My 2009 All-Star Game Experience


If you allow yourself to be open to the struggles of humanity, it can sometimes be difficult to remain hopeful and positive. I try to educate myself on what is going on in the world. I try to remember that as I type away, in the comfort of my sitting room, with my A/C and chai latte, there are many things simultaneously occurring that are unfathomable and devastating. I try to remind myself daily of how blessed I am. I’m pretty good at remaining grateful. I can look at my family, friends and animals, and know that they are all a reflection of what is good in life.

It might seem weird that I’m starting a post about the All-Star Game with the above paragraph, but honestly, my experience at the All-Star Game always invokes a feeling of gratitude. It is a reminder that, not only am I blessed to be given the opportunities bestowed upon me, but also that I am blessed to have been born into this country.

Baseball is an escape for me. I get lost in it. Baseball is the coming together of unlike minds for a like purpose. Every moment before a pitch is thrown has its own pulse. Looking at a field and seeing all the greats in the game, in all their shapes and sizes–their different cultural backgrounds, history and cellular make up–is a reminder that anyone, from anywhere, can play the game of baseball. You don’t have to be seven feet tall or seven feet wide. It is the Everyman’s sport. Regardless of any controversy that surrounds baseball, this is what I think of when I look at all the greats on one field.

I had a beautiful time in St. Louis.

On Sunday, I did an autograph session at the stadium, where I got to meet some awesome people.


On Monday, I did a signing at Fan Fest, where I got to meet more awesome people. I was particularly excited at Fan Fest and geeked out slightly because MLB gave me an authenticator to authenticate the autographs. I’ve never had one of those before! COOL.


Monday night, I went to Ryan Howard’s party. Let me tell you something about Ryan Howard. If you don’t like Ryan Howard, you just don’t like people. He is just that nice. He was a sweet, hospitable host. Other attendees at the party included Barry Larkin, Edwin Jackson, Tim Wakefield, Chase Utley, Jeter, O-Dog, Josh Beckett and Kevin Youkilis.


On Tuesday, I stood on the field for batting practice (pinch me) and did press for TOUCH, sneaking glances (I was trying to be cool) at the guys warming up. And then I went to my seat, where I met my friend, Kelly, and my cousin, Jesse. I ate French fries and ice cream and enjoyed the game. (I thought we had this one, NL).

So thank you, St. Louis. Thank you, Busch Stadium. Thank you, MLB. Thank you, Ryan Howard. Thank you, G-iii Sports. Thank you, Aminco.

But most of all, thank you to those who came to meet me. I’m well aware that without your support not only of the clothing line, but also of me, none of these baseball experiences would be possible.

I am blessed. And I am grateful.

Here are some other photos from St. Louis:



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Thank you for adding the picture of the GREAT Stan “The Man” Musial one of the greats of St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and MLB.

Anita Harmon

wow! it sounds like you really had a great time! so happy for you! I love the pictures! thanks for sharing those. And I dont blame you for being “geeked out” because is the All-Star game there’s nothing better than that. and I love your clothing line and I’m your biggest fan when it comes to that, thank u sooo much for it! is beautiful! thank for thinking about the female baseball fan! God bless and thanks for sharing your experience at the game.

lot’s of love
love baseball, Go Yankees!!

P.S. sorry the NL lost! that would’ve been great! but I’m happy since I’m a AL girl!

Hi Alyssa,

It looks like you had a great time. Baseball’s All Star Game is still the most relevant of the four major sports. St. Louis is a fantastic baseball town. It also was nice to see Stan The Man (a 24 time All Star in a 22 year career(!) – the All Star game was played twice two years) before the game.

As for the game, the save should have gone to Carl Crawford for his outstanding catch. The AL is the better league and has been for years but this was a competitive game.

Thanks for expressing your gratitude. I think all of us at times take life for granted and we really should enjoy each day.

All the best,


Okay, I’ll admit it. This blog made me tear up. It is very true. I hated missing the game, loved seeing you (I’m still giddy), but above all to live here and to see for this whole year what the coming of All Star Week meant to St. Louis is amazing.

In a state with the highest unemployment rate, in a time where hope seems hard to hold onto for so many, and baseball is often a family’s one luxury to see peope drive forever using the last of their gas, and hearing stories of kids selling off their video game systems just to get into the Derby let alone the big game, to see people literally dancing in the streets, and the joy in just the opportunity to volunteer to help at the stadium and fanfest. There is and will never be nothing like it. The game was 3 days ago and it’s still replayed hourly around here.

