Opening Day

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.
 -Rainer Maria Rilke

Yes. Oh, yes. I love this time of year. The days are longer, the pollen is in the air and there are little buds of future flowers everywhere you look. For the past few years and every year at this time, we have a couple of ducks (I think they may be married but I don’t know for certain) that fly into my backyard daily and take a bath in my pool at around 4 p.m.

Spring has sprung! And with the promise of all these amazing gifts from nature, comes the reminder that Opening Day soon will be here.

Even the drama of the McCourts’ divorce can’t bring down my baseball spirits. Because even though I obviously want my team to do well, this is the one time of the year that it’s not about my team winning or losing. It’s about walking into my home stadium, after months of a cold winter, and relishing in the hope of a new season.

The buds will bloom. The gates will open.
The frogs will chirp. The bats will crack.
The birds will fly. The balls will soar.

And for this time, right now, before any loss or statistic is recorded, my team… is the best in the league.


P.S. My new show, “Romantically Challenged,” will premiere on April 19th on ABC at 9:30 p.m. ET (8:30 p.m. CT). I am both nervous and excited. I hope you love it and it makes you giggle.

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loving this! i’m soo happy i get to read something on ur blog again! and yes, spring is here and we’re days away from opening day and it just amazing. this year is going to be a great year for baseball and good luck to your dodgers of course. they’re a great team and i know they’ll do well!
i cant wait for opening day it feels like it has been forever! it will miss spring training since i live in Florida but there is nothing better than regular season games. the sounds,the thrills and the excitement of watching ur team walk on to the field on the 1st game of the season! yay!! baseball!!
cant wait to read more of ur blog on this next season!

lots of love, Go Yankees! #28 here we come…!!!

p.s. good luck with ur show!

I have missed your blog!🙂

I can’t wait for the new baseball season and definitely looking forward to more insight from your blog!

Congratulations on Romantically Challenged! And let’s hope the Dodgers will go all the way this year🙂


Jenny (amfan_jenny)

Hi Alyssa I’m so excited Baseball opening day will soon be here. I can’t wait YAY!!! Do you think the Pitching situation is better for the boys in blue this year?


Hi Alyssa,

Opening day here on the east coast is Sunday night with Yankees at Boston.

Good luck with your new show!


Spring is good. Baseball makes Spring even better. The go together like blue and the Dodgers. I can’t wait for Opening Day.

I have read your MLBlog since the beginning but this is my first time posting a comment. First off let me begin by saying that I am truly a fan of your work as an actor and I am so very happy for all the success you’ve achieved. You seem to work hard, enjoy what you do and I am glad you have been rewarded in your field.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when you first started writing about baseball and my beloved Dodgers but, from your very first entry I was hooked. You have an amazing knowledge of the game and speak with great passion yet unbiased opinion. It is truly a joy to speak with a fellow fan who resides just south of the line dividing fans and fanatics. Your love of the Dodgers springs from your words and actions and I couldn’t be happier.

I always look forward to your blogs and enjoy reading them so very much. Please keep up the great work.

Baseball, to me, is like life. Spring training is the beginning of your life when there is so much promise and unbridled potential. You are right when you say “my team is the best in the league”. There was an old saying in Brooklyn, when time and time again Dem Bums were derailed in the World Series, that went “Wait ’til next year!”. Well, as I always say at the beginning of the year: Next year is now!! Go Dodgers!

Good luck on your new show and your touch line and all your endeavors. Cheers!

p.s. You’re soooo much better looking than Brian Dennehy!

