Interleague Play

Interleague baseball was first proposed in the 1930s. It took some 60 years for the first game to be played.

What took so long? The answer lies in the traditionalist heart. The first Interleague game was in 1997, and was the brainchild of the owners to boost attendance and revenue. And although it gives us fans an opportunity to see players we wouldn’t normally get to see, I’m going to go on record as saying I don’t love Interleague games.

Maybe I’m not a fan because I’m bitter that the American League dominates. Last year, the AL enjoyed a combined 149-103 edge. Boo!

Or maybe I feel it takes away from the uniqueness of the All-Star Game or, more importantly, the drama of the World Series.

Or maybe it is just a combination of all of it.

I was reading Mark Newman’s article on today and learned that Interleague attendance just keeps growing. Mark states, “Total Interleague attendance has risen every year from 2002-08, going from 7,741,496 over 249 dates in 2002 to a little shy of one full ballpark under 9 million in 2008.”

Also in this article, Bud Selig is quoted as saying, “As long as I’m here, we will have Interleague Play. I love it.” (Hmmm. My other least favorite thing in baseball — home field advantage in the World Series based on the All-Star Game winner — was introduced by Selig, too. Hmmm. But I digress.)

Baseball attendance is down four percent this year, in my opinion, due to the economy. Baseball officials disagree, claiming that attendance is down due to the fact that the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field each have 15,000 fewer seats. Whatever the reason, it will be interesting to see if the attendance for the scheduled Interleague games this season continues, on trend, to grow, or if Interleague attendance also declines.

If regular season Interleague baseball is here to stay, there is something that has been proposed numerous times before by players, sports journalists and fans that I really think would make Interleague games more interesting. Play by the visiting team’s league rules. For instance, if you are playing in a National League park against an American League team, use the designated hitter rule so that fans who don’t normally get to see the other league’s style of ball in their stadium get to see it first-hand.

Just an idea. What are your thoughts on Interleague Play?

And Baseball,

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Hello Alyssa:
I believe that we are in somewhat of an agreement on the interleague issues. Let the World Series determine the ultimate winning team of the year. I say no to the games during the season, generally speaking. Although I have enjoyed going to the Angels/Dodgers games the past couple of years. And the DH belongs to the American League, allow it to remain in their ballparks. It is their own novelty.
Good issue to discuss. I hope to see more pros and cons on this subject. Catch you later…, Brent.

the only thing I have to say is I really enjoy the interleague games! because you really get to see how players and the teams play the game in their own way. because even if the teams are playing the same game, in some way each league does something diffrent. and It also shows how well your home team plays (american/national, depending which one your home team is) against the team from the other league, and how they deal playing with that team. even if the world series is the big show where you get to see that in someways is good to kind have a preview of how your team will do if they make it to the world series. so, yes, I love interleague games!
lot’s of love, baseball rules!!!
go yankees! go dodgers! woohooo!!

Hi Alyssa,

I definitely agree with you assessment that it is a horrible idea that the All-Star game determines the home field advantage in the World Series. I can not wait til MLB gets rid of that idea. The team that works the harder to win the most games in a season deserves to have as their reward, home field advantage. As far as interleague play, maybe because I live in New York and get to see the Mets play the Yankees at Citi Field this year and in years past, at Shea, I enjoy very much watching and being at the stadium. Of course, it might not be a bad thing to not have interleague play for, let say, two or three years, then come back to it. DH, never liked it, and have always hoped that MLB would do away with it, but unfortunately the union will never let that happen.

All the best,

I really enjoyed reading your comments and agree with you. I haven’t followed baseball in some time, but when I was much younger, loved following the Cubs and White Sox in my hometown of Chicago. Each team had their own set of rivals and their own nemesis, and we followed everyone’s progress until it all came together at the end of the season during the World Series. Interleague games played during the season dilute the significance of the journey to reach the playoffs and championship games.

I am impressed with the depth of your knowledge and passion for baseball, and especially enjoy your writing style. It’s very engaging, lucid, and reflective of your deep knowledge and passion. Look forward to reading more of your writings!

Wouldn’t mind seeing term limits imposed on the commissioner, and that’s inspired by the gentleman currently holding the office.


I, like you, do not like interleague play or deciding the World Series home field advantage by the all-star game winner. One of the main reasons that interleague play bothers me is because the schedule is totally unfair. MLB loves to schedule these interleague rivalries like Cubs/White Sox, Marlins/Rays, Reds/Indians etc for obvious reasons. The only problem is that this is totally unfair. While the Phillies get to play the Pirates every year and the Cardinals get to play the Royals every year the Dodgers have to play the Angels, a team that is good year in and year out. These one or two wins or losses can make a huge difference in seeding for post season home field. If MLB is going shove interleague play down our throats they should at least make it fair and rotate the opponents each team has to play. The current system is totally flawed.

Love reading your blog and, of course, your tweets!

Hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend.

-Brett @bcctmv

While I agree about the all star game having anything to do with the world series being just plain silly, let’s remember that Mr. Selig was making up for letting the all star game end with a tie. Any baseball purist can’t even imagine a tie in baseball. Just as crying has no place in baseball, neither do ties! That aside, I for one like interleague play. Cubs vs White Sox, you bet! I also like having the home team rules apply. Home field advantage should apply especially during interleague play. Sorry home field advantage is just what is sounds like. I do think like that the teams swap home fields just because I like to see pitchers that usually don’t hit take some cuts. It’s still a game and I know they like to swing away too. Just my two cents, you rock Alyssa. Thanks for being such a great ambassador for the game!

Hi Alyssa.I agree with you.Thanks.

If they must have interleague play, at least rotate divisions every year, so fans could see every team every three years.

Interleague play doesn”t bother me. With 161 games if they didn’t interleague play they wouldn’t get a chance to play all the different teams. Interleague play allows the players to get to know more of the styles of the other players and possibly make for a better world series because the players are more familiar with the players from the other league since they may have already played the team during the year.

If they want to see how popular interleague play really is, put it in April in mid-week, instead of on the first holiday weekend. Then we might find out the truth about it.

I am not a fan of interleague play. Never have been, never will. As to home field advantage most sports decide that by who has the best record not by who won an allstar game. As to why attendence is down I believe it is because of the economy. By the time you buy gas to get to the park, pay for parking, get your ticket(s), you are lucky to have any money left for a bottle of water let alone for another trip to the ball park. It will only get worse before it gets better.

Hi Alyssa,

I also do not care much for interleague play. It was devised as a gimmick to increase attendance. Both leagues should have standardized rules – no DH. However, I doubt that will happen. Interleague play also is unbalanced. The Yankees, for instance play the Mets 6 games. Other division rivals draw lesser geographic rivals. This creates disparity in the schedule and has a direct impact on the division races.