Okay I’m teary again. Thank you Alyssa. Thank you for being part of it and for adding your heart to what was history in the making for St. Louis.

~Your CJ

Hey Alyssa,
Take care Alyssa,’
PS- Next year is the NL’s YEAR, I think… and Alyssa, thanks for all that you do…

Wow, you got me teary eyed too!
The gratitude that pours out of this blog is just so inspiring and amazing. This is one of the main reasons, why I’m such a big fan of yours!
Very few people can claim they’re this positive and grateful in life. And to think that you worked your way to this, that you most definitely earned to be in this position and still are this positive & grateful, that’s what gets me.
You are a beautiful human being, an example for us all!

I’m glad you had such a good experience and I hope you’ll get to experience many more All-Star games like this!

Thank you for this amazing blog and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!



P.s I still want Touch in Europe though😉

Great pics Alyssa!

As always, Alyssa, you have instilled in me a fresh yearning for the game. You got some great photos, and it’s always fun to read your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for all of it.


Hey Alyssa,
It was nice of you to include a picture of Stan Musial. (Great pics, all of them). As I’ve mentioned before, while growing up, I went to more Cardinal games then Cub games. Now I never saw Stan the Man play, as he was before my time. I know he didn’t even play in Busch Memorial Stadium (the one they tore down). But one of the things I always remember was the Stan “The Man” Musial statue out front.
It was the only one there, so you knew he had to be a famous ballplayer. Then you look at his stats
Enough said, but my gosh Alyssa, he was an ALL-STAR EVERY YEAR, except for his rookie season. Another video I found of Joe Torre speaking about him at this years All-Star festivities
Joe Torre (and I as a Cub fan growing up, remember he was the enemy) Well Joe Torre is one classy person who gets it by remembering the players from earlier times. My hats off to Joe…
Alyssa, you know…
PS One of your best blog entries…but then again, they are ALL pretty special coming from my favorite baseball buddy…

GEE WHIZ…2 ERRORS on one play. Now you get 2 more pics—statue.jpg
Sorry Alyssa,
Never had that happen before, too many entries in too short of time. Please wait, who do they think I am, # 1 commenter…

Hey Alyssa (me again, sorry)
I hear this story about Stan Musial all the time. His 3,000 the hit (he has 3,600+) and the circumstaces.
They still play the radio call of it by Harry Carey all the time on Chicago radio. The box score has Dick “DUCKY” Schofield playing for the Cardinals. The grandfather of former Dodger Jason Werth.
Jason’s UNCLE was another Dick Schofield who played for the Angels alot of years
I will TEACH you something yet Alyssa LOL…

Alyssa, i can appreciate your sentiment of gratitude! We take it for granted alot these days!
I wish i could have been in St. Louis! It was my birthday after all! =P It was awesome to Stan the Man! A true legend and class act to be sure! I have met Ryan Howard also! It was in Clearwater for Spring Training. He’s everything you said he is-a class act!
As a Rays fan, i was pleased beyond belief that CC got the MVP! His catch was unreal!
Till next time,
Your loyal fan and fellow baseball junkie,

Hi Alyssa.That is an amazing blog.It is very enjoyable to read your experience and see your phenomenal pictures of this experience.You know,I’m learning alot from you.Thank you.

Hey, I was just wondering, why was Miguel Tejada allowed to be in the All Star Game. Didn’t he take steroids? I don’t like to blackball any MLB stars, one has to be accountable for one’s own actions. But when they busted down on my main man Manny, they must have forgot about that. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure Ryan Franklin was on that list too. Ironic! -Rudy Jr

Hi Alyssa Such a wonderful blog I don’t know where to start. I wish I could have been there with you, your words take me there though. You touch so brilliantly on the heart of this game and what it means to this country and all of us. As always you remind us of what is truly important in this world and this life cherish the blessing we enjoy take nothing for granted yet be mindful of our fellow man and their struggles. As always I’m humbled by your clarity and emboldened by your optimisim. Love you Gary

Oh and thank you for the great picutures🙂 I too thought we had this one.. WE’ll get em next time!!


I am just so jealous of you, just because you are so damned cute you get to go these major events. OK, it is more so because of your accomplishments on the silver screen, which is your real calling. Some of your posts are so…, how could I describe them? They’ve got built-in laugh tracks included. You have perfected the punch line so well, that you need no stand-up routine. In case you are really reading this, you now know how I am endeared by you.
Oh shoot, you caught me sipping brews whilst listening to another Dodgers game, and i didn’t spell check myself.
Brent S.