Like you I try to go into the season both optimistic and realistic. I have to say though, while the division is going to be tough and the odds of winning it 3 years in a row are small, they are good enough to do it. I don’t get why you’re so down on their pitching. Kershaw and Billingsley are two of the best young pitchers in baseball; the former is a future Cy Young potential pitcher. Kuroda, if he doesn’t get hit by any more line drives to the head, is also very solid. Padilla seems happy in LA and when on is very good. Even Charlie Haeger will be a pretty decent #5. And don’t forget they have Lindblom, Withrow, Elbert and McDonald in the minors. I worry a bit about their bullpen depth right now given some injuries but overall I don’t see any reason to be so negative about it. But I’m with you on being excited as always about opening day and hopeful they’ll give us all something to cheer about!🙂

I was at my second home, Dodger Stadium, last night! It was so good to walk in, greet the security guards at the gate, at the ticket entrance, the ushers, the familiar faces all around of employees and friends on the stands, hearing Nancy Bea playing in the background. Vin was not there Friday night so I am so looking forward to Opening Day, April 13th. Is gonna be a goood goo day!!

Hey Alyssa,
Just read your brothers comment on your Dad (yell at the Dodgers LOL…) 6-4 Angels, Final. Hey, they dont count. We are ALL in FIRST and remember, its a long season. A marathon…and I read today your doubts on the Dodger season. You know I’ve had the same thought on my Cubs all winter long, but… if neither contend for first, I see a lot of teams scrambling for the wildcards…
Opening Day… a new season. Warming up in Illinois. The GRASS is spring green, which is really GREEN… The geese are always flying around right before sunset. There is always a pair flying together and when they go right over the TOP of you maybe 15 feet off the ground. WELL… Also this past week is the first time I’ve heard the frogs in the middle of the night… Soon the trees will start to leaf out as a new season, SPRING starts again. BASEBALL too…
Hey, I will be watching Romantically Challenged. The promo looks GREAT and whatever happens, I can see how really hard it is to get a new TV show on. With all the reality based shows taking up so many timeslots. Good Luck Alyssa and you really are my FAVORITE… I’m just GLAD I came HERE 2.5 years ago and didn’t get SCARED away??? Like I said a long time ago, I always thought of you as intimidating. But I’ve realized you are just really NICE, just a lilttle intimidating…🙂 There just that something about you!!! Hard to explain, but I’ve totally enjoyed your baseball observations the past couple of seasons. And I will say again, that first season (08) I would be reading your entries somrtimes and something was THERE, I think. Reading between the line, I dont know… but something really was there.
Since you have the Follow Me on twitter icons here. THANKS for following me, the dumb Cub fan. Ive had so much FUN following along with YOU the last year. I can tell you the day you followed (Just sticks in my head (June 15) and I dont really even know what that means, but THANKS.
And I know what its like with the thousands of tweeters trying to get your daily attention, because I was there. You dont really know what it means to get a Reply from you… a RT… let alone to be followed. Lets just say whatever, that really meant A LOT to me… it REALLY DID. THANKS ALYSSA and TOUCHBYAM too. I may have stolen the sports history, quotes bit from you or whoever?, but I’ve actually learned and remembered a lot from it. My two favorite tweeters to follow, if #YOU know what I mean. But anyhow thanks Alyssa. You #ROCK
Alyssa, If you ever read my comments (I think you really do try to read everything sent to you), you KNOW the rest…
Take care Alyssa…
Curt or as you know the dumb Cub fan (cubfancurt)


I follow you on twitter! And I know how much you LOVE baseball! I can’t wait and i’m so glad it’s almost here! I want you to know how much of an inspiration you are to other female fans out there me included! Thank you for your clothing line for female fans and all you do to help others! Best of luck with your new show Romantically Challenged!!!! And best of luck to your Dodgers!

much love


Another week in baseball….the first….Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy,free,the world before me, The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose…Whitman….Yes spring brings out the best in people, and to me that includes baseball and it’s promises of a harmless bit of relaxation for the coming months….My guys start off with a bang against your hubby’s club tonight and I’m open to all bets involving ice cream…The Blue is doing it right with a day game tomorrow, it brings back the memories of my youth…Well, good luck to you and good luck to me and not so good luck to your hubby….Mort

Hey Alyssa, sounds like your ready for another year in the trenches, lets get this thing started! Where all those pics of you in your new clothing line just for me?! Nice…by the way pic number 6 is my official wallpaper, thanks! GO BLUE!