Attendance is down at Yankee Stadium because the club’s unbridled greed priced themselves out of the market. The Yankees recently slashed their $2,500 box seats to $1,250 per game (who’s their marketing director – Bernie Madoff?) in deference to the poor economy. This means a family of four can now go to a game for $5,000 – not including parking and concessions. Bud Selig – baseball’s rumpled and wrinkled commissioner- called the $2,500 tickets “affordable”. “Laughable” would be the more operative word. The Yankees reminded everyone in their press release trumpeting the “discounted” tickets, that this reduction from $2,500 to $1,250 is good for this season only. Thanks – I’ll take that “under advisement.”

BTW, Peter Gammons on ESPN yesterday said the new Yankee Stadium is regarded around baseball as “a joke” because of its poor design that will yield astronomical home run numbers this year. Johnny Damon (he of the fragile psyche and physique according to Joe Torre in his excellent book) already has 10 home runs.

I digress. I say if we must have interleague play in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar, then let’s standardize the two leagues and eliminate the DH permanently. This way pitchers in the American League will not embarass/injure themselves trying to swing a bat when they have to bat in National League parks after not swinging a bat all year because of the DH in the American League.

Congrats on the Dodgers. They are proving with their continued winning that they are not the Los Angeles Mannys. Tom Verducci had an excellent cover story in last weeks SI on Manny’s fall. Did you see it?

All the best,


Hi Alyssa

I don’t care much for Interleague play either. gimmicks are usually money motivated and lack any real benefit for the game or the fans. The Allstar game and the World Series are the place for this not the regular season.

Lets hope it and the DH rule vanish someday


Hi Alyssa,

I agree with you about Interleague play – I don’t find it altogether exciting during the regular season, and it does detract from the excitement of the World Series. I find that the National League teams have the upper-hand, since AL teams have to have their pitchers bat, and NL teams only have to put in another hitter in AL parks. I may be biased, since my beloved Blue Jays don’t seem to fare very well in interleague play.

On the Blue Jays/Braves broadcast form Atlanta last night, the commentators were making the suggestion of switching rules in AL/NLparks. This is a novel idea, but perhaps one they could save for Spring Training.

The whole “home-field advantage decided by the All-Star Game” is a ridiculous idea. Do you think MLB would hire the two of us as Co-Commissioners? Or are they not ready for baseball-savvy women heading up MLB?


To A.

Unfortunately, MLB is not ready for baseball-savvy women as co-commissioners – hence Bud Selig.


I think its about time for Baseball-savvy women to take over as co-commissioners. Maybe past time….


I agree – Bud Selig’s legacy is steroids and an All Star Game ending in a tie.

I agree with you on all counts, Alyssa.
I’m a traditionalist.
One time the MLB was the only major sport, where the two teams in the World Series never faced each other during the regular season.
I was so hard broken when interleague play began.
It was like an end of an era.
The same goes for the All-Star Game, it was so much more entertaining when it was strictly an exhibition game with nothing at stake.

I second the person who mentioned interleague play rotating the match-ups. I’m an East Coast fan so I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dodgers out East more facing some of the teams like the Yankees or the Orioles or seeing the Yankees come to LA again. We all know the Yankees won’t be making it to the WS any time soon without Joe Torre so interleague would have to be it.

You made just one mistake in this posting, alyssa.
The first interleague game was in 1996.
I know because I attended the first interleague game at Fenway Park.
The Phillies and Red Sox.
I’m a Phillies fan and it gave me and my brother and excuse to drive five hours to see a game there.
You’re arguments on whether it should continue are valid, but I don’t see it going away.
Don’t you dig the freeway series, Angels/Dodgers?
It was created for just that reason.

I stand corrected.
It was 1997
My bad

I like interleague play myself. The idea to play by the visiting team’s rules is interesting but I’m a proponent of “our house, our rules.” Maybe they could one game of the series using visitor’s rules.

As for the ASG, I don’t believe interleague play takes anything away from it, because we are talking about all star rosters. Groups of guys playing together for each league that don’t normally.

Personally, Alyssa, I’m a fan of interleague play, but we differ in opinions.

Hey Alyssa, I want to know who you think should be the NL All Star catcher this year. I know you, being a Dodgers fan, understand that Martin has struggled somewhat out there in Los Angeles. You might be thinking Brian McCann or Soto. But have you considered Jesus Flores? I’ve set up a website for it, check it out underneath.

The Dodgers are looking great this year, kudos to you, Torre and the LA squad!

-EJ the Kid From New York
Jesus Flores for All Star Game!

Your idea:

“Play by the visiting team’s league rules. For instance, if you are playing in a National League park against an American League team, use the designated hitter rule so that fans who don’t normally get to see the other league’s style of ball in their stadium get to see it first-hand.”

AGREED ! Good Idea !

Hi Alyssa,
I agree that interleague in not necessarily a good thing. The World Series is supposed to be the “Battle” between the American and National Leagues. I do see the point of having interleague play because it is kind of fun to see cross-town rivals go at it (I am a Mets fan and love to see the Mets/Yankees games). I have always thought that if interleague play was going to happen, it should be incorporated into the All-Star break and limited to the opposing Division (i.e. NL East vs. AL East, etc.). I also agree that attendance is down because of the economy and not the smaller stadiums. The teams weren’t selling out their stadiums at the larger size and they aren’t selling out their stadiums at the smaller size either. Prices for the games have become somewhat unaffordable unless you sit in the nosebleed section, and even those tickets are fairly pricey. Every kid should be given the opportunity to sit in the lower deck, on the field, with the potential to catch a foul ball or a home run!! Here’s to hoping it turns around soon🙂

The problem with Interlegue games is not Interleague itself. Indeed, I’m all for _more_ interleague games. But I’m that radical, and from Europe, so don’t mind me much, hehe.

The problem is with the DH rule that messes up the whole concept of interleagues, since it’s very different to have a pitcher or a DH in the batting order.

I have my preferences over the DH issue, but it’s come to the point (warning: More radicality coming!) It’s come to the point I was saying, that I don’t care anymore which way they decide, but they should decide DH yes or DH no and have the 30 teams comply. This way there’s no need to curtail Interleague playing because of rules differences.

Hey, Lyss!

After seeing the Phils kill my beloved Yanks and the Sawx murder the Metropolitans, I don’t really think that much about interleague play. We should save battles for bragging rights for the World Series or the exhibition series.

I meant exhibition games or pre-season. My bad!