Another week in baseball…..All good and bad come from our own minds and I wish more people could realize just how lucky they are….Plus we have baseball….I watched the All Star Game at MLB and they had the 8 cameras that FOX was using on-line and as an added bonus there were no announcers and no commercials…just baseball…I was in 7th heaven. You could watch from over first or third, over the umps shoulder or from back in the outfield. They even had a camera in each dugout. Don’t tell MLB but I would have paid money to watch the game like this. All I could hear was the slap of the ball and the crack of the bat…heaven. Halliday gave my guys a rough day today and so far the Astros are not playing like a 500 club and are giving you a hard time…I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best…………………Mort

I think it is a miracle that we are reminded at times we totally don’t expect to be how very blessed we are in our lives. Next year marks the end of a very remarkable year for me. Last year on the first of August I left a job as a bank officer, which I had been working at for almost 5 years (one week shy of). In the last year I have had miracle after miracle in my life which has allowed me to return to BYU, a university, and work on finishing my degree. As I laid on the ground awaiting my test for my EMT-B practical I had similar thoughts to which you have expressed in way of gratitude.
We need to be more grateful in this world for little things that find their way to us. I found myself once again in debt to my little red headed cat, my parents, and even the instructors I have been blessed with having this year. I was also very grateful to something that I have never had the opportunity to have before in my life–the opportunity to watch the Dodgers whenever I want.
To you, and everyone. . . Keep being grateful, loving, humble, and happy.

-Denniey Snyder
Happy the 24th of July is almost here. Pioneer Day is massive in UT.

Hi Alyssa,

What a wonderful blog ! Your words are touching. I love to read what you write.

I would have loved to come to your appearance at Busch Stadium and your signing at Fan Fest in St. Louis. But unfortunately, I couldn’t. Because my passport is in progress of renewal. I really hope to meet you soon.

Thanks a lot for the great pictures !!!

Lots of love,

Brilliant Alyssa!!!

A great piece of writing and some great photos.
I have been reading “Safe at Home” and have trouble putting it down. Its a a great piece of writing and you really know baseball better, sadly enough probably, than some of today’s players.
In a day when so much baseball writing is about statistics and the like, you capture the human element of the game, be it the players, the fans, the umpires,whomever.
Happy for you that your Dodgers are doing so well and would like to see them win it all, Joe Torre deserves it. Wouldn’t it be something if the win was over the Yankees! Yankees vs. Dodgers- there never has been a dull series when those two teams have met.
Can’t say the same for my Washington Nationals. I grew up in Virginia and rooted for the Washington Senators. Was so happy to see baseball return to DC-maybe we’ll win some day. And third baseman Ryan Zimmerman played for the University of Virginia, my alma mater .
But I have a lot of respect for the Dodgers, because it was the Brooklyn Dodgers that gave Jackie Robinson his chance and ended the racial barrier in baseball. And brought winning teams to Brooklyn. And yes, Gil Hodges should be in the Hall of Fame along with Robinson, Campanella, Reese and Snider from those “Boys of Summer” teams so well-chronicled by Roger Kahn. Hope you will read that book if you have not already done so.
Best wishes and look forward to reading more of your writing.

What a great read. Very well said Alyssa. Glad you enjoyed the BEST baseball town in the USA’s All-Star-Game. As you can see from other comments those of us who grew up in St. Louis and know what a great baseball city this is were just giddy to see the city get to put on a AllStarGame for the world. Some may do it just as good but no one is better at baseball than St. Louis.

Glad you had a great time. Great pics. Ya gotta comeback for a Dodger/Cards series.

Have a good one.

I’m jealous, not only did you get to go to the All-Star Game (which are always a blast) but you got a picture with Ryan Howard. Did he show you the ring?

Hi Alyssa!
You are my favourite actor ( I don’t speak Englis and I’m so sorry too mine error)
You Are exellent. My dream is meet in future but I’m know is imposible. You have a great figure. Thanks to You I started to exercise and I stop eat fast food. I hope my dream be fulfilled. This blog is topping.
You are great!

Alyssa and Fans,

OK I broke down and did the Twitter thing for the allstar game, have to tell you it wasn’t bad. Alyssa gave updates and posted pics the whole time, also following some of my other favorites in sports, politics and entertainment. If you don’t twitter and don’t plan on twittering you should if you are an Alyssa fan cause she tweets all the time, you get the fun, sports, politics, charity etc. tweets from her 24-7 whlile she is awake.

