Greetings From Utah


Hello! I’m sorry about my lack of entries as of late. I’ve been filming a movie in Utah and have had very little time to write, other than Tweets on Twitter. It seems 140 characters are about all I’ve been able to manage lately.

Thank goodness for the MLB At Bat app for the iPhone! I’ve been working a lot of nights and weird hours, with no Internet connection in sight, and have found solace in always knowing I can see highlights.

I’m starting to get excited for All-Star Game. I’ve been asked for whom I’ve voted numerous times on Twitter, so I thought I’d share my picks with you.

American League
1b: Youkilis
2b: Pedroia
3b: Longoria
SS: Jeter
C: Mauer
OF: Bay/Hamilton/Hunter

National League (Yeah. Mostly Dodgers. Back off.)
1b: Loney
2b: Hudson
3b: Blake
SS: Furcal
C: Martin
OF: Kemp/Ethier/Beltran  

I could not vote for Manny, because it is a bad message to send to our kids.

How about the Dodgers? (I’m doing a ritualistic dance now to counterbalance any jinxing that might have taken hold just by writing that question.)


P.S. Tell me who you voted for! And if you haven’t voted yet you can do so here.

Click here for the message boards


Excellent pics. I’m an Angels fan as well as a Dodgers fan, so all of my pics were Angels in the AL, except for SS, where I picked Jeter as well. Obvious pick. As for the National League, my picks were exactly the same as yours. I picked Carlos Beltran, another obvious pick, as I will not pick Manny. He doesn’t deserve it, and my students (East L.A.) love him and were so disappointed in his suspension. I’m glad they are doing so well in his absence.

Thanks for all the tweets re: Iran. Your voice is being heard.

Crud, picKs, not pics. Doing too much photography lately. :)-

My ballots were all Dodgers as well. Although I’m a little surprised you didn’t write in Pierre for the third outfielder.

I look forward to seeing the new movie.

Here’s my ballot:

American League

1B – J Morneau
2B – A Casilla
3B – C Figgins
SS – B Zobrist (write-in)
C – J Mauer
OF – S Choo
OF – T Hunter
OF – BJ Upton

National League

1B – A Gonzalez
2B – O Hudson
3B – C Blake
SS – H Ramirez
C – R Martin
OF – Ethier
OF – Kemp
OF – Hawpe

Hoping other people will write-in Zobrist! He’s been phenomenal for the Rays this year, in a bunch of positions.

Hopefully you have been enjoying this wonderfully cool Utah summer. It hasn’t even hit 115 yet in SG or 90 in Provo. Now if the roof of my classroom would quit leaking during class I would be dry and happy.
I voted pretty much the same (imagine that). I did put Pierre in since he has been doing so well. I was also very thrilled with the results of last nights game against the Angels, even if I couldn’t watch it.

Since I don’t follow the softball league (ten on a side [DH, ptui, ptui, ptui] is NOT baseball), I tended to vote for former Dodgers.

My NL ballot is all Dodgers, all the time. I’ve been writing in Pierre, who’s done a fantastic job.

Hi Alyssa

I hope the movie shoot is going good. From what you’ve said on twitter I can’t wait to see it. I voted pretty much the same as you. Good players are good🙂

American League
1b: Youkilis
2b: Pedroia
3b: Longoria
SS: Jeter
C: Mauer
OF: Bay/Hamilton/Hunter

National League
1b: Loney
2b: Hudson
3b: Blake
SS: Furcal
C: Martin
OF: Kemp/F. Lewis/Beltran

I also agree voting for Manny would send the wrong message. Stay safe sweet lady


Great picks, Alyssa, though I actually voted for Kinsler at 2b (before his slump) and Carl Crawford (in place of Hamilton) in the A.L. outfield.

Looking at your picks, you have to give the A.L. the edge, don’t you?

Peace. –

Let me just say that I just finished your book, I read it for two reasons, one because I’m a baseball fan and two because I’m a big fan of yours (notice the email address? lol) and I absolutely loved it, I knew you were a Dodgers fan, but I couldn’t believe how much you know about baseball and I learned a great deal from the book. This is my first time reading your blog, but I have a feeling that I will now be a regular!

