Sadie Sadie Married Lady

happycouple.jpgI married my best friend on Aug. 15 and I’ve truly never been happier. He is a beautiful person and I’m blessed to have found him.

He does have one minor, itsy bitsy, flaw though — he’s a diehard Yankees fan. Ah well, no one’s perfect. I’ve chosen to overlook this because he just makes me so damn happy.

I know what your next question will be. I can hear you think it.

“What if the Yankees play the Dodgers in the World Series?” you ask.

I have no freaking clue. I may have to move back in with my parents for a while. Just writing that last sentence made me giggle. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Please accept my apologies for not updating my blog in a while. Between my wedding, honeymoon and being in preproduction for “Romantically Challenged”, I have had my hands full of excitement. Oh wait, did I tell you that “Romantically Challenged”, was picked up for midseason? It was! This has been an overwhelming year. I am blessed.

If you are going to be in the Chicago area on September 11th, please come see me here:
FansEdge Store (at The Shops at Northbridge)
5 p.m. to 6 p.m. CT
55 E. Grand Avenue

Now a question for all of you Dodger fans:

What are your thoughts on getting Padilla, Sherrill, Belliard, Thome and Garland? Please leave your thoughts for me.

For me, I think Ned Colletti has done a solid job of adding the depth. My concern (and if you remember, I’ve voiced this concern since the offseason) is that we won’t get very far in the postseason without an ace to set the tone.


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Congrats on your nuptials!!

HEY AM, back on the Blog,

Well first congrats on the Marriage, TV show and all the Dodger pick ups. As your Favorite Angels fan I can only help with one thing. Cheer for my Angels to beat the Yankees to save your wonderful relationship with your new husband…… LOL… even know your mom would love to have you over for a few games…

Been keeping up on Twitter also so keep the updates coming and I will chime in about the Dodger pick ups as well.

Your favorite Angel’s fan,



First of all, Congradulations on your Marriage. 🙂

Being a Texas Ranger Fan, can not believe that anyone actually picked up Padilla. He has been here for the past few years and has been a real knucklehead not just on the mound but also, from reports, a really bad teammate (the reason he was released by the Rangers) He has a habit of hitting batters at worse possible times. Hopefully, we will meet ya’ll in the World Series.

Go Rangers

A Dodgers fan and a Yankees fan, an Angels fan worst enemies! As far as an Ace to set the tone, remember the 2002 Angels. If you’re hot at the right time, that’s all it takes. Colorado almost did it a couple of years ago, but their streak ended just one series too soon; probably too long of a break between the NLCS and WS.

May you have many years of happiness and joy!!

An lets hope the Yankees don’t play the dodgers at the World Series!!!!

Hi Alyssa,

As someone who has been on your blog since its inception, I would like to say congratulations on your nuptials (and your TV series)! I wish you the best.

I agree that the Dodgers don’t have an ace, but they still are a very good team. Thome and Manny are reunited. However, Thome is 39 years old but still somewhat productive. BTW, The Dodgers play in Boston next June so barring injury, suspension, or obligatory bizarre behavior, Manny will make his first visit to The Fens since he was traded – should be interesting.

I think Torre has done a great job in LA. I’m a Red Sox fan as you know, but I think the Yankees are the team to beat this year in the AL. If the Yanks and Dodgers meet in the Fall Classic, I would like to see Torre and Blue victorious.

All the best,


he’s got taste (as a Yankees fan)

First congras on your marriage!! that is great! very happy for you both and blessings for both! you guys deserve it, you make such a lovely couple! and also not apologies necesary, you were a very busy bee and getting ready for a wedding takes time! and also congras on the pick up of Romantically Challenged can’t wait to watch it. and also your husband being a yankees fan should not be a problem, THAT’S AWESOME!!! you have a kool husband and one with good taste when it comes to baseball teams! GO YANKEES!!! (die hard yanks fan myself) and is funny you mention the situation of a yanks v. dodgers world series because my friends and I talk about that all the time. and that would be out of this world!! lol!! very kool just thinking about it!! and I always get ask for who I will go for if that happens since I watch dodgers games sometimes too… that’s funny to think about (of course it would be the yanks) anyways..good luck with your up coming show and take care of yourself, again congras to you and your husband!
lot’s of love,

