifetime ban for betting on baseball. Whether this punishment is just or not (and it’s not), it is indisputable that cheating is a far worse offense than gambling. Pete Rose placed a few wagers. Steroid users have defrauded the fans. What possible justification is there for making his punishment worse?

Hi Alyssa
I think for all Dodger fans, this is a sad moment and the shocking part is it came after the high emotion of celebrating a record breaking accomplishment.
From the very happy high to the sudden sad low.
Right now the question is, Can they continue as well as a team without Manny as they did with him?
Today’s, May 9th 8-0 victory in which Eric Stults pitched a complete game shutout (average now 6 innings) and saving our bullpen is in my opinion a big statement to those who think they aren’t.
3 Big teams coming up from my neck of the woods, the east,
The Phillies, Marlins (on their court) and the Mets, who are starting to play good again.
These teams would’ve been a test even with Manny.
GO DODGERS***************

Hey did that broken bat nick you??? Must’ve been kinda scary! Bats and balls coming at you come a lot faster than they look on TV. Did they take the bat back? I saw they threw a ball to you guys though. Have a GREAT Mother’s Day. If you bring moms out to the ball park I’ll see if I can get her up on the big screen!

Take Care,

I agree with everything Alyssa wrote in her book about cheating. Baseball players–like all athletes in every sport–are looking for an edge. I think it’s time that we just accept this era as one in which the majority of players were using some kind of performance enhancing drug. It’s sad about Manny but not really surprising. Just take a look at his build. Then when you factor in the common injuries that result from doping and it makes a lot of sense.
Just accept that this has happened and keep punishing those who get caught and this era will pass. These are still great players who would have likely been good in any era. Their numbers are obviously boosted a little but you can make the same argument for a lot of players from different eras who used an “edge,” whatever it was back when.
What bothers me the most is that our gov’t is investigating this. Yes, I’m glad the truth has come out about A-Rod and others but when a lot of these guys were using steroids, they weren’t illegal according to mlb. Only recently did MLB, after finally comprimising with the player’s union, define it’s ban on steroids. With all of the problems we have in our country we elect politicians to represent us. Let MLB police their organization. We don’t need George Mitchell and U.S. Senate hearings to reveal truths and prosecute ball players. It’s a waste of our tax money and these politicians could/should find better things to do to help our nation.

Brazilian fan of you!!!!
please follow me on twitter @rafaismerim
Love you

i couldn’t have said it better!

Hi Alyssa…new to your blog!! thank you for your recent post and bringing up some very good points to the table. I too am a dodger season ticket holder (top deck=$4 tix), diehard baseball fan and manny ramirez fan. i have always loved watching him play so of course i want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was disappointed in the news as well but as you pointed out manny did not test positive for roids and its a shame that so many people are disenchanted that we automatically assume he is a guilty “roider” without ever hearing the whole story. (anonymous tipsters, etc ) and automatically everyone becomes an expert on steroid cycling and uses of medication. Manny should be punished simply for not following the rules regardless of what the reasons were…maybe i will feel differently at a later time who knows. But for now i will welcome him back.
I couldnt agree with you more regarding the whole “steroids era” and our culture today. What i dont understand is why our govt investigating this?? isnt this why we have a commisoner and players union? Why did it take so long? where’s the secret 104 names that have yet to be released? Are we gonna call all there records and stats into question at that time?

To me when you know you have a drug test coming at beginning of year and you fail it means you have a problem. So Manny is not as stupid as what I initially thought, he got caught masking his steriod use with a come back drug. Ok. I feel duped ya know fooled. I really thought he was a natural a guy who could get out of bed on two hours sleep and still knock the stuffing out of it. I was told by people back in early 80’s that top track sprinters were all on steriods. In fact you could not be one and NOT be on steriods. So only track people who ran say 10.2 or 10.1 should do them since they had a real chance to be world class thus it would be worth it. With football steriods were an off season workout tool. Anyone testing positive during the season had a “Problem”. Anyway, I’m outdated now, just fooled by Manny. Glad Alyssa dropped the Manny hair. I heard he’s very remorseful. I think Manny has big heart its his brain thats small

