All-Star Game Appearances


This will be my fourth year attending the All-Star Game! Yeah, I’m pretty freaking lucky. It is always a surreal experience seeing all the greats sharing the same field. My eyes always wander not knowing exactly where to focus. Needless to say, I can’t wait!

Here are some cool All-Star Game facts I stumbled across, courtesy of The Sports Network:


Largest Attendance, Game – 72,086
Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, August 9, 1981.
Smallest Attendance, Game – 25,556
Braves Field, Boston, July 7, 1936.
Longest Game, by Innings – 15
Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, July 11, 1967 (NL, 2-1).
Yankee Stadium, New York, July 15, 2008 (AL, 4-3).
Shortest Game, by Innings – 5
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, July 8, 1952 – rain (NL, 3-2).
Longest Nine-Inning Game, by Time
3 hours, 38 minutes – Coors Field,Denver, Colorado (AL, 13-8).
Shortest Nine-Inning Game, by Time
1 hour, 53 minutes – Sportsman’s Park, St. Louis, July 9, 1940 (NL, 4-0).
Longest Extra-Inning Game, by Time
4 hours, 50 minutes – Yankee Stadium, New York, July 15, 2008 (AL, 4-3), 15 innings.
Most Players, Nine-Inning Game, One Club – 29 – Accomplished three times:
NL, August 9, 1981
NL, July 10, 2001
AL, July 11, 2000
AL, July 10, 2001
Most Players, Nine-Inning Game, Both Clubs – 58
NL (29), AL (29), July 10, 2001
Most Players, Extra-Inning Game, One Club – 32
AL, July 15, 2008
Most Players, Extra-Inning Game, Both Clubs – 63
AL (32), NL (31), July 15, 2008, 15 innings.
Most Players Left on Base, Both Clubs – 28
July 15, 2008.
Fewest Players, Game, One Club – 11
AL, July 6, 1942.
Fewest Players, Game, Both Clubs – 27
AL (15), NL (12), July 6, 1938.
Earliest Date For All-Star Game               Latest Date For All-Star Game
July 6, 1933 At Comiskey Park               August 9, 1981 At Municipal Stadium
July 6, 1938 At Crosley Field     
July 6, 1942 At Polo Grounds     
July 6, 1983 At Comiskey Park     
All-Star Games Won-Lost                  Most Consecutive Games Won
40 — National League                              11 — National League (1972-1982)
36 — American League                  Longest Unbeaten Streak
(Two Ties)                                          12 — American League (1997-2008)


Most All-Star games managed
10 Casey Stengel, AL, 1950-1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 (both), (won 4, lost 6)
Most consecutive All-Star games managed
5 Casey Stengel, AL, 1950-1954; also 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 (both)
Most All-Star games won as manager
7 Walter Alston, NL, 1956, 1960 (both), 1964, 1966, 1967, 1975 (lost 2)
Most All-Star games won as undefeated manager
5 Joe Torre, AL, 1997, 1999 through 2001, 2004 (tie in 2003)
Most consecutive victories as All-Star manager
6 Walter Alston, NL, 1960 (both), 1964, 1966, 1967, 1975
Most consecutive years managing All-Star winners
3 Tony La Russa, AL, 1989-1991
Joe Torre, AL, 1999-2001 (tie in 2002)
Most All-Star games won as manager, one season
2 Walter Alston, NL, July 11, July 13, 1960
Most All-Star games lost as manager
6 Casey Stengel, AL, 1950-1953, 1956, 1959 (1st), (won 4)
Most All-Star games lost as winless manager
5 Al Lopez, AL, 1955, 1960 (both), 1964, 1965
Most consecutive defeats as All-Star manager
5 Al Lopez, AL, 1955, 1960 (both), 1964, 1965
Most consecutive years managing All-Star losers
4 Casey Stengel, AL, 1950-1953
Most All-Star games lost as manager, one season
2 Al Lopez, AL, July 11, July 13, 1960

Most games umpired
7 Bill Summers, AL, 1936, 1941, 1946, 1949, 1952, 1955, 1959 (2nd)
Al Barlick, NL, 1942, 1949, 1952, 1955, 1959 (1st), 1966, 1970
Most consecutive games umpired
2 – Many umpires

alyssa-asg-jeter.jpgIf you’re going to be in St. Louis, PLEASE come visit me! I will be doing two appearances during the All-Star Week festivities.