Hey Alyssa,
Again CONGRATS to the two of you…As a Cub fan transitioning to a Dodger fan, I guess i can comment on Colletti’s moves. I’m still a Cub fan, but I will be rooting for the Dodgers 100%, when the Cubs are mathematically eliminated from the pennant. But I am rooting for the “Boys in Blue”. Keep beating those wildcard contenders…help Uncle Lou out, a little. Hey, I can remember being an Atlanta Brave fan(GO, BOB HORNER) for the part of one summer, it’s what happens when you’re a PO’ed Cub fan. But after the WS, I will still be a Cub fan, but will still follow the Dodgers.
Ok, here goes. Good luck trying to get an ACE, as most teams are going to keep or are looking for some too. I just looked at the Cardinals today Sept 2. Their top 3 SP’s Carpenter (ace), Wainwright(no), Pineiro( *#@* no). They’re having good years, but no…Cubs were tied for 1st with them on Aug 7 and since the Cards keep winning and winning… Anyone but the Cardinals in the WS…GO BLUE…
Thome- you know how I fell about him, a classy leader…gives Joe a LH bat off the bench…still SWINGS HARD…) Padilla- HOT HEAD, HEAD HUNTER, but has “good stuff, Sherrill- that was a real good pickup, LH who can close, if needed. To bad the Cubs didn’t land him…still don’t have a “closer”, Belliard gives them depth on the bench, Garland(the ex Cub) He’s a Pitcher who can be good or bad, but gives them another SP.
Alyssa, it was 2 years ago. I was NOT A FOLLOWER of you. And there you were on TV, wearing a TOUCH shirt talking about baseball and the Dodgers…But there was something about you, don’t really know how to explain it, I always say you were nice, but it’s more than that. Anyhow I ended up here and I never left. I’ve been following you or walking beside you ever since…and like I’ve said before “you will never know what this has meant to me…
Take care Alyssa…
PS- David seems like a really nice guy on Twitter too. I’m sure he is and he even DM’ed me once. Again Congrats to the two of you. Did I ever mention that you are the best and my favrorite actress of all time. Period!!! Later Alyssa…
BOB HORNER…Go Braves, I had to have a NL team. It was only for like a month or two. I was tired of the Wrigleys trading away all their potential free agents, because they didn’t want to have to pay the going rate…
Alyssa, keep doing what you’ve been doing and for that and all the 167,969 followers of you on twitter. This semi load of
is for you and all of your followers…

If the Dodgers make the Series, the Thome pickup could be a stroke of genius; if not, kind of a waste of a month and a months salary. Padilla is a curious pickup, too; I’m guessing Torre won’t put up with any, um, stuff from him, especially since Manny will have a big ol’ target on his back (or head) if Padilla goes crazy again. Garland could be fine pickup; he started the year badly, but his recent numbers look solid. Come playoff time, he might get long relief on those days when the starter gets knocked out early. In the end, one can’t get much out of the August deals; I just decry letting Halliday get away at the end of July. Once the Phillies got Lee, one almost HAS to make the deal. Yes, the price was steep, but the first 5 game series is where one needs a Horse for 1 and 5….oh, and belated congratulations and here’s hoping for a Dodgers/Yankees classic Fall Classic; btw, from Twitter, you wanted comments about the Dress (I’m a guy, so no feelings there), but the cake looked scrumptious (I’m a guy, strong feelings there)…

Hi Alyssa

Again my deepest congratulations to you🙂 It makes my heart sing seeing how happy you are All my best wishes to you and David🙂 Tell him hi for me🙂 No apology needed my sweet friend you were busy and marrring your guy🙂

I really think THome will make a difference the rest I’m not sure about.

