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Is Casey Blake the power weve been looking for?

caseyblake.jpgWell, there’s no question that Casey Blake will potentially produce more than Andy LaRoche or Blake DeWitt. Could another trade be in the works now that we have a surplus at third and we didn’t have to expand payroll to get Blake? The Indians will pay the remainder of his contract. He is a free agent after this year.


P.S. Last night’s win was a great all-around team effort.
P.P.S. Andre Ethier (who just posted a new restaurant review to his MLBlog) deserves to play every day. If we aren’t going to give him that chance here then let’s trade him (even though that would bum me out) so he gets that opportunity someplace else.

P.P.P.S. Here is a picture of Gibson taking a nap last Sunday and dreaming of October. This picture makes me cackle out loud. Check out his Dodgers collar.


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