Hey Alyssa,
I had to re-do that LONG COMMENT SAT, so then I got in a hurry. So doing it from memory, I forgot a few things. SORRY, I know I must BORE you, but for some reason I don’t seem to mind commenting here. I kind of enjoy it (NOT THE BORING YOU PART…)
On July 4th, HEIDI would usually see the FIREWORKS (from Scott Altman’s hometown about 2 miles away to the west). Depending on how high the crop was from a dogs point of view. But when she saw them, she would get all worked up and run in that direction, as if to chase them. BARK at THEM… and then she would need alot of ATTENTION…She also didn’t like individual in the area setting theirs off, as all she would hear is the NOISE ang get worked up. I don’t think THUNDER bothered her that much (maybe a little). Don’t get me started on airplanes (the crop dusting ones). When ALL OF A SUDDEN, one would be RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU. Maybe 75 ft overhead trying to get over the trees. She would start running after them, but you know how well that went…GOOD LUCK, but she would just wait for the next pass and try it again…
You know her DOG HOUSE had WALL-TO-WALL CARPETING in it. Just add some STRAW and she was set for the WINTER. Sometimes you would look out there and she was laying inside with her HEAD hanging out the opening. Pratically touching the ground with her NOSE. It looked so uncomfortable, but I know it wasn’t to her. I think I commented before how she would lay in the grass flat on her back for a long time. If you approached her, the only thing to move was her TAIL (BACK and FORTH)
Then one FALL as it was getting cold at night, well she quit going in her house. Didn’t know why…Thought maybe it was because a cat would sleep in there at times and SHE SAW IT. You know how DOGS get when they’re upset about something…But it turns out, it was because of arthritis. She couldn’t get in the doorway(6 inches off the ground) anymore. She couldn’t lift her legs that high and crawl in. So had to make her another one. Put it in one corner of the house. So already had 2 brick walls, so ended up stacking bricks up to make 2 more walls with an opening (that she could just walk up and in. Problem was the roof, but ended up with a plywood one that worked out. Didn’t use straw, but used up mowed up LEAVES…She liked to lay in piles of leaves in the fall and winter (especially in the SUN). I think she liked the leaves (more cushiony) better than the straw. Alyssa, I THINK I’M DONE talking about HEIDI (but you never know). As for owning dogs, no one is more SPECIAL than others, but HEIDI was RIGHT UP THERE. I never realized how SPECIAL or FUN and OUTDOOR DOG could be. AND thats the PART I MISS…
Maybe I better mention something BASEBALL. You know I know I once saw an editor comment on BATBOY, so I DON’T WANT TO PUSH IT HERE. I never know what to ask you on TWITTER, so I JUST DON’T… OH WAIT, something baseball, NICE GOING MANNY(probably just a VACATION for him). See, I’m ON THE SPOT with NOTHING TO SAY. Saw where you are to be in CHICAGO in June. One of those contests…ANYWAY TO RIG IT…I’M KIDDING…(JUST A NOTE-this is my 2nd ATTEMPT at this one today too, maybe IT’S TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING…)
LATER ALYSSA….you know the REST…
PS. That field (if you saw my pics) just got planted today(corn). It’s MAY 11, too MUCH RAIN, because that’s starting to get LATE…

Good points.

To ask Selig to get to a mike and admit his complacent nature is unlikely. More likely that Jason Kendall hits 2 dingers in a day than Selig finds the nerve.

I am looking forward to reading your book. But from the comment above, it certainly has to better than most A-listers that write via someone else’s hand.

Will the Dodgers survive Mannygate? Can the Cubs survive without their Ramirez? These questions and more to be answered in the long MLB season.

(I just wish I had your tickets and your publisher phone number. I gotta book too.)

Well said🙂

I just feel let down. Not by Manny but by ESPN and their writters’ crazy crusade to bring these guys down. It must be me but the writters have this feel when reporting about steroids and PEDs and these superstars that they shouldn’t be allowed any where near Cooperstown. I really disagree with this attitude. Big Mac brought baseball back in 98 and deserves a spot in Cooperstown! Even Bonds, yes he was and is still a huge jerk. He still had to have the focus and talent to hit the ball. I would like to see these punks from Bristol stand in against a MLB pitcher and hit one out of the park. Hell they can juice up if thats all it takes! They need to back off of the guys that are pre-testing era. They need to get rid of the asterisk idea. Especially Big Mac, it just feels like an injustice to me that he isn’t in already. As for you Manny, you should have known better. If you really were taking steroids then you should be embarrassed and you need to confront your teammates!