The first will be at the TOUCH Boutique at Busch Stadium on Sunday, July 12, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., in between the XM All-Star Futures Game and the Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game.

The second will be at the All-Star Fan Fest at America’s Center Convention Complex in the heart of downtown St. Louis, on Monday, July 13, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. I will be signing in the Minor League Baseball Attraction located in Hall 1.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. Dodgers fans, vote for Matt Kemp here. He is losing to a GIANT. Are you okay with that? LOL.

P.P.S. Follow me on Twitter as I update live from St. Louis starting on Saturday.

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I still hope to attend an MLB All-Star game someday. Or other league too. Last year’s marathon was fun to watch, and it is always fun to see players from every team. Tis too bad that the WS homefield depends on this game, but that means we need the NL to really win this time. Enough of this AL winning!

I did attend a Florida State League minor league allstar game, and it was fun too.

Have fun at the game. I’ll be watching.

wow! you’re really lucky! I hope you have lot’s of fun at the all-star game and good luck with your appearances! I would love to go one day and I know I will someday. is awesome to watch on t.v. so I can’t even imagine if you’re at the actually game. I’m a American League girl, but it would still be incredible a National League win. so let’s see what happens. and thanks for all the all-star info. is always good to again, have fun! Go American league! Go National league! Go baseball!!

lot’s of love

I love ya Alyssa, but I am a HUGE Giants fan so I had to respond to your PS:-) Go Pablo Sandoval!!!!! Have a fantastic time at the game…and I hope the National League takes it ALL the way!! (Tim Lincecum all the way!) On a side note, I hope you do a Touch store in San Francisco some day…love your line of clothing!!! Take care & enjoy the game, Heidi

If I come to a Dodger game will you autograph my Safe At Home book?

I can’t say for sure, but I am pretty certain the last All Star Game in St Louis in 1966 was the hottest All Star Game at 105 degrees. Casey Stengel famously remarked that the new Busch Stadium held the heat real well. This version seems to be a bit cooler, but be prepared for a hot, humid time.
I hope to see you at your appearence at Busch on Sunday. Have Fun! Go National League!!!

Alyssa and Fans,

I love the all star post, this is one of my top favorite events every year. I have always said I love the Grand Game of Baseball and the all star game is the cherry on top. Man Alyssa, I know you guys are dodger fans but I have always used your blog as a baseball in general forum. So here it comes…… Gotta give a shout out to my A.L. Team because this could be the year your Dodgers play my Angels and we could use the home field advantage. I no this one hasn’t even started yet but 2010 here in Anaheim at the “BIG A”.

Have fun Alyssa and keep us posted.

Your Favorite Angel’s Fan,


p.s. If you see Erin Andrews teach her how to duck a foul ball. She took one to the grill in last nights Dodger Met’s game and she is way to pretty for that.


Wow I am jealous of you being able to go to the All Star Game. Granted I am jealous of anyone who has gone to a MLB game ever. The closest I’ve ever gotten is MLB TV. There isn’t a lot of baseball where I live, I am not even sure that we have a minor team anymore in the southern half of my state.
Well St. Louis is beautiful so I hope that all of you who are able to go enjoy the game. Maybe when I finish college and can save some money again I will be able to go to a real game.