Anyway, here’s my picks for the 09′ All Star Game

American League
1B Youkilis
2B Pedroia
3B Longoria (I’m a Red Sox fan, so I should pick Lowell, but Longoria deserves it…)
SS Jeter (Again, I’m A Sox fan, but he’s the best, no doubt about it…)
C Varitek (I can’t not vote for Tek)
OF Bay
OF Guerrero
OF Hamilton

I think I did a pretty good job not picking ALL Red Sox!

National League
1B Puljos
2B Utley
3B Wright
SS Furcal
C Matrin
OF Soriano
OF Victorino
OF Ethier

I can’t wait for the next post and to catch some games in LA this summer!


1B Cabrera
2B Hill
3B Young
SS Scutarto
C Martinez
OF Ichiro/Hunter/Scott
NL: {Mostly Astros–Yes, I’m a homer, too! :)}
1B Berkman
2B Matsui
3B Blake
SS Tejada
C Pudge
OF Bourn, Pence, Ibanez

And this is yet another reason why the fan vote shouldn’t determine who starts in the All-Star Game. If this game is supposed to be determining something as important as home-field advantage, shouldn’t the guys that are playing the best this season be the ones everyone should be voting for? Not just the guys that are on your favorite team?

Pedroia’s numbers aren’t close to Aaron Hill from Toronto.

Jeter’s numbers look similar to Jason Bartlett’s until you realize Bartlett’s batting average is 70 points higher and he has more homers and that’s after missing two weeks. Not to mention that his defense is Major League compared to Jeter’s Little League.

Josh Hamilton? I love the man. Probably have a man-crush on him, but he’s played like 6 games this year. He has half the at bats of other guys that are way more deserving this season (Carl Crawford, Adam Jones, Adam Lind).

And that’s just in your more objective American League where the Dodgers don’t play. I won’t even say anything about your National League picks except for:

How could any true baseball fan not vote for Albert Pujols? He only leads baseball in like every offensive statistic. Or are 26 home runs and 68 RBI not enough?

Hello Alyssa. I have followed your blog on MLB for a few years now and have found out you have some very good insight into the great game of baseball. I don`t always agree with your opinion, but thats whats great about being baseball fans, we don`t always have to agree with each oth
er lol.
Like your All Star picks for example. I believe its our responsibility as fans to pick the players who deserve to be there, not our favorite teams entire starting line-up. I have been a Braves fan even longer than you have been a Dodgers fan and would love to send all of them to the mid-summer classic. However, I know I can`t do that and have to vote for the hardworking players who deserve to be there. Don`t get me wrong, if its even close I`m going with my guys lol. Also, Hamilton, REALLY? Remember, its what they have done this year so far.
Please know I`m not being negative, just disagreeing with you about this. Ninety percent of the time I think your think your dead-on. I look forward to your blogs and also seeing you on Twitter. You are apart of my everyday internet suffering life and I`m sure will be for a long time to come. Thankyou for letting all of us into your life so to speak. Also, don`t you miss the old Braves, Dogers battles of the 80`s and early 90`s? Epic……

Love your picks!! awesome!!! specially your national league team!! it couldnt be better!! my picks are..
American league
SS. Jeter,NYY
C. Posada,NYY
3b E.Longoria,TB
2B Pedroia,BOS
OF. C. Crawford, TB, J. Damon, NYY,B. Gardner, NYY
National League
1B, J. Loney, LAD
2B,O. Hudson, LAD
SS J.Reyes, NYM
3B, C. Blake
C. R. Martin, LAD
OF. M. kemp, LAD, S. Victorino, PHI, R. Iba~ez, PHI
Those are my picks and I like them!! just in case my teams are American league the yankees . and National league the dodgers! they’re awesome and I’m cheering for them to win the world series this year!! and that’s the team where one of my Fav. pitchers played for, Fernando Valenzuela!
and yes I pick red sox player being a yankees fan, plz dont tell, lol!!! well that’s it and thanks for sharing your picks! again awesome!!! good luck to your Dodgers this year!!