Wow the roller coaster we call baseball is on! Being a baseball fan is like being in a romantic relationship, one day everything is fine you are on top of the world in love, proud, cant wipe the smile of your face with a sledge hammer happy. Then you wake up the next day and your whole world is crashing down on you because of betrayal and deceit. Well maybe I am exagerating but it feels like it sometimes.

My take on steroids is still the same, I wish they wouldn’t do them but you have to ask yourself. If I could take a pill to make me better at work would I do it. Or if you could give you kids teacher a pill to help the teach better would you be ok with it. Alyssa would you take a pill if it would make you a better actress? (Not That You Need It. You are great as it is!!!!!) But would you? So I understand, but do not condone and would if I could be a better internet marketing consultant. Don’t tell my boss.

Your favorite Angels fan,



Hey Alyssa,
WHO NEEDS MANNY…Dodgers still in 1st (25-12). The WEST is THEIRS…
NOT the greatest of NEWS today about ABC not picking up ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED for the fall, BUT NEVER GIVE UP…Which is what I was reminded about the last couple of weeks by a couple of instances. You know you asked what we had LEARNED today on TWITTER. I said I was LATE, but I was reminded about NEVER GIVING UP, regardless of the situation…First, (the baseball one) you may have heard about CUB 2B BOBBY SCALES. 31 yrs old career minor leaguer, who had never been called up to the majors…11 seasons in the minors for alot of organizations…substitute teacher in the off-season…But because of CUB INJURIES (they’ve had ALOT), he got called up for the very 1ST TIME. Got in his 1st GAME against Tim Lincecum and got his 1ST ML HIT and RUN…The word was he would be sent back to AAA 3 days later because the Cubs were going to bring up a pitcher to start when ZAMBRANO went on the DL. But he stayed up and will probably stay up for awhile now that A RAMIREZ went on the DL for 6-8 weeks. He’s now batting .381 in 7 gms and hit his 1st HR
Scored the GW RUN Today after Cub Closer ??? Gregg helped cough up a 4 run lead in the 9th…
ALYSSA, don’t lefthanders have a PRETTY SWING?
A little extra BONUS from today…
But B Scales says and does all the right things…Lets just say IT’S NOT HARD TO ROOT FOR HIM… Even after 11 minor league season, HE NEVER GAVE UP…
The next reminder is from the STS-125 COMMANDER SCOTT ALTMAN. When he was little kid, he wanted to be a pilot…an astronaut. He graduated from college and wanted to join the AIR FORCE to become a JET PILOT. Told that he was TOO TALL(sitting height), he thought his DREAM was over. But he learned the US NAVY had different standards, so he enlisted and bacame a PILOT. He retired and joined NASA. After being named one of 200 finalists to be a SHUTTLE PILOT, he wasn’t chosen. Encouraged to re-apply, he made it on his 2nd try. AND THE REST IS HISTORY… When he talks to school children, he encourages them to DREAM BIG, no matter what it is…”Work hard, study, find out what excites you and inspires you. If you NEVER GIVE UP, you can be astounded with where you wind up” AND YES ALYSSA, I used to play basketball with him and I THINK he was a CUB FAN TOO…
Another thing about Scott, when he was in the NAVY he appeared in the 1986 movie TOP GUN and did the flight scences for TOM CRUISE…
And now I’m reminded again today, Alyssa don’t give up because that LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE is GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN…
Alyssa, you know by now how I usually close these. But I’m going to throw you off a little. The other night I was switching between (3) games on tv. The Cubs, the Cards, and yes, the Dodgers on ESPN. It was Berman and the RED BARON and the Dodgers were just handing former Cub Jamie Moyer “HIS LUNCH”. You know hit after hit. But the whole time they’re telling all the GOOD THINGS that MOYER DOES… And all I could think about was another WONDERFUL PERSON… ALYSSA, TAKE CARE and don’t give up…And YES, KEEP SMILING…