Hey Alyssa,
Alot of interesting all-star facts…All I can remember growing up was each year (most) was the NL won and how big of a lead the NL had over the AL. And now look at it, NL-40 AL-36. Thats getting too close for me. And I know you will be rooting for the NL again…well,at least it might potentially help out your team this year. Thanks alot BUD…Also, for a number of years (1959-1962) , they held 2 all-star games each summer. To raise money for the players pension and other causes. Discontinued because it watered down the appeal. Alyssa, you know the rest…and cheer on a NL win. I will be watching…and of course I will follow on twitter too…
Have FUN and TAKE CARE in rather warm (maybe rainy) St Louis,
PS- Don’t let anyone —- on you parade either. Pujols did on mine today…

Hey Alyssa I’m so happy for you🙂 You’re going to have the best time I know it. I love all the facts in your blog I read all and stopped at the shortest game.. I wondered how did that happen then I saw the “rain” part LOL!! I’m still voting for Matt Kemp so don’t worry.🙂 Now go to the game and show them all how a baseball fan has a good time



I am really hoping to see you at one of your appearances in St. Louis! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get tickets to the game but will be attending Fanfest this weekend.

I hope you enjoy St. Louis and please keep us posted on Twitter on your experience!

Cardinals and Beatles fan for life,


You are indeed a lucky gal. I have the good fortune this year to see the All-Stars of tomorrow as the 2009 Triple-A All-Star Game is being held here in Portland, Oregon at PGE Park.

The festivities begin tomorrow with the Fan Fest in which I will actually be able to meet my childhood idol, Dale Murphy. As a Dodger fan, I’m sure you have bad memories of Mr. Murphy but he was my hero.

Hope you have a blast at the ASG, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game.




We love you , and my cousin (Patty) loves you.
Charmed by conducting blog.
You are beautiful and cool.

I also like Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.
If you could Greet it from me.


Natalie from Polish

Bye Bye

and provides a link to my blog


We love you , and my cousin (Patty) loves you.
Charmed by conducting blog.
You are beautiful and cool.

I also like Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.
If you could Greet it from me.


Natalie from Polish

Bye Bye

and provides a link to my blog


We love you , and my cousin (Patty) loves you.
Charmed by conducting blog.
You are beautiful and cool.

I also like Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.
If you could Greet it from me.


Natalie from Polish

Bye Bye

and provides a link to my blog


We love you , and my cousin (Patty) loves you.
Charmed by conducting blog.
You are beautiful and cool.

I also like Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.
If you could Greet it from me.


Natalie from Polish

Bye Bye

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the pix. Enjoy the All Star Game in St. Louis. It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the All Star Game at Fenway Park (the heralded return of Ted Williams – “the greatest hitter who ever lived” -and Pedro’s strikeouts were highlights).


Hey Alyssa,
The top 3 attended all-star games were at Municipal Stadium
Also referred to as “The Mistake on the Lake”. Can you imagine playing in a 80,000 seat football stadium with less than 10,000 there…FUN STUFF…
The Complete All-Star attendance list
Alyssa, have FUN in St Louis,

I wish i could have been there for the game tomorrow! (my birthday and all=P) But as such, i’m still stuck here in St. Pete, trying to figure out what else could go wrong with the Mets this year! Oh well! Have fun Alyssa!
Till next time,
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball addict,

Omygosh, you are so lucky.

Hey Alyssa I was sooooo Happy to meet you i dont know if you remember me but my name is Ashley and i was the girl who was crying really hard when i met you!I hope one day i get to meet you again you are my idol and my heroe

The NL lost because Manny did not play, oh well, he needs his energy for the World Series anyway. I wrote a huge post defending Manny (a huge conspiracy theory), but I took too long and it got erased (lazy). If anybody wants to argue I’ll be on Dodger blog slaying Yankees and Giants fans, looking good Miss Milano. -Rudy Jr.

What’s with the pitcher batting in the All-Star game? One can argue why the pitcher should bat during a regular game, but the pitcher is chosen for the All-Star game due to his pitching ability. He is nowhere near an All-Star when it comes to batting. Position players are generally noted for both their offensive and defensive skills and chosen for this game accordingly. I want to see good pitchers pitching to good batters for the All-Star game. It is also unfair to the number eight batter who made this game because of his batting ability only to be given bad balls to hit because the pitcher would rather face a pitcher as the batter.