Love you…

Welcome Back, to the new Mrs. B.
I hope you two can remain best friends for the rest of all time.
I do like the recent acquisitions into the lineup, and on the mound. And we’ll probably get the best results from these trades, during the closing weeks of this season.
With Torre’s manageship? we should be looking good in October!
How could you not have the feeling that Jim Thome is going to get called up to bat, for the Dodgers, in more than one crucial moment, in the playoffs?
Again, I feel that you and David make a beautiful couple, may your good luck continue. Especially with that series, later.

Hello Alyssa.Great blog,I’m glad you are having a wonderful year.Good luck to you and your Dodgers.Thank you.

Congrats on your wedding!

As far as baseball is concerned, I think the late season acquisitions provide a lot more depth for the Dodgers and probably ensure they will win the NL West.

However, I am very concerned about the Dodgers lack of a #1 pitcher. I don’t consider Billingsley to be a #1 pitcher. Since the All Star Break he has proven to be a less than average pitcher. Even if the Dodgers get to the post season (and as I said I am assuming they will because they have a better team overall than the Giants or the Rox), I don’t see how they will measure up to the pitching of the Cards, Giants, or Phillies in a 5 or 7 game series. During the off season, I implore the Dodgers to get a Pitching Ace.

What a match made in Heaven! Are you kidding me? Should the dream post season October take place (Yanks vs Dodgers) your year will be absolutely remarkably fantastico! Even better! : )

Buz –

First off, congrats on all your success both personal and business wise this year.

Second… you don’t need an Ace on the staff at this point. Your Boys in Blue have done pretty well with a collective staff and need to step up as a staff for the stretch run. I don’t think anyone, even in Dodgertown expected them to hold such a commanding lead fir the duration so everything is right on schedule for October.
In my opinion, Thome will be the biggest pick up. Manny has always needed someone to latch onto in the clubhouse and draw whatever Manny Being Manny support he needs on the field (David Ortiz can attest to that). Yeah, his antics and smile appear to be right out of the Stoner’s manual, but believe me, he is as psychological as they come (he’s also just damn good talent plain and simple). He’ll re-connect with his old Indians pal and the two will pull a Mantle/Maris, Manny/Big Papi, Holliday/Pujols for the postseason.
Your worry shouldn’t be with your Blue Boys but with the Giants… and NO not for Brad Penny (sorry, but he’s there). They have the best staff going right now, hands down and are looking to have The Big Unit back out of the bullpen for the stretch run? Ouch.

Oh, and behalf of Red Sox Nation… tell your new Husband “Congratulations you lucky ******* we hate you all the more.”

Congratulations Alyssa & David,

Makes me very very happy to see you & David made the leap of faith! CONGRATULATIONS. Thome and Garland can help big time. I knew all along Torre would get it together, your close but as a lifelong Cub fan ya just never know? So Beware. Thome is a good ole boy from Peoria Ill right down the road from here. He can still knock the snot out of the ball. With a good ole boy from my neighborhood ya know this could be your year? Thanks for providing an interesting forum for a goofy fan like me via twitter and here at MLB. Want very much to see you on TV best wishes on your show. Love being your fan, I’m hawkluver on twitter so hope to make you laugh at some of my twitter nonsense. Your fan thru thick and thin always! Kent

Congradulations, Alyssa. Best of luck and happiness for you both. Marriage is a great thing, as is baseball.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Congratulations Alyssa! Glad to see you and yours happy. And the break is fine, I’m not the most punctual blogger either.

Dodgers thoughts (Apologies to Jon Weisman): Padilla might be a good pickup, he seems to be pitching well, though he got a bit banged up on the calf the last start. Now, all of a sudden, we have enough starting pitching where that won’t be a problem, though we lack that ace with the knockout punch as of now.

Nice to have Garland, if only for a month or two. Always felt he’d end up in Dodger blue somehow. Any arms are good right now, as Billingsley seems a bit worn down, I have the feeling he’ll get through it by the end of September, better to slump in August than in October.

Sherill is awesome, great to have that arm in our bullpen. They don’t call him the Brim Reaper for nothing.