Your favorite Angels fan,



P.S. Alyssa you to can follow me on LOL

Hey Alyssa,
I LIKE the added BILLBOARD TOUCH at the very top…that someone added…CUBS WIN 10-5 over those world champion PHILS. Course 1 out of 3 isn’t going to cut it, this time of the year… DODGERS, 1st to 60 wins last night…
Take Care and GO BLUE…(just trying to throw you off, a little)

Do You like swimming?

great post and fun pics!
i finished your book today and absolutely LOVED it🙂
i identified with just about everything you said.
people need to take the she-fans more seriously.
i’m a diehard rockies fan (which is hard sometimes, but fortunately, this year is shaping out quite nicely!)
i was born the year the rockies were created and have been going to games since i was a baby. my parents have pictures of me in little purple pinstriped onesies and baseball caps🙂
anyway, i someday hope to be an mlb journalist or tv reporter and it’s sometimes hard to admit your fandom for fear of what others (namely of the male variety!) will think or say.
but thank you for writing this book and creating this clothing line to bring to light what a beautiful thing female fandom is🙂


. . . . But just as I turned on the ignition, I heard Ken the dispatcher’s plaint over the two-way radio: “Please,” he begged, “Please, I need a cab in the vicinity of Fenway Park right now.” I was going to ignore him since I figured the walk-up I’d get in 30 seconds would be easier, but I also know that when you do the boss a favor, when you need a favor you’re more likely to get it. “I NEED a cab around Fenway NOW,” he sobbed.

“I’m on the cab stand at Fenway,” I radioed back.

“Jack!” he snapped, “Where have you been? I’ve been calling for five minutes!”

“Well, I was at the game and just this second started the cab,” I sheepishly excused.

“Oh. Yeah. Well,” he sighed in relief, tactfully ignoring the fact that I had just admitted I had abandoned my cab unattended for three hours. “Can you get to the Fenway Motel [now the Howard Johnson Boston Fenway Park] pronto?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw I could back up through empty parking spaces to Jersey Street [now Yawkey Way] without making a U-turn into the Brookline Ave gridlock and reported “Yup. A block down Jersey Street, through the back parking lot, I’m there. Two minutes.”

“Swing around to the front entrance and pick up three men and let me know when you got ’em,” he ordered. . . .


Jim Rice: The Cab, The Car, The Cop and Cooperstown

These photo?s really nice.

Great article.

Hi Alyssa-
Just checking in- it’s the 1st time i’ve ever visited your blog. Those photo’s are cool! Good article.

Hi Alyssa,
Love all the pictures from the All Star game.
I wanted to let you know that I am reading your book and loving every page. I am 25 and grew up in LA being a Dodger fan. I have fond memories of watching the Dodgers with my older brother and dad with Vin Scully teaching me all about the game. I love the Dodgers and had a huge crush on Mike Piazza, I had his posters all over my bedroom walls and cheered him on every season.
My husband bought me my first Touch top in 2007 when we moved to the bay area for grad school. It was actually an Athletics top since my husband is a lifelong A’s fan. As you know Mike Piazza was with the A’s then and it’s amazing to me that even though I was away from LA and sad to be away from home I had Piazza as my connection to pull me back into the game and follow the A’s. It definitely brought my husband and I together, it reminded me that I loved going to baseball games, getting there early for batting practice, staying afterwards for the fireworks and meeting other fans who had the same seats around us and knew us by name.
I am happy to say that we recently moved to Orange County and my entire family took my husband to his first Dodger game this season. Coincidentally it was against the A’s and he got to experience the Stadium that I grew up loving and being a part of.
Thanks for Touch and showing your love for the Dodgers.