Hi Alyssa, just a little word to to say we’re very happy to share our baseball passion with you and obviously I think you are so beautiful. Keep the good work Alyssa!

Hey Alyssa,
This isn’t really for you, but it’s a comment about an earlier one complaining of the pitcher batting in an all-star game. Which I think RARELY HAPPENS anymore, with pitchers only pitching an inning or two. But Alyssa, the baseball aficionado that you are, I’m sure you noticed sitting in St Louis that the pitcher did come up to bat. I think it was the top of the 2nd and as the AL had scored 2 runs in the 1st. Well up comes Halladay, up 2-0…I’m sure Maddon wanted to use him another inning and he did work the count to 2-2 (ok, he did just stand there, I think taking fastballs) Then he fouled 2 more off, at which time Lincecum threw him a curve ball (it was a NASTY ONE) that he took for strike 3. Then you could see him tell Ichiro, YOU TRY TO HIT THAT… But I’m pretty sure anymore that it’s a RARITY that a pitcher bats in an all-star game.
Later Alyssa,
PS For ALL that you do…This BUD’s for you

Curt makes a good point that the pitcher rarely bats. It may happen the first time around the batting order to leave the starting pitcher in to pitch multiple innings. After that the manager can use multiple switches to make sure that the pitcher is always at the end of the lineup at the time they enter the game.

Hey Alyssa,
Aug 1981 at Cleveland was, I believe, the strike year over free agency compensation. So I looked it up…2 month strike and yes, I remember it. No MLB baseball, but I’m pretty sure there was still minor league ball.
Now I do remember it, SPLIT SEASONS…Of course, it didn’t involve the CUBS. First half 15-37. Think the Cubs were already on strike. Second half 23-28. Hey, they played better. Dodgers were 36-21 and 27-26 and made the postseason. 1981 was the wacky year the Dogers won the World Series and drew 2.3 million fans. Cardinals and Reds had the best full season records. So neither made the postseason, GO FIGURE…I do remember it, the All-Star game was on a Sunday. You had a Billy Buck, my guy Manny Trillo, Madlock, a Bruce Sutter on the Cardinals (thanks cheapskate Wrigley for trading away his potential freeagents)
Later Alyssa,

Our starters have to start holding the other team, our bullpen and hitters keep saving our buns. I hope we get Ol’ Roy
Halladay, we need a solid leader in our rotation (one who dominates the AL’s best teams). The starting pitching has to step up their level of focus or else we won’t have a chance in the post-season. The Chicken Ball Phillies have just signed Pedro Martinez to better their chances and are getting ready to compete in the Halladay sweepstakes. We can’t allow them to aquire him, we have to move first with a solid deal. I’m having a hard time deciding who we should give up because they are all playing so hearty. For 1M plus 1.5M in incentives, I hope that the Dodgers choice in not signing Pedro back doesn’t come back to haunt us. Toronto will want one of our top players and picks to give up Halladay (catch 22), I hope Ned can figure something out for us that will work.-Rudy Jr.

Hi Alyssa.I like your blog and your photos are great.Thank you.

Hi Alyssa,

Baseball must keep more stats then any other sport. Since they play more games every season and have been around so long it seems like an almost an infinite amount of statistics. They all mean something. Looks like the allstar game was quite a spectacle; thats great you got to go. I wish you were on facebook so I could comment on your posts; I havn’t figured out how to do that on Twitter. I met an italian woman at the OC fair last night, so pretty like you, only with light blue eyes. Have you heard of such a thing? She was selling womens clothing made in italy. Stuff to make you look thinner and hold you up and in, like spandex; kind of expensive though. Anyway I enjoy reading everything you write, I just wish I could respond to your tweets.


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