The 2009 Clemente Award Nominees


Thank you for putting the spotlight on these commendable men. As you said the good celebrities, athletes etc do, does not get enough attention! They’re all heroes for trying to make (& therefore making) this world a better place.. As are you!🙂

Have an amazing day,



AM and fans,

It’s getting towards the end of the regular season, only a handful of games left. Just wanted to let everyone know its been a great season to date, very fun and interesting reading AM’s post and all of your responses. Dodgers and fans alike good luck in the post season run and championship series ahead. If all goes as planned the whole world can watch the two LA teams play in the World Series.

Also thank you for the break down on the R. Clemente award, I have followed T. Hunters work lately but nice to read about the other teams guys.

Your Favorite Angel fan,



Roberto Clemente was a great baseball player and a beautiful person. a great inspiration for everyone. He was always there helping people. my mom remembers the times he went to Puerto Rico to help the people and children over. he is always remember in our house when his birthday comes around by my parents and they made sure we learned about him. So I’m a very Proud puertorican when it comes to him. and I’m also proud of all the baseball players who take time to help out the community. that’s wonderful. and thanks for sharing all the wonderful information about each and everyone of them. all of them deserve to get reconize and to get the respect from not only baseball fans but from everyone around. God bless them all! God bless Baseball!!

lot’s of love,
Dios bendiga a Roberto Clemente!

Roberto Clemente and those listed here can teach us all so much about giving back and helping those around us. It will be hard to choose one to vote for just one. Thank you Alyssa for reminding us whats trully important🙂


Thank you for reminding me to vote. I Knew I still needed to do that but I kept saying “I’ll do it later.” I am glad I got to read about all of them. Thank you to every player here mentioned that donate their time and money. We also know that every team has more than these guys that give of themselves to these organizations or they do it on their own. Thank you all!

They have all done such amazing things, you can I vote for one? Thank you for the blog and taking the time to tell us about each and their good works.

Hi Alyssa.Good blog,very inspiring.Thanks.

Hey Alyssa,
This has to be your LONGEST ENTRY ever :)…
But all very deserving of the 2009 Clemente Award. But if I have to vote for one, it would be___________. And I have the pics of some of WHAT HE HAS DONE:
These are from his high school field: the Bartonville Limestone Rockets.(pretty nice for a HS field,if I may say so)
Alyssa, what I’ve learned about you the past 2 years is also equally deserving… “There’s just something about…”
Alyssa, keep doing what you’re doing and as always, take care…Oh,still my favorite blogger,tweeterer,entertainer…
Later Alyssa,
PS- If you ever fly into Peoria, keep an eye out, because you just might fly right over Jim’s high school field. You never know…

Alyssa, I can’t believe how much you wrote!

Alyssa, I can’t believe how much you wrote!

Hey Alyssa,
Welcome to the POSTSEASON. Now I have a team to root for…anyone but the Cardinals. How about that Jim Thome. Have a great weekend…
PS – My Cubs are still not officially eliminated, yet. But its a matter of time…as another game goes by. Later…


Another week in baseball…..Here I was going to be all flippant about the Yankee’s and you had to post something that actually made me think. As I scanned thru the list I began to realize just how difficult it would be to pick just one…Giving back is a great thing in this world of Money, Money, Money and I salute all who can accomplish it and I’ll save my snappiest for you Alyssa…….OK, back to flippant….you guys seem set for the next week or so of regular season and as long as you keep Manny away from the ice cream you should be fine….My guys seem to be handing the east to the Yankee’s and that makes me sad cause I for one hate any kind of dull outcome when it comes down to the crunch…Here’s hoping for a red hot October…..Mort

My husband was a major league baseball player in the 1970’s. It’s impossible to describe the shock the entire baseball family felt over Roberto Clemente’s tragic death. Like it or not baseball players are looked up to as role models. Thanks for reminding us all how truely blessed we are to have so many wonderful athletes and their wives share their talents with so many in need. My upcoming memoir, MAJOR LEAGUE BRIDE: AN INSIDE LOOK AT LIFE OUTSIDE THE BALLPARK by Kathleen Lockwood, spotlights the incredible pressure that MLB familes face as it heralds the inner strength of the wives who support their husbands, the other spouses and their local communities. It’s heartwarming to see baseball players, with strong encouragement from their wives, continuing to give back to their fans.


First of all, congratulations on your wedding. Many of single man’s hearts have been broken upon reading the news.

I’ll get right to it. The reason why I am writing is – the Dodgers. They are not confident in their play and it is showing. With a few games to go, it would be very nice for the Boys in Blue to go into the playoffs with a winning momentum.

Can you please try to get management to give a few encouraging words, or at least something to light their fire? It is hard watching them play like this, the Dodgers can play much better.

Thank you,

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As I’m working my research paperabout Tim Hudson i discover that Hudson attended Glenwood School in Phenix City, Alabama where in his senior season, he led the team to the 1993 AISA state championship.which that school is my alma mater.

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