Me AGAIN ALYSSA, (I’m sneaking in)
Left handers have PRETTY SWINGS:
It was in the other HIGHLIGHTS one somewhere…Don’t LOOK NOW, but the CUBS ARE 21-14. (4) teams bunched around the top of the CENTRAL… GO BLUE… and ALYSSA. HAVE A GREAT WEEK…

Sneaking back in here Alyssa…
I knew Scott was a CUB FAN
To bad those ABCnews fact checkers didn’t come close on the hometown (about 150 miles off), but what do you expect from ABC (little commentary there…just a little…)
For some reason, I have an image of him in the TV booth, as if he might have sang the 7th inning stretch once (don’t get me started on that), but that could be a possible TWITTER question (unless one of my readers beats me to it)
JUANPIERREWOOD batting over .400, who needs Manny…
My Peoria (minus Ryne Sandberg) Chiefs are 18-15. They have former big leaguer turned tv color analyst Bob Brenly’s son (also a catcher) on the team. Sandberg’s AA team is 16-15. (1st place though). Cubs have a guy in AAA batting .417 16HR’s (leads all minor leagues) in 31 games. Jake Fox, one of those players without a position. Never gets called up, listed as an OF, but maybe should be a DH in the AL.
Later Alyssa, Curt

Me AGAIN, He has a CUBS PENNANT in the shuttle with him. (to go to a museum in his real hometown, Pekin) I’m out of here, THANKS ALYSSA..


Another week in baseball….lay back on the couch, put your feet up, clasp your hands up behind your head, and SMILE and know what a great feeling it is…YAAAA BLUE…..My guys had a lousy time on the left coast but will return to Fenway knowing they don’t have to come back until the fall….Have a good holiday….Mort

I would like to respond to Dodger4life.

The writers at ESPN are not on a crusade against baseball’s steroid users; their campaign is for the truth, which should be the primary goal of any media organization, and, in this case, the truth damns the players who have cheated. Additionally, asking journalists to hit major league pitching is absurd. Of course they wouldn’t be able to (Though it would only be slightly more catastrophic than asking baseball players to write columns). Furthermore, the argument that steroids do not help a player hit the ball is specious. While they may not help hand-eye coordination, there is little question that they help a player hit home runs. Bonds may have been a great hitter, but he’d never have hit 750+ home runs without enhancing his performance. Steroids may the difference between two great players like Bonds and Ichiro. Ichiro is a superb hitter, but receives relatively little attention compared to those who hit home runs, thus the desire for a player to increase his home run production. One other effect of steroids is the improved healing ability they provide. Players on steroids are injured for less time and are able to play later into life, allowing them to play more and accrue more statistics.

Also, the assertion that McGuire and Sosa saved the game is slightly valid, but just barely so, because it is completely unprovable. It is equally likely that baseball would have recovered on its own. Perhaps it would not have recovered so quickly, but that would be a small price to pay for having it recover without the use of cheating and the tainting of all the accomplishments of every player in a 10-15 year span. The argument is that it is unfair to McGuire to not be in Cooperstown. Is it fair to other players who were clean that they received less publicity and less money than those who were cheating?

Finally, the fans seem to have spoken: they do not want steroid users to be in the hall of fame. This stance is completely understandable, considering those players cheated and lied in order to achieve their success. If the fans feel this way, then baseball should listen for two reasons. First, without fans, there would be no baseball. Second, players would have no fear of doing the same thing or something similar again. There must be harsh sanctions against cheating so as to discourage it in the future.

It’s awesome to have Juan Pierre as a backup who has been playing great defense and hitting the ball extremely well. I think the team is still struggling from this on occasions but with a really good replacement it takes alot of the pressue off everybody else. I cant wait to see Manny back though. He ignites the ravine like no one else.


How are you, I was watching “Two and a Half Men” Monday and the episode was titled “Baseball was better with steroids”. Very funny show by the way, so Charlie was in bed with his girlfriend and made a comment that we would pay money to see a meat covered robot hit a baseball 750 feet. I laughed for a second and thought how cool that would be, so he could be right. Anyway I am going no where with this other than it was funny and it may come true.