Belliard is a great pickup too, nice insurance in the infield.

Thome will pay off big should we make it to the World Series. Until that possibility, I hope he’s happy getting at most 1 at bat a night… he definitely looked listless during last night’s game with the bat in the dugout. In a good way, though, eager to help out. Plus, he helped out Manny too, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Dodgers-Yanks world series would be cataclysmic here too, I’m living with a die-hard Yankees fan as well, my future Mother-in-Law. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you should that happen.

Enjoy the good times in your life!


Congrats on the marriage.

I love the additions (though I don’t necessarily enjoy losing Abreu, Bell, or Garate) and I think they will all be valuable for us this season and into the postseason. My only worry is Manny not being Manny lately. His swing looks horrible and everyone is busting him inside yet he doesn’t adjust and he still is missing the outside or middle in pitches. I’m frustrated.

I think even if we don’t make it this year we are solid for next year with the improvements of Kershaw, Bills, Brox, Kemp, Ethier, Belli, Tron, etc. And hopefully Furcal comes back with a full year after his back surgery as well as hope Loney and Martin progress rather than regress. We have a solid foundation and I think it’s apparent Mannywood will be back next year. We are built to continue winning beyond this year.

Congrats on your wedding, and congrats on the Dodgers recent acquisitions. You both did great!! Good luck with your new show, as well. I’ll be watching to give it a chance once it airs

Red Sox Ramblings:

Well, clearly, Alyssa, you are a tolerant woman. For my part, I married a Giants fan and I’m a lifelong Dodger fan!

I think the acquisitions are great, especially since Ned didn’t have to part with too much.

Congrats on getting married – I bought the People issue just to see the beautiful photos!

I agree that Ned has been doing such a great job. I can’t remember when I’ve been this satisfied with a GM. He has been protecting our treasures while still picking up some additional talent. Way to go Ned!

Our pitching – hmmm, really have no clue what’s going on there. Part of me questions the coaching staff, part of me thinks we’ve been unlucky.

Good luck with your mixed marriage – I married a Dodger fan so I have no advice! LOL!


Hey now, we men all have our itty bitty lil flaws…but at least he’s not a Mets or a Red Sox fan. =P

In the meantime there should be plenty of friendly fire and playful competition between you guys and your rival teams.

If worse comes to worse, ultimatums such as having to “sleep in the dog house” always seem to bring me around to seeing the wifey’s POV (not that she’s ever had to do that..YET MUCH).



Hey now, we men all have our itty bitty lil flaws…but at least he’s not a Mets or a Red Sox fan. =P

In the meantime there should be plenty of friendly fire and playful competition between you guys and your rival teams.

If worse comes to worse, ultimatums such as having to “sleep in the dog house” always seem to bring me around to seeing the wifey’s POV (not that she’s ever had to do that..YET MUCH).



The dodgers are my 2nd favorite team behind my hometown Texas Rangers and loved the moves they have just made. my only regret is that derek lowe was not retained last season/we didnt go after cliff lee this season i think that would have been the be all end all for a Texas/L.A world series.

Also being in the AL west and a natural Angels hater, what do Dodger fans think about a team claiming your territory? LA Angels sounds about as correct as San Fransisco A’s

Irvin Castellanos

Congratulations on the marriage, tv show and all the other success you have had of late! I am a die hard white sox fan, and while I was very sad to see Jim Thome go, I am thrilled that he has the chance at a ring now. He is pure class and even if is only able to contribute as PH at the moment, his presence in the clubhouse will be beyond tremendous. I think the moves that were made recently will help you guys out tremendously. all it takes is for the right guys to get hot at just the right time. I’ve also been a fan of Dodgers for many years and am really hoping they pull it off this year (especially now that you have Thome). It is really about time the Dodgers bring themselves another championship. BTW, hoping to see you next week in chicago and thanks for doing it on a day when the white sox are out of town