Lot’s of love, God bless!!
Go Yankees!! Go Dodgers!!

I must agree with shotgun83, to a certain degree. As I understand it, Manny is reinstated to play about a week before this All-Star Game. Should winning this game be helpful to the NL, at the end of the season, wouldn’t you want Manny in your lineup, as well as Albert? Is it not sound reasoning towards winning, which is their goal in the long run?
Those players are not going out on that field just to give a show to the fans, they are out to win, and bust a gut to do it.
It’s got to be tons of fun interacting and joking around with fellow players, from other teams, by being in the same dugout with them. I mean fellow chosen All-Stars. The best of the best.
Good luck with filming, Alyssa.

Hi Alyssa,

I love your MLB tweets and blogs. You love baseball and you’re pretty and youre really down to earth for a celebrity. Hopefully I will meet someone as sweet as you someday.

FYI: Please dont vote for Hamilton. He’s done nothing but sit on the DL all year. I hope he repeats 2008 in 2010. Backups in parentheses: ()

Catcher: McCann (Y. Molina)
1B: Pujols (Fielder)
2B: Utley (Sanchez)
SS: Ramirez (Tejada)
3B: Wright (Reynolds)
OF: Hawpe, J. Upton, Ibanez
(Dunn, Beltran, Braun)
P: Vazquez, Cain, Lincecum, Haren, Billingsley
Closers: Bell, Hoffman, Cordero


C: Mauer (V-Mart)
1B: Youkilis (Branyan)
2B: Utley (Sanchez)
SS: Ramirez (Tejada)
3B: Longoria (Inge)
Hunter, Zobrist (WRITE-IN), Bay
(Jones, Suzuki, Crawford)

My reason for some of the votes includes having a player from every team. For example, there are more deserving pitchers than Josh Outman but him and Mazzaro are the only two I would consider to represent Oakland.

OOPS: correction:
AL:SS: Jason Bartlett (kid’s been on fire) (Derek Jeter)

Hey, I just read your book, and it was excellent! I really enjoyed it as a female fan. I would definitely read it again. Even though you’re a Dodger fan (GO PADRES!!), I loved the book🙂

I am getting very excited for the All Star Game this year since it is in my hometown. My tickets actually arrived yesterday!! I have had my season tickets for six years and I have seen the Red Sox win their first World Series in generations (broke my heart though) and my Cardinals win their first World Series since I was 10. Now I get to go to the All Star Game….I am so lucky (very broke but lucky)!!

My All Star Ballot:
C Y. Molina
1B Pujols
2B Utley
3B Wright
SS Ramirez
OF Ibanez, Beltran, Pierre

C Martinez
1B Morneau
2B Hill
3B Rolen
SS Jeter
OF Hunter, Choo, Ichiro

I have to say, I understand being a “homer” but no Pujols?! He is on track for another MVP season with the league’s worst protection behind him.

Bring on the AL! Go NL! Give the Cards (or Dodgers) home field advantage!


I knew our All Star blog was coming, I love seeing all the picks. Some people don’t seem to get that the all star game is about your team, your league and player popularity. Not always does the best player or the current hottest player end up on the all star roster. Here I will show you why!

AL Picks = Entire Angels Starting Lineup (My Picks every year)

NL Picks =

1B = Pujols

2B = Hudson

SS = Tejada

3B = Blake (why not)

C = Martin

OF = Fukudome, Soriano & Piere

I wouldn’t pick Ramirez for two reasons One I don’t like him and two he is really good. Well that’s an Angels and American League fan’s pick have fun picking that apart and cant wait to see all of AM’s fan’s All Star picks.

Your Favorite Angels Fan,



It seems that some people want to see the Dodgers as the All-Star team, and some want the Angels as the All-Star team. In that case we just had three All-Star games in a row just this past weekend.

I don’t really know who’s good and who isn’t Alyssa so I figure I shouldn’t vote. How’s it going in Utah? I drove past a big group of protesters last night in Irvine on my way to play tennis. I hope you are doing well.


