A must-listen story

I recently heard the following on NPR. I highly recommend it to all baseball fans.



Awesome, thank you for sharing this here & on twitter, definitely enjoyed listening to it.. Especially the two clips of them both calling a game at the end!

Have a great!



Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for sharing the NPR segment on these two iconic broadcasters.


Makes me really think about the sad days to come when we no longer have the incomparable Vin Scully. That is why I will be sitting down tonight to enjoy his eloquent and harmonious broadcast, as we hopefully clinch yet another Division Title.


Hi Alyssa.Interesting story,I enjoyed it.Thanks.

Hey Alyssa,
Thanks for the segment. Two of a kind, Callas, and Harwell. You really do identify the announcer with the team… Growing up I spent many of an afternoon (weeding soybean fields) listening to Vince Lloyd and the “good kid” Lou Boudreau do the Cub games on the radio. Vince was on for 32 seasons and Lou did 29. But Lou was the comforting voice, always putting a “good spin” on another Cub loss (and there was more losses than wins,believe me). Then there was Jack Brickhouse doing Cub games on TV for 40 seasons. Before Harry Caray and Steve Stone …
Brings back a lot of memories…Then at night, you could listen to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon do the Cardinal games. And yes, I would check in from time to time… Jack did them for 46 seasons and Mike is now working on his 38th. They were your eyes covering many a baseball game. The ups … the downs… the sights …. the sounds… day after day… game after game… And I know you have another great one thats been doing the Dodgers games for many a season too… Thanks Alyssa and take care….

I will always remember the voice of the late Tom Cheek of Bluejays broadcasts. His description of the Joe Carter homerun to win the ’93 World series is still etched in my and, I am sure, many other peoples auditory brain. Voices of baseball on radio live forever in the minds of those that listen and we have lost some great ones. Thank you, Alyssa, for giving all of us this tribute.We can only be thankful that there are still greats out there. Vin Scully, Ed Farmer, and Jon Miller with Joe Morgan on the ESPN radio broadcasts on the Sunday night game of the week. I must say that growing up in Canada where everything is hockey, I cherished the radio broadcast of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan announcing the Game of the Week Sunday nights. I will still to this day switch my XM radio to the ESPN broadcast just to here the two of them broadcasting the playoffs. Alyssa, I am sure you will be listening to Vin Scully broadcasting the World Series with the Dodgers and Angels (much to the chagrin of the national networks) with the Dodgers winning it all when Manny goes 12 for 18 with 4 homers and 8 RBI’s.


Another week in baseball….interesting clip, made me appreciate how good Vin is for you guys and how much I would miss Castig if he ever left Boston….Congratulations to Joe…his 14th post season…I agree when he says you gotta think young to enjoy baseball,playing it anyways. It was nice to see a lefty get you into post season, here’s hoping he keeps his touch…I didn’t need to go to the movies this weekend to see zombies, my guys are doing a pretty good imitation. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t think beating up Cleveland is making up for some pretty poor showings. Here’s hoping it isn’t the Angels turn this year….Has anyone given Manny the lecture on “How Not To Trip Over Your Hair ” yet, he’s looking kinda sad out there. Hope he picks up for October, he always has. Here’s hoping for interesting times ahead….Mort

Great listen. Especially about the role of storytelling in baseball commentary. That’s why we’re gonna miss Vin when that awful day comes.


Did anyone read this? “key’s to the batter’s box” I love it.

Alyssa… and “we” have the greatest voice of them all “in” the air (at least if you ask me : ) With any luck, we’ll here Vinny announcing the Dodgers as 2009 World Series Champions!!

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

A great announcer brings a city as one throughout this wonderful marathon we call a major-league season. I lived in Philly for about a decade and love listening to Harry Kalas (particularl when he was teamed with Rich Ashburn); I was so thankful Harry finally got to call the final out of a Phillies World Series championship before he left us. Vin Scully’s done the same thing in Los Angeles, and Ernie Harwell did likewise in Detroit.

I run a blog on Hollywood history called “Carole & Co.,” and just did an entry on women baseball fans and praised your book. I think you would enjoy the entry, because I talk about my mother’s love for baseball (she’ll be 89 later this month), and you’ll also see some rare, baseball-related photos of Carole Lombard that I think you’ll appreciate. The entry is at http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/244818.html

Take care (and congrats on your marriage!)


Another week in baseball….Ahhhh, the final week for us Boston fans..dang, dang, dang….Well I guess that makes it easy now to root for the Blue guilt free and to keep my snarly face on against the Yankee’s. It’s no longer rooting for any team to beat the Yanks, I’ll be rooting for the Dodgers to do the deed. GO BLUE……………….Mort

I definitely feel lucky that we have Vin Scully as our voice. Since I live near Angel’s Stadium I also listen to their games and their announcers are fine but there is nothing like having a man like Vin calling for your team. I think he brings back the nostalgia of when radio was the only way to take in a game besides actually being at the ball park. I think that once he either retires or passes, it will end an era for the Dodgers just like when Chick Hearn died and ended that era for the Lakers. But I will be looking forward to our next series!! NLCS here we come!! GO BLUE!!

Great job by Alyssa, thanks for sharing i love it

Hello Alyssa I have to say I have been a fan of yours since I was a little kid. I hope this question doesn’t sound to dumb but have they let you throw out the first pitch yet? I also have a story I hope you enjoy. When I was around 10 my mom took me to a Dodgers game in Cincinnati Now I have been to a few games in Detroit, Cincinnati , Atlanta and to be honest I am more of a Tigers fan, but Mom loves the Dodgers. But I have to say that day watching the Dodgers was one of the best experiences in my childhood. We had an usher retrieve a foul ball and he brought it right up to me and gave it to me. But the coolest part of the story was he told me and my mom to wait after the game he had a surprise and he sure did he took us down to the Dodgers locker room and where they load the bus and made sure that everybody on the team signed that ball. I was so exciting. I still have the ball but year of travel and no case has made the Autographs fade some. But I did get Steve Garvey to give me an 8×10 signed picture that i still have to this day. I like to make my mom drool over it she thinks he is a hot even now he ages well according to her. Well I hope this was an o.k. story to put on here I have never been on one of these sites so I really dont know if i am doing it right. Thanks for all the great work you do entertainment you bring to millions. You are very talented and likes baseball to, your the coolest entertainer in the world . thanks for letting me tell my story.

My condolences to the Callas family.
I hate to bring out my age, but I remember Harwell when he worked in the Dodger booth with Red Barber and Connie Desmond.

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