“Goal, baby!”

This is what life is about.



We are SO glad to have you back! Welcome to a little newcomer to this blog – Milo rocks!


Milo show the world whatz all bout.u beautiful like a diamond in the sky,so sine bright like a diamond.

Lol, it is good to relax and just have fun. Too funny. : )

Awesome stuff YAY David YAY Mom YAY Milo 🙂

I Luv thevideo Im the one tht started the fan page

Luv the video

Milo needs a little work on his “high five” skills, but he’s as cute as a button.
May he have many occasions and years of joy to perfect those high fiving skills.

your little dude is so so so cute

That is so awesome

Reblogged this on rpaq75's Blog and commented:
Awesome to see a celebrity playing with their child instead of handing child off too a nanny or assistant.

Alyssa: Another week of baseball ( in about 50 days )…Nice….thanks for letting us know that Dodger Blue will live on and if Magic and friends have thier way it should be a great year for you guys…not so great for my Red Sox. Great to hear from ya again Mort

Strike 2 and 3… You’re #OUT!!!

So the #what…? #disappears!! And the other 2 are awaiting moderation… WHATEVER!!! #OUT!!!

Too cute!! Just read your book btw – loved it, couldn’t put it down

I just love this video! You are so lucky Alyssa!
Milo is so adorable!

You are the best. Your baby is precious. What a lovely video. You rock, Milo’s mama. My daughter and her friends all are on the shady side of 40, and they still call me Jamie’s mama. I love it. You will, too. Of course you’re famous and I’m not, which probably will make a difference. No matter. You’re a lovely lady.

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