Another week in baseball…On inter-league play I always thought if you won they were good but if you lost they were a totally bad idea and if you split the difference you probably got to watch some pretty interesting ball….Ya, I never could figure out that All Star winner takes all thing even tho it’s been good for my guys…the thing is tho, the NL hasn’t always been the weaker league and I’m sure they’ll even out or get stronger eventually….The Mets have been giving my guys a run so I guess I can’t thank you for softening them up….I really like daytime baseball so I guess I should be happy for long weekends and for the most part I don’t care who wins as long as me and the dog can sit out in the yard, thousands of miles away and enjoy the play…Baseball forever…Mort

I really love the idea of interleague baseball. As a lifetime Chicagoan and true Cubs fan, I really enjoy their annual clashes with the White Sox. Before int play, they would only play in midsummer exhibitions and those were often watered-down affairs since neither club wanted to risk injury to a regular starter–they would showcase minor league prospects a lot. Best example of this is 1995, when Michael Jordan played in the “cross town classic.” Now the games count and each team plays hard since it impacts their overall record. But my love for interleague play goes well beyond the Cubs/Sox rivalry. I still remember when the Yankees came to town in ’03 and the hype and intensity of that series. It’s great to see star players from opposite leagues battle, a treat, in my opinion, to good fans. As far as the AL success last year: Not a big deal. I wouldn’t read too much into the numbers. The NL could flip those numbers any given year. The AL was coincidently very strong last year–just look at the AL East with the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees. Three great teams last year and when you mention the Angels and Twins and White Sox, it’s no wonder the AL dominated interleague play. The NL had the Cubs, Phillies, and Dodgers (after they got Manny). These things go in cycles. In sum, I think interleague baseball enhances the game and we should enjoy it for all the positives and not over-analyze the negative aspects.

As a lifelong Dodgers fan living outside of Los Angeles I must stress the importance of giving long distance fans even more opportunity to see their teams play. I first saw the Dodgers play live in 2005 in Chicago against the White Sox. I saw them a 2nd time in Oakland against the Athletics. Neither of those would have been possible without interleague play.

Admittedly though I’ve seen them a lot more times since in San Francisco and in Philly (I get around), but it would be nice to be able to see them play the Orioles for instance as I mentioned above.

In the end the game should be much about the fans and this is one fan who has many baseball memories that I wouldn’t have without interleague play.

Hi! As someone who grew up with a favorite team in the American League and now lives in a city with only a National League team, I would love interleague play if it meant that once every few years I could see the team I rooted for as a child go up against the team I root for now.
Seattle Mariners vs Arizona Diamondbacks = the most awesome game I could ever want to attend.
They are facing each other this year but it’s in Seattle. I want it HERE where I can attend. *pleads with the MLB gods*

Otherwise agreed on the home field advantage for the World Series. I think it should be determined by a coin toss or something equally fair.


Hi Alyssa,
Just went to a Dodger game on Saturday, May 23 and it was a great game. I spent a lot of money on tickets for my little boys birthday as we got seats just about 5 rows away from you. When I saw you, my daughter was so excited and we waved to you as you were taking a picture of your mom and dad and you waved back and that was the sweetest thing you could have done. I appreciate you doing that as my son was able to see you. I hope that the next time I have extra cash to splurge on good seats, that I can get your autograph on your book “Safe at Home”. Hey, I was wondering, are there any events that you know of at Dodger Stadium where they do anything special for single moms and their kids? I just want to be able to let my kids enjoy something great like they have for inner city kids…we live in the Valley and I just don’t know of anything. My boys play for Mission Hills Little League baseball and they both have done awesome jobs on their teams and they both won their divisions and now we are in the championships. So, it would be nice to see if I can do something with them at Dodger Stadium. I love your clothes line and I can’t wait to purchase my favorite top that you have on-line. Congrats on your success, you deserve it. Love ya!

I have to disagree about interleague. I enjoy it, especially during a 162 game schedule. It’s not as fun as it once was when Montreal and Toronto could go at it, but I think it’s nice to see some of the rivalries more than once every 15 or 20 years in the World Series.

I agree that the All-Star Game deciding anything is beyond moronic. Let it be what it is. With expanded rosters having an extra pitcher or two on hand shouldn’t be an issue.

I never, ever want to see pitchers hit. Just my opinion. And I’m a lifelong Expos fan who know half-heartedly roots for the Jays, so I’m well acquianted with the NL style of play. I like a lot of things about the NL in terms of strategy and style of play, but I just don’t think having the pitchers bat benefits anyone. It certainly doesn’t make my experience more enjoyable. I guess it might lower pitchers’ ERAs.

Personally, I am a fan of interleague play. But I guess it could be from living in Iowa that I just enjoy the chance to see baseball played anywhere near me! I would love a chance to see your Dodgers play in Minnesota or KC. I would also love to see an interleague game managed by Mr. Torre.
I agree that it would be fairer to at least rotate divisions. Your idea of playing the visiting league’s rules is quite interesting. Let’s try it for a year and see how it goes. It would be great fun.
I also completely agree that it is time for some more input from baseball – savvy women like yourself. It is so great to hear about other women who enjoy the game as much as I do. And although my story isn’t quite as exciting as yours, I am also a baseball fan because of my Pops. We finally got to go to a game at Yankee Stadium last year and is one of the best memories I have of times with my Dad.
Thank you for bringing such a smart and engaging opinion on this great sport!

P.S. I agree with Jim. Joe Torre’s book was EXCELLENT!

Good read.

I agree with you that the home field advantage being based on the All Star Game is just dumb and punishes teams who play well all season long.

I do enjoy Interleague play though. I enjoy seeing the teams from the different leagues play during the season and interleague play has given us some nice rivalries like Mets/Yankees, Cardinals/Royals, Cubs/WhiteSox, Dodgers/Angels. Those are great series to watch being a Cardinals fan I have enjoyed the Royals coming to town and vice versa.

This past weekend the Phillies played the Yankees in New York. Every game there were bunches of Phillie fans in attendance and I am sure that was because they felt it was special to see their team playing in Yankee stadium.

I personally cant wait to see the Yankees come to Busch Stadium here in St. Louis those games will be standing room only. But then again, most are standing room only here in St. Louis. We love our Cardinals.

Have a good one Alyssa.


Well, for me……as long as two teams show up and play ball, I’m happy! Although…….I wish they would just get rid of the DH! I like to see the pitcher take his turn at the plate. Perhaps it is because I like the experience of feeling the emotion……OF WHAT! The pitcher just walked the pitcher……..YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING! The guy has a batting average of .002…..he couldn’t hit the side of a barn it he was standing next to it! The DH…….that’s my only real gripe about the game. I would love to go to a game….but I don’t live close to any ballfields. I am lucky enough to have the baseball package. Where you can catch both the leagues at play……..and I usually watch the NL games. Mainly, ’cause……there’s no DH!

I like interleague play. I enjoy getting to see players from the AL, since there’s not really an opportunity for me otherwise. Last season I got to see both the Yankees and BoSox thanks to interleague play.

As far as the All-Star format “It Counts”—I really hate it. It is a result of media whining that the players didn’t play the game hard, and that a game would never end up in a tie if it somehow counted for something. I think players would beg to differ that they didn’t play hard, or that the game had no meaning. It obviously has meaning to the fans and the players regardless if the beat writer for your local paper enjoys it or not. But I digress. Let’s look at some facts.

