Introducing the Spring 2010 Touch Collection

Now available in the Shop!


















Uh oh…I can tell you already I’m going to have to get the White Sox shirt for my girlfriend! Great stuff, as always…


A big Jerry S. Hell-ay-yuuu!! to ya.
Holy Moley!! Yaba daba do! Let me see here
How can I say this Jumpin Jeehosifats!!
My real favorite ?HOLY CLEOPATRA!?
All come to mind when I see your new line-up
Question: Will your new Dodgers line-up be as
Cosmetically pleasing to you? You kind of hit the
Nail on the head last year about your ace.
With all due respect to Vanilla
Ace-Ace baby is what chu need
You?ve been a very busy-busy little bee
And there I go, and im gone.
without a sappy word


Another week in baseball ( only 2 weeks..yaaaaa) Nice….too bad I only look good in Boston Red. Just got the word from Amazon that they shipped your Trade paperback of Safe At Home and I’ll get it soon. I pre-ordered it and Infinite Jest…should make for interesting summer reading…Keep up the good works and hope to hear from you over the holiday weekend…Will we burn in hell if we watch baseball during Easter….I hope not cause I’m going to be using the multi -screens at MLB to watch every game…Mort

WOW Alyssa the new designs are great🙂 I’m going to have to get these for my Neices ASAP. I love the Tie-die stuff the best


You look terrific! The concept is a great one and I’ve been pushing the Touch line on my sisters for a couple years now… and believe me, I love ya, Alyssa. But I have to admit it’s hard seeing you in Phillies gear, even if you do look great in it.

Lookin hot Alyssa, but what’s up with you modeling the Phillies line of clothing ? After the last two years, it’s too painful too see you in that…..LOL…….

Wow..Very cool Alyssa, can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Rockies…D..The Rockpile Ranter

How come none of this new stuff is available in the Giants shop? How come the only Touch product in the Giants shop is a denim jacket? It’s because you’re a Dodgers fan, isn’t it? I’m on to you, Milano!😉

I agree with Drei, you ae wearing too much Phillie gear and is too painful to remind us. You look so much better in Dodger Blue!

Nice to see some new styles (on ya!) and a new post to start the season. Just wish there was a Marlins picture included! Here’s to a great 2010 season, and may everyone’s team win it all! We know the ladies will be looking great in Touch.

Great designs and looks. Now I know what to buy for my wife for our anniversary. Too bad she hates baseball…but she’ll love these clothes.
Mike-‘Minoring In Baseball’

Great designs! I wish the Oakland A’s had some of these in their store. Especially the 3rd from the top, I love that it can be worn for everyday wear (and nice touch with the baseball stitching)
– Opinion4Athletics

you look so beautiful Ms Milano! I follow you on twitter (fellow twit-maniac here!) and your tweets are always so entertaining! I love you so much🙂

Thanks for all you do whether it’s making your clothing line (yay for us girls!) better or just being the wonderful YOU!

much love❤

So gorgeous, and the clothes aren’t bad, either. Hope you enjoyed Dodgers opening day. Will probably tune in some of tonight’s game – need that Vin Scully fix, and it might keep me away from the dreadful baseball my Mets have been treating me to!

Oh, and good luck with your new show. The promos look like it could be another big hit!

Wow, Alyssa, there’s some cool stuff in your collections. The girls are going to have a ball with some of those outfits🙂

Hello Alyssa,
I was taking a look at some of your tops and I wanted to purchase the Women’s Sweet Feel Top touch but I only saw it made in Yankees and Dodgers. Would really LOVE to have it in NY METS because that is my team!!! Any availability?
Queens, NY
I met you in July 2007 at a signing at the old Shea Stadium and you were very sweet to me and my hubby. Much continued success to you always!🙂

Hello Alyssa,

Will we be seeing anything new for the Altanta Braves this year? I loved your collection last year and I have not seen any new stuff for the Braves.


The best legs in the world! Can I borrow them?🙂 LOL, just kidding……..

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Where is your SF Giants gear!?! Come on – World Series Champs 2010!

I like the clothes, and Milano looks great as usual! I`ll write about this collection in my University essay about the latest fashion

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