Another week in baseball…..What the heck happened to July…up here near Toronto the weather is still spring like and wet and the usual heat of summer has yet to arrive. It makes it hard to believe that half the baseball season has gone. This is the best time of the year for baseball tho so I’m not complaining. Just tuned in to Sundays Atlanta game and these guys have been giving you a rough time. Here’s hoping you can salvage something. Steroids in the news again…why don’t they just publish those hundred names and stop torturing us one or two names at a time…Nice new logo at the top I’m surprised there isn’t a picture of Manny in there somewhere ( I just scrolled up to make sure he wasn’t hiding in one of the palm trees )…Going to put my feet up now and watch the game…Good Luck in all you do….Mort

Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we are.🙂

I guess I somehow commented on your last blog instead of this one. Looks like you had a great time at the all star game. I’m sure those baseball players enjoyed meeting you as much as you enjoyed meeting them. Congrats on the pick up of your new show! Can you get me a job on the show? I lost my job a couple of weeks ago. I’ll do anything, kraft service, cleaning the set, wardrobe, props, catering, anything available.

thanks Alyssa,


Hey Alyssa,
6 Time All-Star Cub/Cardinal Lou Brock (ok, all 6 times with the Cards)
But, 10 Time All-Star and 4 Time Cy Young Awards with the Phillies,
Cardinal/Phillie (14seasons)/ Giant/White-Sox/Indian That Cardinal (Lou Brock trade)…
and here 11 time All-Star and 2 Time MVP winner:
Cub Ernie (Mr Cub) Banks–batting-stance.jpg
Hey the Cubs WON today and a pitchers duel in LA, 0-0 bot of the 8th. Kershaw 10 k’s…
Take care Alyssa,
Ps See,if this works…???

Ok, I was close…not that easy, I think. That Cardinal/Phillie/Giant/White-Sox/Indian/Twin (hey, he moved around a lot near the END) (and I forgot thist too)
STEVE (LEFTY) CARLTON–batting-stance.jpg
Alyssa, have a GREAT WEEK…

I quit…Gees…
PEACE…if you’re at the Dodger game, is anyone GOING TO SCORE???

Waw, you realy inspire me.
I’m from Belgium and somehow I’m a huge baseball fan.
I bought your book on the internet and I was blown away!
I loved it (and still do)
I also follow your blog and the MLB games through the internet just to keep up to date because in my country there is no attention to baseball. Which is really sad.
So therefore: Thank you very much for your blog etries because they lighten me up every day!

Greetings! An-Sofie


I am a reader of your blog daily and you actually inspired me to do my own blog. I am going to link to your blog and I was wondering if you can link back to me. I would be honored. Either way, I will keep my link to you guys as I am a fan, first and foremost. Hopefully, you will not take it too seriously, as I am trying to make it as funny as I can, while still telling the true story… almost!
75% True…100% of the Time

This is a blog by Michael DiCicco, a lifelong Mets fan, who has taken to the web to talk about the Mets…obviously. This blog is about my struggles, my strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition, being a Mets fan. Hopefully you find it almost factually accurate, and a little bit funny.

Thanks Alot,

Mike DiCicco

What great photos! Baseball’s my favorite sport, and these photos are super. Thanks for sharing!

Caron @


Another week in baseball…..My guys are in a slump and the Blue is having trouble with them pesky gnats, but the best news I heard all week was of your nuptials. Congratulations. I think I’m getting all weepy eyed…nah just my ragweed allergies kicking in. I’m glad for ya Hon, I wish you all the best. Try not to think too much about baseball for the next few weeks…..Mort

congrats on the wedding alyssa!

Another week in baseball……” The summer breeze, blows thru the trees….” this is a great time of the year…I loved Vin’s little factoid about the Dodgers and the Cubs…you’ve had 2,028 games going into this series over the years and you’ve each won 1,014…great stuff…This series is almost as much fun as my guys and the Yanks and I’m hoping for a good game later on tonight…Been reading about the spam bots some idiot thought up jamming the Twitter users out there. Ya had to figure someone would ruin it for everyone else…Hope all is well in the Milanoverse and I’m just putting up my feet for today’s (Sunday’s) game and it just occurred to me, that I hope you have something better to do…….Mort

Best wishes on your nuptials. OK, honeymoon’s over. Time to start your next entry.


First of all, congratulations on your wedding. Many of single man’s hearts have been broken upon reading the news.

I’ll get right to it. The reason why I am writing is – the Dodgers. They are not confident in their play and it is showing. With a few games to go, it would be very nice for the Boys in Blue to go into the playoffs with a winning momentum.

Can you please try to get management to give a few encouraging words, or at least something to light their fire? It is hard watching them play like this, the Dodgers can play much better.

Thank you,

OH cool, good info. Nice that these players are giving back. Also I’m rooting against the Dodgers, cause my dad roots against against the Kings. =P . so good luck this playoffs.
Two Voices | Two Guys

i really like playing Baseball, and these photos make me motivated to exercise harder

workout dvd

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