I’d be curious to know why you voted for Youkilis over Morneau.


I really like following your twitter….hey, that sounds kinda dirty! but it’s not…You entertain and your concern for charities and love of baseball shine through….

Please follow me to @Garrett_Schafer


Hi Alyssa. Forgive me, I forgot to leave my picks for the All-Star game when I posted my comment, ( bad grammer and all lol).
1B J. Morneau
2B A. Hill
SS J. Bartlett
3B E Longoria
C J. Mauer
OF I. Suzuki
OF A. Jones
OF J. Bay

1B A. Pujols
2B C. Utley
SS H. Ramirez
3B C. Jones
C B. McCann
OF R. Braun
OF C. Beltran
OF R. Ibanez

Wow..are you kidding Alyssa? Hudson couldn’t hold Utleys jock..Loney isn’t even in the same league as Pujols. Loney maybe belongs at 5th best, after Adrian Gonzales and Ryan Howard. You should have your MLB fan card revoked for that right there, but I’ll continue. You didn’t vote for Manny because its bad for the kids? How about because he HASNT PLAYED ALL YEAR…..just like Hamilton. Braun, Beltran and Ibanez are worlds better then the outfield that you have. Hanley Ramirez over Furcal..barely.

Worst ballott ever Alyssa, and we all thought you were a baseball fan.

Oh I almost forgot. Russel Martin? Russel freakin Martin??? .244 / 5hr / 24 RBI. He shouldn’t be allowed to watch the All Star game on TV, let alone play in it.

Alyssa, Dodger bias! Pujols over Loney any day🙂

Rough crowd.

You need the team fans to vote for everybody on their own team to offset other fans who do the same. Then it comes down to the fans who actually vote for players that they really think should be in the All-Star game.

Since the All-Star game will determine who will get the home field in the 7th World Series game, perhaps the fans should really think about who they want to represent their team’s league in the All-Star game.


What a terrible bracket you have!

C- Joe Mauer
1b- Justin Morneau
2b- Ian Kinsler
3b- Evan Longoria
Ss- Jason Bartlett
OF- Adam Jones
OF- Nelson Cruz
OF- Ichiro

C- Brian McCann
1b- Albert Pujols
2b- Chase Utley
3b- Ryan Zimmerman
Ss- Hanley Ramirez
Of- Raul Ibanez
Of- Brad Hawpe
Of- Carlos Beltran


Hey Alyssa,
Gee tough crowd or there’s not as many Dodger fans commenting here…They have this RATE THE POST now and you were only getting a 3.96, but I got it up to 3.98 now. My Favorite blogger (also the nicest), you’re going to get a 5 everytime from me. Some of this may have carried back over to your previous post too, as it had been getting a perfect 5.00. And now it only rates a 4.87. Not that any of this really matters, its still the BEST MLBlog PERIOD. (the only one I actually read…) And don’t ever be sorry about not posting, because we know you will BE BACK…When you can…if not, I’ll just comment with old cubs,cards,etc….and also can’t wait for your movie…
And what’s wrong with you voting for all DODGERS??? I always voted for CUBS. You want to see your players in the all-star game…the OTHERS are going to be there too…THE PUJOLS..TOUGH CROWD… Which reminds me, I better go VOTE… Back later??? to tell you and I don’t think their will be too many Cubs this time either(I can’t think of any that deserve it, TOTAL LACK of TEAM HITTING)
Alyssa, even though you been away a month, you still know the rest…and you’re also my FAVORITE TWEETERER too. So little STUFF,but too much time to do it…

Hello Alyssa.Your Dodgers are doing very good.I’m happy for you.Thank you.