Opening Day, a new season in the drama that is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although the Dodgers have their first game of the 2010-2011 season tomorrow against the Pittsburgh Pirates, their first home game is not until April 13th against division rivals Arizona Diamondbacks. Dodgers fans will pack Chavez Ravine and try to find answers to questions that have been looming over the off-season. Will the McCourt case affect their play on the diamond? Do we have enough arms in our rotation to last the whole season? Will Manny Ramirez be as dominant at the age of 37? At 1:10pm, April 13th the Dodgers will start to answer all of my unanswered questions. Due to my internship, I will be arriving early (9:30am) to beat the traffic and set up for Opening Day. I am anxious for this season to commence because the two-time defending NL West champions are hungry to finally win the World Series. The Dodgers enter the season at a 16-1 in 2010 World Series odds and may be a dark horse to win it all this year. Getting to a third straight championship series is expected under the leadership of Joe Torre; the team has the bats to score runs but might be lacking in the bullpen. The Dodgers lost two key starters this past off season. Randy Wolf led the staff with 34 starts and 214 1/2 innings pitched and Jon Garland went 3-2 with a 2.72 ERA in six starts. Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley are two young aces that need to perform in order for the Dodgers to succeed. Kershaw brings youth and ability to the mound, but can his young left arm carry the Dodgers to the World Series? Billingsley?s consistency is going to be center stage this season. The Dodgers cannot afford another 3-8, 5.21 ERA end of the season performance from Billingsley.

On April 13th, a dark cloud will be looming above Dodgers stadium due to the pending divorce case between Frank and Jaime McCourt. The trial which begins on August 30th, will determine the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers and whether this cloud will disperse or build up. Both Frank and Jaime McCourt, ?are proving themselves to be poor stewards indeed of one of the city?s most beloved and most unifying resources.? They are embarrassing the Dodgers name and the millions of Dodgers fans worldwide. In addition to the uncertain play of the Dodgers this upcoming season, this divorce fiasco is creating uncertainty for the future of the Dodgers. If the Dodgers sputter at the beginning of the season, will the divorce affect General Manager Ned Colletti?s power in trying to land a big hitter or a strong arm for their unproven bullpen? If you are looking for drama, look no further than five miles down the road from Hollywood. Every season there seems to be something that is looming over and holding the Dodgers back. I wish that the McCourt?s divorce didn?t bring down my baseball spirits because I love walking into Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day and smelling the freshly cut grass and watch my favorite baseball team pour their hearts out. But unlike your optimistic outlook, walking into my home stadium will be a much different feeling. All of the doubts that I have about my team will be looming over much like the cloud that will be ever present until the McCourt case is settled. Hopefully the future for the Dodgers will be sunny and the cloud will actually disperse so we can win a World Series. Just like the great Vin Scully says about the start of the MLB season, ?it s a great time of the year?if you can stand it.?

I am elated baseball is back. Normalcy has returned to my life. My hated for the Dodgers lies somewhere between Al Queda and Cosmetic Counter Girls. Yes I am a Gigantes fan. Your blog is rather entertaining, but all the blue and white makes me queasy.


The Three Bs

“The $200 French Fries”

Chief, Stopped by to check on a Cubs score and see your back! Ya baby back in the blog saddle! Go Alyssa! Your touch line is hot hot stuff!! I agree with everything cept Cubs are the best team. This is the year, yes the year Cubs win it all, let your Dad know your “whacko Cub fan Kent Loan ie Hawkluver” on twitter is talking bout how this is the year, you heard it from me 1st! Enjoy games and thanks for your tweets via twitter! I’ve already gotten into some verbal scrapes with Cards fans, they think 1 game makes a season?

I saw this on another site. Thought you might like the pictures.

Yay! We love baseball (Here in the old continent, too!) And it’s good to hear (or read) what Alyssa is thinking.