Another week of baseball…..Add my congrats to your marriage, we spend a lot of our lives looking for love and it sure is nice when we find it. All the best….Yankee fan huh…well we can’t all be perfect. The Bronx Bums are doing pretty good this year and it’s too bad my guys are playing so terrible and we can’t give ’em a fight…That’s a lot of new names on the roster and I’m hoping that the glut doesn’t cause any problems…you know baseball players, they sure can be a superstitious bunch and we don’t need anybody knocking over the applecart this late in the season. Almost game time, need to get the popcorn ready, hope it’s a good one…Later…..Mort

That photo melts my heart. Congratulations! x

That’s okay the Dodgers will never make it past the Cards, so you won’t have to worry about the Dodgers losing to the Yankees in the WS. The Cards will take the NL and face the Yankees only to be defeated by the Yankees in 5 games. I am a Mets fan, but also like the Yankees. NY baseball is the most exciting baseball anywhere in the country. My Mets are out, therefore I want the Yankees to win it and they will. The Dodgers will definately not make it past the Cards and the Philthies with their pen have no chance to repeat. They’ll lose in the NLDS as will the Dodgers, sorry but true! 2010 will definately be the Mets year to win as long as we stay healthy for the season instead of losing 75% of your core in the first month and a half and translating into 90% of their offense. 2010- Let’s Go Mets!!!

Congrats on your wedding! Another good one taken! I wish you the best. As for the Dodgers and the Yankees meeting in the world series? I was actually hoping for a freeway world series. Albeit the Yankees are playing well at present it’s hard to say what will happen in the post season. Good luck with your new show. When does it start taping? Can you get me a job on the show? I’ll take anything. Have a wonderful labor day. I’m headed to a picnic down here in the OC! Hopefully it will be fun.

take care Alyssa,


Hi Alyssa :-))
I have TRIED to get ahold of either your apparel company, Majestic, Team NFL, etc. all to no avail. I have TONS of things I have either made, altered, bedazzled, etc. Not to mention ALL of the ideas I have for future merchandise for us lady sports fanatics! I see that you’re in Chicago this Friday but I am a Flight Attendant and my trip doesn’t get in until midnight @ O’Hare. I truly feel that my ideas and also the things I have made would fit hand-in-glove with your apparel company (no pun intended from this DIE HARD Packers fan!)

PLEASE contact me.


Congratulations on your wedding! And I say the best wedding gifts for the both of you will be Dodgers vs Yankees World Series and of course Dodgers will win

Your husband is the luckiest man in the world. God bless you two. Anyways, you don’t look down on the Yankees, the Yankees look down you. Go Yanks!!!!


Ned has done a great job getting Sherrill, Padilla and Garland. I have to tell you the truth that when we got Padilla I was like “What?” “a headcase?” but so far he has behaved and pitched well. George Sherill, Oh boy! he is doing great! that was a great acquisition from Ned.
With Casey Blake out with a bad hammy, Belliard’s acquistion has been a right on the money. Belly #2 (Belly #1 is Bellisario) already has 6 RBIS in 8 games!
I really really like the acquision of Garland and a local boy at that! He is getting ready to face his old team for the second time. I know he looked nervous at Dodger Stadium on his first start in the first innings but he settled down and did great. Did you know his granpa used to have season tickets at Dodger Stadium?
I like seeing Thome in the dugout that he can hardly wait to get to bat. I think Torre should have given him more at bats though. We gave him a nice standing ovation when he came in to pinch hit for the first time.
yeah we don’t have an ace and I am getting to be OK with that as long as our bullpen continues to be the best.
Don’t forget the return of Doug Mientkiewicz. that guy worked his butt off to be ready. Did you know that when Dougie discolated his shoulder the doctors told him that his career might be over? I tip my hat to him for his determination and hard work. I love it that he got a hit in his first pinch hit back and that he got emotional about that.
I am worry that Casey Blake is still out, Kershy missing a start because of the freaky accident shagging balls in the outfield and now I hear about Wolf missing a start. That is not good.
Congras on your marriage. That is a cute picture of you and your hubby.
Go Dodgers!


A Yankee fan?

That Sucks.