Alyssa, I’m back from voting. I just love how you can vote up to 25 times per name. Talk about “stuffing the ballot box again”…didn’t the “BIG RED MACHINE” REDS do that along time ago. Hey, did you just vote once? It’s all I did…
OF- BAY, HUNTER, write-in ZOBRIST- another local kid from Eureka, Il- home of President REAGAN’s alma mater EUREKA COLLEGE along time ago…
MY NL ALL-STARS (I compared CUBS/DODGERS and picked from them)
1B- LEE (21 gm hitting streak only CUB HITTING)
3B- BLAKE (only because RAMIREZ is DL’ed – team slump seemed to coincide with his departure)
SS- THERIOT (sorry…)
C- MARTIN (he’s a GAMER…SOTO starting to come around needs to lose weight as they refer to him as PUDGE SOTO)
OF- ETHIER, KEMP, write-in PIERRE (SORIANO – bad knee 4th in voting what a joke…FUKUDOME (starts out good, then tails away….?) M BRADLEY (hitting has improved .240’s, but does have OBP of .360’s, but not a gamer)
And I’m sure none of my Cubs will be named…probably get the one player P TED LILLY. From like 8 to 1 in a year, OUCH…
Alyssa, keep bloggin and tweeting…and DOING WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING…still the BEST ACTRESS, PERIOD…
Take Care…., Curt
Ps- I voted a 2nd time on rate the blog…I guess it got better, up to 4.07….still a 5 in my book…

Jeter should not be beating Bartlett, let alone by over a million votes.

AL: Morneau, Hill, Longoria, Bartlett, Mauer, Crawford, Cruz, Hunter.
NL: Pujols, Utley, Reynolds, Hanley, McCann, Beltran, Hawpe, Ibaez.


Another week of baseball….I like your picks for the big game tho I have my reservations about Jeter….He is an all star but he’s not the best anymore, tho he is the best draw for a game that brings home field advantage….Doesn’t Iphone have an app for MLB or for that matter Sirius Radio…having the game playing gently in the background while you work is written into the Constitution, I think….Was that your cassowary that got loose the other day…did it follow you from the ranch and get away from from the frawgs and the dawgs .? I thought they passed a law about toning down the volume on commercials, sure can’t tell by MLB radio…Don’t work too hard….Mort

Hi Alyssa,

Here are my picks:

American League
1b: Youkilis
2b: Pedroia
3b: Longoria
SS: Jeter
C: Mauer
OF: Bay
OF: Hunter
OF: AJones (Adam Jones from Baltimore – not former major leaguer Andruw Jones who is now with Texas, having a mediocre season, albeit an improvement on last year’s debacle).

National League
1b: Pujols
2b: Hudson
3b: Blake
SS: Hanley Ramirez
C: McCann
OF: Ethier
OF: Beltran
OF: Upton

I agree with a lot of your selections. As you can see we differ in a few NL selections but I think both our lists are credible overall.

All the best,


Hi Alyssa,

Wow, if people seemed displeased with your picks, I will probably receive similar responses! Haha.

1B – Teixeira (I love what he’s brought to the Yanks).
2B – Pedroia
3B – Longoria
SS – Jeter
C – Mauer (Isn’t his BA up to .395 or something)?!
OF – Bay/Hunter/Hamilton

1B – Pujols (It is like he is not human)!
2B – Utley
3B – Wright
SS – Furcal
C – Martin
OF- Beltran/Ibanez/Kemp

Manny would have definitely been an OF pick of mine had this whole “incident” never taken place. However, I do agree with you that by voting him in, only negative messages will be sent. I love how well the Dodgers are doing w/out Manny!!

Alyssa, good luck w/ your movie! To everyone else – you can’t complain about the results if you don’t vote!!!!


Hey Alyssa, are you freaking serious about voting Russell Martin in as starting catcher??? !!! I’m a die hard Dodgers fan and season ticket holder but there is no way Russell is an all star this year! Come on! I thought you knew more about baseball!

Hi Alyssa,
well I haven’t voted yet, because I still do not understand Baseball enough to really have a creterion.
So I get off topic (as I am well known) and express to you: I nreally appreciate your support for the iran people.
And we must not give up when they do not have immidiate success: (Who the heck is Mussavi anyway).
The Iran People experience their sixties now.
We all know how long things take.
This is the beginning of something great!
And we made new friends!

Yay for you voting several Red Sox! And glad to hear you’re OK. What can you tell us about your next movie?