Your Favorite Angel fan,



P.S. Funny “Who’s the Boss” Commercial

Wow this is so profound of a post. I wish I owned your book! I used to be a huge fan back when I was a younger teenager until the strike in about 1994? Then I just gave up on baseball. I was a huge TX Rangers fan & my parents did everything to make sure I got to a lot of games, watch warm-ups, getting autographs, take me to basball conventions, meet TX Rangers players, meet baseball Hall of Famers, collect cards, etc. My parents uprooted my sister & I to Houston where I was stuck being an Astros fan. Hey it was baseball so I wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t go as much to games & when the strike happened I lost interest.

I remember Rafael Palmeiro when he played with the Rangers. Which Rodriguez? I remember the TV showing how Jose Canseco was busted as well. However what little I remember of watching it, he seemed oddly proud of his stupidity.

Didn’t Nolan Ryan at one point in his early career have problems?

And yes I even remember Manny when I still watched.

I long for baseball now as I live in Nashville. No one seems to understand my love for major league vs minor league. I get bored at minor league games (used to go a lot when I first moved to Nashville). I tell them I’m spoiled rotten with MLB not minor. The only closest would be a long drive to see The Braves. I prefer in person than TV.

It’s so sad what happened with Manny however it’s refreshing to know that he did apologize.

Your words are strong, thoughtful & truthful. Thank you so much for caring & sharing.

I do hope things turn around in the world of baseball as far as substance abuse as it’s the biggest. It needs to be taken care of ASAP.

Thanks again from your Twitter friend,
Anne (aka QueenSapphyre)


I totally am enjoying your MLBlog thanks to your Twitter account (I’m @BJWanlund on Twitter, go ahead and follow me!), and you have absolutely hit it right on the money.

I have hated corporate greed for a long time, and I happen to just take these awful bits of news in stride anymore. I just decide to not say anything anymore.

Thank you again for that amazingly eloquent post regarding cheating in baseball.


BJ Wanlund

Hi Alyssa!
I know i can’t say all that much about baseball yet but from what i know, i can tell that doing drugs is always a stupid thing to do and when it comes to sports, there is nothing worse than cheating like that. ok, we all agree, Manny made a big mistake BUT he realized what he had done and apologized to everbody. He got the right punishment for his action and I’m sure that he pretty much won’t do the same mistake all over again. I miss him as part of the Dodgers and in the games but they’re not gonna get their *** kicked without having Manny in the team. He’s a superduper batter, though. Gotta admitt that!!!😉

Btw, I’m on page 32 of your book, right now, and it makes so much fun reading about what you wrote about yourself, the way you became a brooklyn/dodgers fan, everything you learned from baseball and all the things you know about it. i hope it’s not gonna be your first and last release.🙂 you truly are a passionate baseball fan. You have the power to spur on so many people by just being you and giving them an insight into your life.

Last but not least, I came within an inch of bankruptcy after buying all those beautiful touch clothes..and I’m still not done. I really love your line. keep on designing cuz you have a very good taste and you obviously know what sort of gear female fans wanna wear!

You rock!🙂
Best wishes, Monica

A member of Red Sox Nation, I remain a fan of Manny Being Manny. I have two pictures of him on my office wall, one a professional collage, and the other a chance pic on a flight.


First, I didn’t know what big fan of baseball you are. I was at a local college bookstore and saw your book. Cheers! I am a fellow fan of the sport– and of you –, as we are from the same generation, maybe age. I can still vividly remember all those episodes with Tony Danza.

Thanks for the words. A fellow blogger, I’ve purged my feelings about ‘roids far too much already.

As much as we say we don’t miss Manny in Boston, we do. The 2004 season would not have been without Our Manny.

I’m sorry about the whole thing.

Those looks amazing. Especial on Alyssa Milano, the girl with the cookie brand name.

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designers-city !!!!

Hmm, there’s no way around it, Manny knew what he was doing. At least that episode is over and hopefully he can move on. It seems like he’s lost a bit of his touch now though.
mini fridges

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