The press keeps harping to us how important it is to win the home field advantage for an at-home game seven. And yes, an at-home game seven is a huge advantage, and in the past twenty years, it has occurred “four” times. In the seasons since the ASG has “counted” (2003) not one of the World Series has gone to seven games. In fact, three of the six have been four game sweeps. The three that weren’t sweeps, were won by the National League team. Yep, the team that didn’t have home field advantage. So don’t go preaching that bunk to me. The ASG was way more fun when the players could play like it was actually fun to be there and show the fans that they love the game as much as we do.

End of rant. Thanks for listening.

I’ll try again, Alyssa:
If…we must have Interleague Games, then why are not every team playing every team, throughout both leagues?
Please tell me what I am missing here. If any given team could feasibly win the World Series, then any other team, out there, would have to travel to that team’s house, to get beat, wouldn’t they? Did Bud Selig come up with the formula that we’ve got?
As for home field advantage in the World Series, I am willing to abide with the prevailing winning League, carrying over into the next season. Actually giving the other League something to work harder for, for next time around.
The All-Star Game is just that. A showcase of the preeminent stars of the day. The managers are usually giving the players a decent chance to be a part of a special game that is just a holiday kind of a thing. It should have no decisive influence over the World Series, in any fashion.

Hey Alyssa
First and foremost, I am SORRY…I guess I’m also a traditionalist on this subject too. Of course, NL…growing up that was it CUBS/CARDS…Interleague play, I guess it gives one a chance to see the other teams, but I can’t say I would be sorry if it went away. And I KNOW THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…And as a TRADITIONALIST, I DON’T THINK ITS FAIR. I’m old-school, every team in your division should play THE SAME TEAMS. Not these forced rivalries that aren’t really rivaries either…Years ago(2 division baseball) you played 18 games against your division and 12 against the other. When a west coast roadtrip was 3 games each in in LA, SD, and SF 2 times a season. Now it’s fly out to SD for 3 games, then fly back home. Of course, I know everything is out of whack because of more teams. Can you imagine all the extra flying the east and west coast teams have to do. I know they’re MORE THEN WELL COMPENSATED and IT’s ALL 1ST CLASS. And who makes out the schedule too…Now it’s play 1 team on a weekend and turn around and play the SAME TEAM again the next weekend. I just HATE this, it was never that way before. I JUST THINK THE SCHEDULES ARE WAY OUT OF WHACK…And back to interleague, the CUBS have to play the WHITE SOX twice (6GMS every year). I know it’s the same with your DODGERS/ANGELS. But every year, it’s ALL the HYPE and everything blown out of proportion. And frankly after the fisrt 3 gms, I don’t even care about the next 3. It’s just all hyped up between the fans… OH, and its only AL 22 NL 20 so far. Does interleague play really BOOST attendance? I guess in certain games IT WILL, but in the long run, I doubt it makes that much difference. Cubs are going to sell-out all games regardless and they SELL-OUT the 3 games on the south-side too, when the white sox normally wouldn’t.
As for the DIFFERENT STYLES of PLAY. NL or the DH’ed AL. Well, I’m still the old school NL with the PITCHERS batting and the MANAGERS actually having to MANAGE the GAME. Sure it’s easy to manage in the AL. Just sit they’re (napping Joe Torre in the Yankee dugout and I don’t mean any disrespect ALYSSA and Joe, really, hey he’s back in the NL your DODGERS 34-16 that’s pretty good. SCORE ALERT (1-0 CUBS in the 3rd with our minor league lineup). Dodgers might as well start printing those playoff tickets now and it’s still MAY. But back to AL ball, just sit and pound the ball out for as many runs as you can get and never have to worry about the pitcher batting or soon coming up to bat. Or should I let him bat with 2 on in the 6th down a couple of runs…or should I take him out for a pinch hitter now…or should I let him BUNT or swing away…or should I get the bullpen going because the pitcher is coming up to bat soon…THERE’S JUST A WHOLE LOT MORE A MANAGER HAS TO DO IN THE NL, PERIOD. IT’S JUST ALOT MORE INTERESTING… (SCORE ALERT 2-0 CUBS. SORRY ALYSSA and I AM SORRY about the OTHER too) GIVE ME THE NL EVERYDAY…
As for the ALL-STAR game counting for something. Its an exhibition game BUD. Just because of the way its played NOW and I’m going back (and not that far). The pitchers used to pitch 2-3 innings, now its pitch 1 inning and out, if that. Half the pitchers are used right before the game and nobody’s manager wants their GUY used. So it’s no wonder in an extra inning game, OH LOOK BUD, I DON’T HAVE ANYONE ELSE TO PITCH. WELL…HERE’S a NOT SO BRIGHT IDEA, LET’S MAKE THE GAME COUNT FOR SOMETHING…WHAT THE #@@# IS THAT BUD… And you know BUD isn’t going ANYWHERE until HE’S READY TO LEAVE. He’s just the PUPPET-HEAD the OWNERS WANT. Just look at all the MONEY these OWNERS are MAKING (yea, the economy is probably hurting them some right now) But since under BUD, look at ALL THE NEW BALLPARKS…and all the tax-financed ones and then the owner decides to CUT PAYROLL (so who’s banking ALL THE MONEY NOW). Just sit back and watch BUD WEASLE out of the next problem. THE next commissioner, how about ANDY (the clown) McPHAIL. He practically run the CUBS further into the ground banking all that MONEY for the TRIBUNE CO and more into HIS POCKETS. Now we have SAM ZELL and the SALE THAT NEVER ENDS…HOLDING THE CUBS UP LONGER AND LONGER. NOTHING GETS DONE BECAUSE HE JUST KEEPS HANGING ON TO THEM, so right now they’re just HELD HOSTAGE. NOT FUN BEING A CUB FAN… (SCORE ALERT 3-0 CUBS in the 4th a loss here is not hurting your team)
As far as your rule (the opposite applys in interleague games) they could try it but…You either like AL ball or NL ball..or you don’t care. I JUST PREFER THE NL VERSION MYSELF…4-0 CUBS, maybe I better quit ALYSSA. why I’m AHEAD. Now to decide if I want to go be a DORK, still trying to figure that out…

ME AGAIN, I thought of another one that I just saw Torre do, walking the 8th place hitter to get to the pitcher. ONLY IN THE NL…I’ve always told you the best place for a cub opponent is too get the CUBS BASES LOADED. 2 runs, thats ALOT for the Cubs. And its not really the minor league lineup today…its just been a collective team slump all year and now I heard today that Soriano is hurting (leg). WOW…
Trying to decide where to THREAD at CL (easier said then done, but I’ve been told I had a good idea over there, but its not a moderators descision) ,Curt

lysss can say I am a girl that will half the world baseboll since I was 12 years old where I could see that my passion was baseboll and bascketboll is my passion here in my country there are always games here but never as Dodgers and the Indians over the Dodgers, but I wanted to have a shirt or a sweatshirt, but the team here is difficult to aya only if there are false and untrue things do not go through with me and tried to see you on twitter but does not locate I was blocked or if you pass something that only saw a comment of thanks for the # followigfriday or anything just ask you know how can I buy an item you like and the more or less of each item and whether it is sending guatemala to think you know who I am also certain that good I want to tell those invited to the game here in guatemala baseboll I would send you a video but if you understand Spanish to see that everything is in Spanish on a computer that is going to osea dodgers and Alyssa Milano have wanted to compete with your huge star one day and meet the great baseball players like the Dodgers do not expect good nena besos importune alexia from guatemala guatemala padilla fan of your kisses for you sweetie