Hello, I’m new around here, I’ve been following you on twitter and just wanted to congratulate you on your marriage!! Also wanted to let you know I’m a big fan of yours from Puerto Rico and really admire you from Charmed and your work in UNICEF. I really miss the series. Well, I know this is a baseball blog so I will just say I’m a Dodgers fan, but since I live in Puerto Rico I can’t follow them that much.

Again, congrats on the wedding!!
Take Care and I really hope u can come to Puerto Rico sometime!

I just got done reading your book and found myself in love with baseball even more! Thanks for writing it!!

I would have to agree. Pitching has been my fear for this team. We have had the best record in the NL for quite a while but our pitching staff is either young or a little inconsistent. (except Randy Wolf and Padilla looks good). Our batting lineup is looking better with these new acquisitions (Beliard is doing well for us) but it seems to be that whoever is playing well at the end of the season is the team that goes far. That is what we did last year and were only a couple games from winning the pennant for the 1st time since I was about 10 months old.

I have the highest hopes and the upmost faith in our team! Only time will tell! Go Dodgers!!

P.S. Hopefully the world series will come down to the Yankees and Dodgers… it would be ultimate bragging rights

HELP!!!! HELP!!!! I fell head over heals in love with this hat you designed for the NY Yankees and at the time did not have any cash for it. Now I do and I have been looking for days for it!! It is navy and has the NY logo printed on it. it is military style. Please help me find it!!

Thank you

Just saw a clip on the Jay Leno show last night with you and Halle Berry on “Little Dolls.” Nice!


Another week in baseball….Now we’re getting down to ball meets the bat and you need to decide whether you can afford to rest your players anymore or you have to go out and make a statement.”Come and Get It”…. is an old favorite of mine but we’ll have to wait and see what Joe’s going to do. I’m gonna miss the Gnats game today, here’s hoping it’s a good one…..Mort

Alyssa, I read your book a couple weeks ago, admittedly with some skepticism. It was great. I don’t think I gave you enough credit for your baseball knowledge and passion. You bring a lot of credibility to a woman’s love for the game, and for that I thank you.

I was so bummed to see Belly go, but I’m thrilled he’s getting the playing time he deserves. (btw, it’s BELLY-YARD!! when he homers). Treat him well.

Any chance you’re coming to NatsTown this week? I’m bringing my book for you to sign, just in case.

A belated congratulations on your nuptials. Welcome to the Hamilton College family (what a great pic of you two showing some school spirit). I don’t know your husband but a couple alumni I know have said he’s a great guy. I hope you two have many happy years together. Go Phils!

Hello Alyssa,

I am new to your blog and don’t usually do this stuph (“Jimmy Buffett.”)

First, congrats on Mr. Right!
Here are my thoughts on Padilla, Sherrill, Belliard, Thome and Garland: All listed player bring a special addition to our Dodgers. Of the five, I connect with Sherrill and Thome for different reasons. Sherrill to me is kind of an under dog, whom I hope every game I see him in, that he knocks out respectable base hit. I cheer for Thome because the season tickets I enjoy on occasion with my friend of over 50 years, Victor Straus, is just 1/2 section in back of Jim’s family when they come to the game. Victor and I sit in the second deck just behind Home Plate. Not as assume as yours though.

I have been a Dodger fan ever since they moved to L.A.. My 2.5 y/o older brother and I used to come to the game on the bus, and sat in the nose bleed section. The fact that we were at the game, was all that mattered.

I have lots of Dodger stories to share but too many for this evening, and my wife and I are getting ready for the game tonight from our couch. I have Bose Surround Sound, and I turn it up, not to miss and of Vin’s commentary!

By the way, I just finished your book, “Safe At Home.” I enjoyed it thuroughly. I laughed and cried a lot. I also remember watching you and Tony on T.V.. You are terrific, and hope to see you at the game sometime.

Forever Dodgers,
Dan Matloff, Banning, CA 🙂

Congratulations on your nuptials! I am so happy for you both as you begin your new life together!

College Degree Online

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