May the upcoming celebratory fireworks that will be shot off soon be somewhat of a tribute to some recent fallen stars that have been taken from our skies.

Here’s how I voted:
National League –
C: Y. Molina,
1B: Howard,
2B: Utley,
3B: Wright,
SS: Rollins,
OF: Victorino, Ethier, M. Ramirez (I obviously voted WAY too early).

As for the American League, I took the maximum 25 votes and split them. As a diehard Baltimore fan, I stuffed the ballot box with all Orioles thirteen times:
C: Zaun,
1B: Huff,
2B: Roberts,
3B: Mora,
SS: Izturis,
OF: Scott, A. Jones, Markakis.
Here’s how I voted the other twelve times:
C: Pierzynski,
1B: Youkilis,
2B: Polanco,
3B: Longoria,
SS: Bartlett,
OF: Dye, A. Jones, Markakis.
Yes, Adam Jones & Nicky Markakis are THAT good. On your Dodgers, so is Ethier, Loney & Kemp.

Other than the O-Dog, I don’t think any Dodgers are deserving of All Star Starting positions. Not that they haven’t been having a great season. But they haven’t had great individual seasons enough to be an All STar starter.

Excellent your choice. I agrre with you about Manny.
Lets go Dodgers and lets go Red Sox.

Another week of baseball…..and what a glorious week indeed…the return of the King and on a holiday weekend to boot.What a circus…You guys did alright and I think Vin is trying to break his record for giving nicknames…My guys had a rough time with Ken Griffy Jr. and friends but got the last one today…I just liked the games cause they were fun and that’s what this weekend was supposed to be about. No need to get serious till after the All Star Game….Have fun in Utah….Mort

Not even near another week in baseball….Nomar came back to Fenway and got the standing ovation he so richly deserves..damn, I’m all teared up…Mort

Hey Alyssa,
Something from 34 years ago and I have one yet: It’s the official 1975 Gillette Company MLB All-Star Election Ballot. This one is in better condition.
If you notice they only listed 8 players per infield position. You had to be good enough to even make the ballot (notice no Cub 1st baseman,2nd baseman,catcher, and missing an OF Jerry Morales) Hey, Morales led the 5th place 75-87 Cubs in 1975 with 91 RBI’s – had to get the ballot out early or I guess you had to be “good enough” to make the ballot. But look at all the “GOOD PLAYERS”…You had a Dick Allen,a Joe Morgan, a Teddy Sizemore (LOL),a Mike Schmidt, a Johnny Bench, a Hank Aaron, a YAZ, a Reggie Jackson, just to name a few….and guess who the CO-MVP was: Chicago Cub 3B Bill Madlock (won the batting title that season .354)×10-19244.jpg He also later became a Dodger.
The game summary:
You have an AL Catcher on the ballot Jim Sundberg. His father-in-law was my drivers-ed instructor in HS.
Alyssa, you still remember the rest. Keep bloggin and tweeting. You are still my FAVORITE…
Take Care…

Alyssa, I got you rating up to a 4, but you are still a 5, EASILY…

Hey Alyssa,
One other thing, ok, two. The 1975 Cub catcher was Nick Swisher’s dad, Steve. He was an all-star one year too. One of those each team has to have one, ones…
I also voted your blog entry up to 4.02 by voting again…and I did keep(how many times can you vote?) voting for Kemp until I got tired of entering those #’s… That ought to be worth something…Maybe….LOL , Curt

Hey Alyssa,
That was kind of STUPID of me to say “notice no Cub 1B,2b…”. Like you would notice when you were not even 3 years old. Me, sorry. It’s not like I remember without looking it up. So I looked them up 1b Andre Thorton, 2b “my guy” Manny Trillo. The top pitcher, NOT BIG Rick Reuschel, but Ray Burris- a 15 game winner. Long -time Chicago color analyst on TV, Steve Stone was 12-8. And former tv game show host Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares) son was on the team Pete LaCock
Later Alyssa and take care,

Thats Andre Thornton (actually a pretty good player later on with the INDIANS)
Curt, your unofficial #1 commenter

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