Another week of baseball….Still chuckling over that Onion story of Manny and Big Poppi going on a road trip together, it hit the spot for my baseball fix this week…Speaking of Manny, how will you vote as far as him being at the All Star game, it’s a tough one this year. Ah we, if the Yankees vote for F-ROD I guess you have to go with Manny….Speaking of all stars ,seems Nomar injured his calf again, maybe it is time to hang ’em up…Games just starting ( Sunday ) and it’s time to lay back and listen..Mort

Hey Alyssa,
OK, the two teams split the 4 game series. At least your DODGERS are IN the POSTSEASON…
Ok, when was the last time you seen a DOUBLE SWITCH in the AL??? CASE CLOSED…
Back to POOR OLD BUD’s PROBLEMS. Remember the this is just going to COMPOUND BUD’s DAY…Now what is he going to do??? Do you let all the CHEATERS IN??? Manny, AROD…WHAT WILL BUD DO. (better start weaslin…BUD) because it’s going to happen… Yea, the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE may not come into play yet, but if it was my team…Well, I wouldn’t MIND HAVING IT. And because of HIS RULE, who wouldn’t want the “BEST PLAYERS”..the “CHEATS” playing if it could give your team an ADVANTAGE in OCTOBER (or is it NOVEMBER this year, thanks alot BUD…just what BASEBALL ORDERED, BASEBALL in the COLD and SNOW and AFTER DARK TOO…
Alyssa, well by now… YOU KNOW THE REST…
Later, Curt

I personally like interleague play because of the unique rivals that occur. For example, in Cincinnati, we have a rivalry with Cleveland in football. I think it’s fun to have this rivalry extend into the baseball season, even though the teams are in different leagues. It’s also nice for those who have transplanted here from up north to see their team in action. I do think it would be neat to play by the visiting team’s rules, though. And I definitley agree that the All-Star game should not determine who has home field advantage in the World Series. Not only has the game become a big popularity contest, but shouldn’t the advantage go to the team with the better record?


I just finished your book and enjoyed it. I will be using the “Go snacks” comment at my next BoSox game.

I thought the book was fun to read and have recommeded it to friends.

Interleague is baseball today.

I like your baseball writing and keep it up.

What do you think about interconference play in the NFL or the NBA? Each of the NFL teams plays four of the sixteen games outside of their conference. Each of the NBA teams plays each team outside of their conference twice. Although MLB is split into leagues and the NFL and NBA are split by conference, it is essentially the same aside from the DH. The AL and NL are still both governed by MLB.

I like interleague baseball games because I like to see cross-town teams play each other as part of a rivalry. Otherwise, most likely you wouldn?t see them play each other aside from pre-season games which don?t mean a thing. As far as fairness of each team playing opposing teams of different strengths, that is just how it is, like it is in football. They could institute that each team within a division must play the same teams outside the league, i.e. each National League Western Division team plays each American League Western Division Team plus one of the other divisions, Central or Eastern, alternating every year. This way, a team in one division doesn?t have an advantage over their divisional counterpart. After all, within the leagues each team plays teams within their own division many more times than they play teams outside of their division.

I don?t mind the All-Star game determining home-field advantage during the World Series. I can?t argue for or against it. But to give home-field advantage to the team with the better record can also be argued as unfair because one league may have stronger teams than the other; so the team in the weaker league and division may have a far better record than their opponent who has had to face more formidable teams.

The reason that I like the DH rule is because I want to see the best hitters play offense, and I also want to see the pitchers concentrate on pitching, a hard enough job as it is. On the other hand there is more strategy involved in having the pitcher bat. This is a little out in left field, but one could also provide the strategy if the rule was to bat one of the coaches or the manager in the lineup. The point I was trying to make is that the strategy is involved because a team has to introduce a weak link into its lineup.


Wow our first fight!!! LOL… well not a fight but a baseball difference in opinion. Maybe being on the winning side sways my vote for interleague play to continue and the all star game determining the home field advantage.

I so enjoy when teams I can’t watch live all the time come to town. Seeing players that are normally only in AL ball parks for world series games. Gives me a chance to see players like Chipper Jones, teams like the Cubs and Mets and don’t forget the Hot Dodger Girls that come to our games.

In any relationship comprise is key so I am going to give in on the all star game determination of home field as long as you can come up with a better solution. ? .

Your favorite Angel fan.



Alyssa –

Great post! I grew up in Pittsburgh in 80s as a huge Pirates fan. I was always a NL person until I became a Yankees fan after moving to NC. I officially have a team in each league! 🙂 Growing up, I loved that there wasn’t Interleague play because it gave me even more to look forward to in the World Series. I still kept up with other players in the opposing league and couldn’t wait to see who would be battling it out in the All-Star Game & WS. I understand for attendance and economical reasons the logic behind Interleague play. I have a feeling that it will continue to exist. There are some pros to it – watching interesting match-ups and the opportunity to attend games in different stadiums – example – I live in NC and hope to see the Yanks battle the Braves later this month in Atlanta – it is more convenient for me to go to GA than to NYC. If there wasn’t Interleague play, this wouldn’t be possible. I love your idea about the visiting team rules…I would love to view the DH aspect from both leagues. I also agree that the rules need to change re: homefield advantage for the WS. No matter what happens to Interleague play, I will support it (even though I miss the old days) if it brings new fans to baseball. As you know, it only takes one game to win one’s heart to baseball forever!🙂 By the way, I loved your book. It is about time that a female spoke up re: the joys of baseball!

Your Fellow Italian Sister in Baseball,

I probably wouldn?t even call it a difference in opinion. My diatribe, although it wasn?t meant to be one, was intended to state the reasons why I like interleague play. It wasn?t intended to state that having interleague play was better than not having it. I respect why people don?t like it. Even though I?m right. Just kidding! Just as Alyssa stated that she probably didn?t like it because the American League dominated, I probably like it because the Anaheim Angels do well against the LA Dodgers. Notice that I still know them as the Anaheim Angels, and they will always be my favorite team. Ironically, I grew up 7 miles from Angel Stadium of Anaheim, and now I live 7 miles from Dodger Stadium.
Congratulations on your engagement, and may you and yours have a wonderful and exciting life together!