Best wishes to the Los Angeles Dodgers (man, just saying “Los Angeles” should be enough. Grrr)

Glad to see that you’re blogging again. Your entries are always entertaining. As for The Divorce of The Millennium, I side with Mrs. McCourt; she’s originally from Baltimore! Looks like I’ll be watching your new show; it’s a good thing that it wasn’t scheduled during the ultracompetitive first hour of Monday primetime.

Check out my recently established blog on this same network. Beware of my blunt critiques on the Orioles’ status quo, though.


Another week of baseball…still the first really…All right, stop it right now…no more negative thinking…I’m serious, it’s only the first week. Take some deep breaths…all will be well…Mort

If any Dodgers fan wants to follow one of the best managers and probably most famous manager in Dodgers history, become a fan of Tommy Lasorda on his facebook page. The URL is:

Hey Hey Hey,
What a thrilling finish on Jackie Robinson night, at the ballpark!
Somewhat cool to see all uniforms wearing #42, everywhere. This team has some gumption, with the bat, and pretty good patience at the plate, too, seeing how they know the strike zone. I believe that was key, to this victory. All of the batters made the pitchers work hard, and I’m proud of them.
And our usual stars came shining through, like the usual stars do….


Another week of baseball….nice save today, those gnats should fade in the stretch….my Sox have their own set of woes, it must be the weather, at least that’s what I’m hoping.Glad to see you’re busy with work but try not to forget us baseball fans……Mort

After having digested the new show, for a few days, I laughed and was amused by plot scenes. A healthy dose of awkwardness and dorkdom. Yet, that fits in nicely with the title that sets it up, from the beginning. Good chemistry, and yes…, your co-star does make me wanna…, but besides that, HOW ‘BOUT THEM DODGERS!!


Another week of baseball….3 in a row, must be nice, may only be the Pirates but it is still three in a row.My guys are kinda sad at the moment but April is a good time to work out the kinks, so they say. Tank has been making fun of the McCourts all week but it is kind of sad in a way, lets hope the drama stays in the courtroom. Hey Manny’s coming back this week….good news…..Mort


Blake DeWitt is looking good, the Dodgers as a whole will be just fine and once Matt kemp gets going, look out.

Also I must say, Romatically Challenged is great, it’s nice to see new programing that is not another reality TV show on Network TV. It has brought many laughs to my house and in todays world, we could always use more of that.

Great Job & GO Dodgers!

Hey low,

wow e, looks like someone needs a little picker-upper
nice strong, persistent, focused transmission
we have received your message loud and clear
your tweetsistent behavior is ssexcellent=xbtweengood&fun

GREETINGS from Singapore Alyssa!! I just want to say I don’t always openly admit my love for certain people, especially gorgeous celebrities.

But today after reading that you’re spreading the word to help abused women via Tweeter, I am even more tempted to say THANK YOU! Yes, indeed more women need to know what they can do in the event their spouses or another family name abuses them verbally or physically.

I also know you promote fashion. Would you still promote a line if you know it has flame retardants that may trigger asthma in children? Not saying what you are wearing has it….just that a lot of people overlook this.

You’re a woman of great causes, and people look up to you. I always mention you as the epitome other women should follow.


Another new week ( and year ) of baseball and I just realized I missed coming here….Mort

I’ll be checking you out on the 19th of April at 9:30 PM on ABC. Placed it on my calendar and looking forward to. I’m enjoying spring training and also looking for to the opening of the baseball season. We need two good halfs this season.

Alyssa i just finished reading tour book ‘safe at home’, it was a joy to read being a 25 year old female who loves sports it was moving to see your passion and dedication to the game. i live in australia so its harder to appreciate the game, however, when i do travel to america i plan on hitting up all those stadiums and seeing as much as i possible can. your nostalgia, passion and integrity to life and the game is what makes you successful. thank you from the bottom of my heart for all girls like us out there. PS love the clothing line and all your projects. all the best. Health, Love and Happiness

Alyssa! You need to come back to this blog. I really enjoyed it!

Alyssa! Please come back to this blog! We miss you!

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