I like that interleague brings new/different teams to each town. Once they started rotating divisions a few years ago, that brought new stars to new places, even if you only watched on tv. As a Marlins fan, I want to see Ichiro and Mauer and Longoria. It brings excitement to the regular season.In response to the comments that some teams get stuck playing the great teams, and others luck out with bad teams, I will say that everything is cyclical and teams rise and decline. The Rays were doormats for years, and now they are great. But I love to watch the Marlins play them two series per year.And yes, the All-Star Game should have zero connection to the World Series, especially home field advantage. The better team should get it, despite Bud’s excuses about hotels and logistics.I enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to more posts throughout the season.

I guess I have selfish reasons for liking interleague play. First of all, and I know this is almost taboo in LA, I love both the Dodgers and the Angels. I grew up with both teams, and still can’t choose. So when I get the chance to see them play during the regular season, that’s heaven. I don’t even care who wins, just seeing them play each other is a lot of fun.

I understand the purist point of view, however, and do think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the All-Star game determines home field advantage. It should be based on record, like every other sport.

Thanks for posting this blog. It’s nice to see another avid fan’s point of view, particularly from the “inside” of baseball. Please keep up the insightful posts!

Hey Alyssa
You know I MAY be WRONG about the CHEATS playing in the ALL-STAR GAME. Well, it wouldn’t be the FIRST TIME. But I see MANNY has FALLEN to #5 in the OF and AROD is only #3 at 3B. I’ve got to give the FANS ALOT OF CREDIT too. To actually base their votes on PERFORMANCE as well as the CHEATING CONCEPT. Though I always like to see BUD SQUIRMING, as he tries to WIGGLE out of the next MLB PROBLEM. But I guess their is still TIME.
Speaking of MANNY. To me as an outsider, it looks like the EXCITEMENT is still in DODGER STADIUM. Even if MANNY isn’t THERE. 16-11 since his suspension…38-19 overall…Dodgers who last year lacked OFFENSE (until Manny) lead all NL teams in RUNS SCORED 5.3 per gm while only hitting 37 HR’s. WHY…HITTING and WALKS. The Dodger pitching is #1 in the NL (AGAIN) leading in ERA. Opposing team are only batting .236 against the DODGERS. Keep this up and YOU will be enjoying POSTSEASON PLAY AGAIN. Now the same can’t be said about Uncle Lou’s CUBS. Lot of WORK to do…Can really see how much they miss ARAMIS RAMIREZ’s BAT in the LINEUP and no telling IF and WHEN he will return.
An example of a PITCHER HITTING
His 18th career HR and if you noticed , he did it batting RH as he is a SWITCH HITTER. Hit it off Micah Owings, another pitcher that can hit WHO SAID PITCHERS CAN’T HIT, but then again, WHY DO PITCHERS THROW STRIKES at SOMEONE WHO WOULD PROBABLY SWING AT EVERYTHING??? GIVE ME NL BALL ANYDAY OVER DH BALL…and let INTERLEAGUE PLAY GO AWAY. But I KNOW THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…

Hey Alyssa,
THE “EXCITEMENT” CONTINUES… 20 GMS over .500 , 39-19…
They WIN the CLOSE ONES…they COME BACK LATE in games…The DODGERS ARE THE BEST TEAM in BASEBALL…WITH or WITHOUT MANNY. And this from a CUB FAN, who actually is in AWE of YOUR TEAM… and THAT’S NOT EASY TO SAY…What is going to happen when MANNY does return??? Does Pierre sit…
Keep the EXCITEMENT GOING…and all the best to you…

Another week in baseball….Just got in and Philly’s up by one in the 3rd, it is time to put my feet up…..congrats on the new project, sounds like more fun than TV…Been catching a few games on TV and I’m beginning to wonder which network is going to win the ” Most Missed Pitches Award ” cause of all the commercials. Think I’ll stick to the radio. All broken bats are now being shipped to the Muppet Labs…OOOPs I meant, the MLB labs, and hopefully this century they’ll tell us whats wrong. I was reading where some of the players are shaving the handles so it’ll give the bat a faster whipping around speed, sounds like a bad idea waiting for a inside fast ball…Back to the game for me, I wish you well……Mort

In four of the past 20 years the winner of the World Series played at their own stadium one more game than at their opposing team?s stadium. In four of the past 20 years, the World Series winners played at their opposing team?s stadium one more game than at their own stadium. In 12 of the past 20 World Series, each team played an equal number of games at each stadium.

In order for the supposed advantage team to have home-field advantage, the series must go 7 games. If it goes 4 or 6 games, each team plays the same number of games at each stadium. If it goes 5 games, the supposed disadvantaged team plays one more game at their own stadium. So the team who only gets 3 games at their own stadium, just has to make sure that the World Series doesn?t go 7 games. Just an interesting tidbit.

I made a misstatement. In the first paragraph replace ?winner of the World Series? and ?World Series winners? by ?team with the intended home-field advantage.?

Hi Alyssa,
I have to say, I am big fan of your constant baseball tweets, but I am in complete disagreement with your position on interleague play. I grew up near Detroit and am a lifelong Tigers fan. I have since moved to an area that is surrounded by National League teams. without interleague play, I would never get to see my beloved Tigers. I know that this is strictly a selfish motive for my position but if you extroplate it out, it leads to this: Without interleague play, the less fortunate among us who do not get to travel very often, may never get to see teams from the other league play live and that is an injustice that I am not prepared to live with. After watching the Dodgers play in Dodger stadium this week, I am even more convinced that it would be a travesty to deny true baseball fans from experiencing teams from all of baseball, not jus the League they happen to be geographically closest to.
Thanks for all the good reads Alyssa, follow us on

typo, that was supposed to be extrapolate

Hey Alyssa,
Well here we go again…After 1 day of the 2nd round of interleague play, the score is now AL-31 NL-25. But still a toss-up. Interesting article on on interleague attendance thru 2008
I still think it’s NOT FAIR unless ALL TEAMS in a division PLAY ALL OF THE SAME TEAMS EQUALLY…
One of the teams I see in the NL making the transition from relying on the HR to FUNDAMENTAL BASEBALL is your LA DODGERS…(still the BEST TEAM in the NL) Hey, want to talk about small-ball (HOW ABOUT NO-BALL)..Check out the batting stats for my CUBS from SAT-6-13 :
SORIANO-(if he’s an ALL-STAR,it’s a JOKE) .233 tied for team lead in RBI’s with 27 (27…) FONTENOT- .240 26 RBI’s BRADLEY- .226 16 RBI’s LEE- .273 27 RBI’s SOTO .209 15 RBI’s FUKUDOME .272 22 RBI’s THERIOT .278 23 RBI’s MILES .205 ALYSSA, the CUBS have the BEST STARTING PITCHING in the NL (STATISTICALLY) and are now 29-30. JUST CHUCKING AWAY ONE GOOD START AFTER ANOTHER…IT’S SO FRUSTRATING TO WATCH…CAN YOU GIVE HENDRY ANY IDEAS…but then again the team is HELD HOSTAGE by the OWNER SAM ZELL and the BANKRUPTCY COURT.
ALYSSA, you know the rest…LATER, CURT
PS- I SENT YOU A TWEET TODAY saying that you have a TWEET STREAK of 75 DAYS STRAIGHT. Well I was WRONG (I don’t think you’ve EVER MISSED A DAY…I know I HAVE) it should be 80 STRAIGHT TWEET DAYS (give or take a little, because I don’t remember exactly when you started) But I wanted to THANK YOU for ALL THAT YOU DO, because at times, I’M SURE IT’S NOT EASY…

Alyssa, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS SAYS about THE CUB’s BATS? Carlos Zambrano is likely to see more pinch-hit at-bats due to the demotion of Bobby Scales on Saturday.

The Cubs now have just four extra position players on their roster. Big Z is batting .230 with two homers and three RBI in 30 at-bats this season.
Of course BIG Z acts like a “spoiled child” alot, but as a pitcher, he will “SWING” the BAT. Alyssa, I saw where you said to the effect that the DODGERS TRADING BRADLEY to the A’s for A ETHIER was one of the BEST MOVES EVER…but you forgot to tell J HENDRY THAT. Now look what HE, CUB FANS, the CUBS are STUCK WITH.
Not sure what he has to do to get the 3rd yr of his contract to kick in, but I think it’s games played… .226 5 HR’s 16 RBI’s CAN YOU SAY”BIG MISTAKE”. Thinks there is 3 outs and tosses the ball into the bleachers, when there is only 2 outs and runners on.
PS- An inspiring story with a baseball twist

After day2 of the 2d round of interleague play, its AL-39 NL-31. Well maybe the TREND continues..??? As UNCLE “SWEET” LOU continues to say “I DON’T KNOW”…and “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO”…when asked about the lack of offense. And why do some MANAGERS continue to pitch to PUJOLS??? LATER…

AL-46 NL-38…Later ALYSSA, Curt

Hey Alyssa

I must say I totally agree with the inter-league play, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I think it’s pretty useless for AL and NL teams to clash during the season when they’ll meet in the World Series or the All-Star Game. However, I’m a Dodgers fan living in Toronto, and at the rate we’re going right now, without MANNY, the AL teams should be pretty easy to pick off. We’ve already beaten the Rangers in a series, which I believe to be impressive, considering the fact that they’re the best home run hitting team. The Dodgers are solid, but it’s unfortunate for teams like the Jays, here, who are extremely dominated by NL teams.

Anyways, I’ll leave with that and remember, July 2nd marks the day the Dodgers become unbeatable. *cough* Manny *cough*

A fan,

Interleague attendance is high because most games are played on weekends in June with school out and good weather, and many are in intra-metro rivalries. Schedule them in April or late September when most pennant races have been decided.

Also the rivalries aren’t fair between the teams. Consider the Mets vs. Marlins. The Mets play 6 games per year against the usually tough Yankees, while the Marlins play 6 against the usually bad Rays.

The DH gives the AL teams an advantage because they have their regular good hitter, while NL teams must scrape a utility player off the bench to use as DH.

Interleague attendance is high because most games are played on weekends in June with school out and good weather, and many are in intra-metro rivalries. Schedule them in April or late September when most pennant races have been decided.

Also the rivalries aren’t fair between the teams. Consider the Mets vs. Marlins. The Mets play 6 games per year against the usually tough Yankees, while the Marlins play 6 against the usually bad Rays.

The DH gives the AL teams an advantage because they have their regular good hitter, while NL teams must scrape a utility player off the bench to use as DH.


My dear, so the Angels have been tearing up the NL West. Must be fun to watch the Giants loose but scary that we play the Dodgers next. Just for the record this is the only series I do not cheer for the Dodgers. So lets just say I hope we *touch* the Dodgers up in Anaheim.

Your favorite Angels fan,



p.s. Can we get a LAKER’S POST from you, the one LA team we both cheer for..LoL

I have just finished reading your book and I LOVED it! Apparently, we were separated at birth. I related to so much in the book. Of course, I am a Cardinals fan so my perspective is a bit different, especially on many of the events in the 1980?s.
As far as Interleague play, I was not a fan of the idea at the beginning but I have come to grips that it is here to stay (at least as long as Bud is around). My biggest issue with it is the execution. I am growing weary of seeing the same teams. I know on paper the Royals are the big AL rival to the Cardinals but that hasn?t been true since 1985. How about the Yankees? Hel-lo, the two teams with the most World Series wins! Plus, I?d like to see the All-Star caliber players on other teams. Your idea about the rules being switch in the home stadium is interesting. I?m not sure I agree but it isn?t any worse then the All-Star Game winner determining the World Series home field advantage (Ugh).
I am excited I have found your blog and will keep up with it.

Fellow Baseball Fanatic,


Here are the current stats for interleague play so far, I will update again when we are done.

Last updated Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 10 a.m.

American League

Team………………… W-L. AVG. HR. R. ERA

Baltimore Orioles…. 5-3 .280 8 42 3.77

Boston Red Sox…… 5-3 .293 12 53 3.84

Chicago White Sox.. 5-2 .249 7 27 2.03

Cleveland Indians… 3-6 .250 10 47 5.29

Detroit Tigers………..2-6 .226 9 22 5.43

Kansas City Royals…5-3 .265 4 31 3.34

Los Angeles Angels..8-1 .341 17 64 3.33

Minnesota Twins……6-2 .298 11 44 3.03

New York Yankees…4-4 .262 15 44 4.26

Oakland Athletics…. 2-6 .230 13 26 4.02

Seattle Mariners……4-4 .226 7 25 3.00

Tampa Bay Rays……6-2 .313 16 61 3.61

Texas Rangers……..6-2 .268 17 38 2.68

Toronto Blue Jays….2-6 .242 8 31 5.53

Totals……………..63-50 .269 154 555 3.82

National League

Team……………………………W-L AVG HR R ERA

Arizona Diamondbacks…..3-2 .261 2 24 4.60

Atlanta Braves……………..4-2 .281 8 28 4.15

Chicago Cubs………………1-3 .189 0 8 3.75

Cincinnati Reds…………….2-4 .204 6 19 3.91

Colorado Rockies………….6-2 .282 6 37 3.80

Florida Marlins……………..4-4 .298 8 37 6.63

Houston Astros……………0-5 .251 6 13 5.16

Los Angeles Dodgers……4-4 .264 3 31 3.95

Milwaukee Brewers………4-5 .273 10 50 6.75

New York Mets…………….4-4 .265 7 37 6.55

Philadelphia Phillies……..3-5 .254 13 38 5.29

Pittsburgh Pirates………..4-4 .288 8 30 3.52

San Diego Padres………..0-5 .189 4 10 6.86

San Francisco Giants…….4-5 .246 10 36 3.29

St. Louis Cardinals……….5-3 .255 8 33 2.31

Washington Nationals…..2-6 .222 7 27 4.06

Totals…………………….50-63 .256 106 458 4.65

Your Favorite Angel fan,




I have no clue why I signed up for your blog. I guess because I was a charmed fan and loved watching the show a few years Back. (probably cause you four were all smoking hot babes) anyway I am not into following celebrities and will most likely rarely pop in but will from time to time, I just happen to see your name in Twitter clicked to be a follower and the links led me here. (I also don’t do the twitter thing was just checking it out to see about the Iranian protesters)
I will tell ya though I did almost tried writing a script for the charmed show (but my writing skills suck…[excuse the french but that pretty much describes it])after having a couple dreams which were quite bazaar and would have made a great plot/location because of the location where I live. Born and raised here and still live close enough to hit the tower with a rock
and legend has it. the tower was built on a vortex. I almost don’t doubt it growing up here and all LOL. Panoramic view and can see gallows hill in Salem/Danvers Ma Boston etc with out having to climb to the top of the tower
OK getting long winded here…it was a pleasure to comment on your Blog

Here is my theory why the American League has a better record than the National League in interleague play. People have already touched on this, but I will elaborate.

When the two teams play at a National League diamond, each team plays eight position players and one pitcher. They are evenly matched because each team has eight batters who bat regularly and one who doesn?t really bat at all, the pitcher.

When the two teams play at an American League diamond, each team plays eight position players, a DH, and a pitcher who doesn?t bat. The American League team has an advantage because they must invest in nine good batters who can play regularly. The National League team is at a disadvantage because they invest in eight position players plus a pitcher. They would not benefit as much with a good ninth batter nor would the batter himself who would take any opportunity to play with a team where he can play regularly.

I am sitting here watching an interleague game right now (knowing that I should be studying for Hazard portion of my EMT certification exam). I have to admit that I agree that NL vs AL games should be limited. They do take something away from some of the other events that you mentioned.
Hearing every night that the Dodgers are the best team in our league is nice. The loud shouts of the crowd is nice as well. As a college student who can’t even afford a movie ticket, I will watch every ball game I can. As much as I enjoy it, I can’t help but think that if it is the economy interleague play isn’t really going to boost the number of fans attending games in the long run. Once it isn’t a novelty the numbers will go down again. If it isn’t the economy (which I doubt since every industry is struggling) then this is just stop gap in dwindling fans-perhaps other changes could have been made first.
Oh well, at least this gives me a good reason to not keep up with my college courses.

-Denniey Snyder

Alyssa & Fans,

You all are crazy…LOL this Angel vs. Doger series is the best.. It,s tied up 1 to 1 and Sunday nitght ESPN Baseball is the greatest. This should be a great game, we don’t have tickets but we will be at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim and it will be electric.

Good luck AM and Dodger fans,

Your Favorite Angel’s fan,



I generally enjoy interleague ball. It allows me to see how my team stacks up against potential WS competition, and demonstrates my favorite league’s superiority against its weaker big brother league. What AL fan wouldn’t enjoy that?

But I have plenty of objections to the fake “natural rivalries” and the inequitable way the games are scheduled.

In short, it burns me when a rival team in our division gets to enjoy a cakewalk tour of all the weakest teams in the NL during interleague play while my team has to fight through series after series against division leaders in the other league. It’s tough enough for a team to get to the postseason in the AL East without having additional handicaps added to the burden. Eighteen games of interleague play make a huge difference in the relative records between two teams in the same division when one of those teams faces a lineup of lightweights while the other faces nothing but teams with .500 or better records.

Teams in the AL East already have a built-in handicap in the wild-card race due to the unbalanced schedule (How would Detroit or Oakland enjoy playing 56 games against the three strongest teams in the AL every year? How do you think that would effect their chances of qualifying for the wild card?

Let’s just level the playing field, shall we? Let’s go back to a balanced schedule and schedule interleague matchups more fairly.

Interleague is interesting, but do we really need so much of it? I think that’s my biggest beef. Maybe one or two weekends, but this whole two to three weeks of interleague match-ups begins to drag after a while. What alarms me more is the fact that my Twins (for example) end up playing MORE games against the Milwaukee Brewers of the NL than we do against some AL teams like the Orioles (six games v MIL, five games v BAL) and that, to me, is a thorough disappointment and proof that too much interleague games can spoil the delicate balance of baseball. I agree with you about the emphasis on the All-Star game deciding home-status for the World Series… that’s always seemed the wrong way to go about it, but I’d probably still keep some interleague games going, just way fewer!
Twins Limey

Hi Alyssa. I personally like interleague play. AFA the visiting team’s rules applying, that is a novel concept. Better yet, just ditch the DH. With my local Triple-A team affiliated with the Mets, I’ve actually gotten to see “pure baseball” whenever they play an NL affiliate. As for home-field in the World Series, whichever team has the better record should get it.

I personally am a fan of interleague play. I think it’s a nice preview for the WS and, like many have said, it allows fans to become familiar with players in the visiting league. But mostly I’m a fan because it brings some really amazing talent to my home stadium. Being an Atlanta girl, the Braves are my hometown heroes. But I’m also a huge Red Sox fan so to have three glorious day of Red Sox games at Turner Field in June was a little piece of heaven for us AL fans who can’t make it up to Boston very often (or ever). I understand the concerns mentioned regarding interleague play, but I’m a fan of anything that brings amazing players like Dustin Pedroia and Derek Jeter to my stadium for me to watch in action.

I personally am a fan of interleague play. I think it’s a nice preview for the WS and, like many have said, it allows fans to become familiar with players in the visiting league. But mostly I’m a fan because it brings some really amazing talent to my home stadium. Being an Atlanta girl, the Braves are my hometown heroes. But I’m also a huge Red Sox fan so to have three glorious day of Red Sox games at Turner Field in June was a little piece of heaven for us AL fans who can’t make it up to Boston very often (or ever). I understand the concerns mentioned regarding interleague play, but I’m a fan of anything that brings amazing players like Dustin Pedroia and Derek Jeter to my stadium for me to watch in action.

Hey Alyssa, fan of yours for a long time and finally we get to talk BASEBALL…

When I was growing up in New York, the only time the Yankees and Mets ever got together was in a special exhibition game called the Mayor’s Trophy game. Nothing on the line but bragging rights. Now with the Mets and Yankees regularly meeting at least six times a year, and more if they should meet in the Series (which happened in 2000, as my Yankee fan friends loooove to remind me), there’s no need for the Mayor’s Trophy Game. Is a little of the bloom off the rose now that the games COUNT? Perhaps. But the other series are a lot of fun, when the Mets get to play teams you’d never think of them playing in postseason.

I am also not a fan on Interleague play. Why You ask? My BlueJays play in one of the toughest divisions in baseball. ( The AL east) We could be going Head to head against the teams we are chasing such as the Yankees, & Redsox. How is it fair? If the Yankees face the washington nationals in a 3 game series ( Washington isn’t very good) and the Bluejays face the Phillies ( best team in NL) We would have already fallen back in the pack! The games within your own league are far more important! This is all about Money!!!

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